Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My "Sarah Palin" Labor Day Weekend

Labor day weekend is usually the official start of a presidential campaign, whether it's the year of, or the year before the general election. The year before is when the American people begin to tune into the primary season with a flurry of debates and the winnowing out process. Saturday night I decided to order "The Undefeated" through my cable company. I was anxious to see how the movie portrayed Sarah Palin's accomplishments as governor of Alaska. Even though she had no part in the production of the movie, sections of her audio book "Going Rogue" were used as a narrative throughout. Many of her former staff and other well known conservatives were shown commenting. The accomplishments she made in only two and a half years before the call from John McCain were immense. Her stare down of big oil, her reform agenda, and her capacity to take on the  " Good Ole Boy Network" was courageous, if not heroic. In stark contrast the hellishness of  attacks that were leveled against  her from the left and the media after her nomination as VP proved she was an existential threat to the progressive movement and the ruling class in Washington. They saw her potential and knew she must be taken out. It's a sad commentary that the media decided to play assassin rather than be journalists and report her actual record of accomplishments.

After watching the movie, I turned on CSPAN, and there she was again giving her Iowa Tea Party speech, seen here, to an enthusiastic crowd of supporters. Again she stressed reform, and the need to rebuff crony capitalism and expose the ruling class for their arrogant transcendence over our lives. She didn't speak in nuance and complexity as the elites do, but in common sense conservatism that enlightens and motivates. It was more than a populist speech, it was a searing indictment of the establishment of both parties. No wonder they fear her. After the speech ended the CSPAN cameras kept rolling and I watched as she shook hands, signed autographs, and talked with the attendees. There wasn't that condescending acknowledgment, but more of a genuine connection to the crowd. One woman said she was a school teacher, and Sarah asked her what grade she taught. Sarah then responded that both her sister and father were long time school teachers. She then announced with a proud and giddy joy, "my father taught fifth grade." I had an immediate epiphany. Because this small, attractive, courageous woman had reached the purist form of ordinary, she'd become EXTRAORDINARY.  That was and is her appeal to middle America, and that is why the ruling class fears her. It isn't something you can imitate or bottle, it is inherent in the character of an individual.

Later in the weekend, I read a L.A. Times article that Sarah had actually run a half marathon in Storm Lake Iowa on Sunday. The surprising thing about this is that she did it incognito. The wife of Doug Adams, the man who created the blog, "Iowans4Palin," had gone to walk the course and noticed Sarah and Todd wearing visors and sunglasses. Sarah apparently signed in using her maiden name Sarah Heath, and nobody was the wiser. The women went and woke her husband and hurried him down to the lake where they met Sarah and Todd after the race and had pictures taken with them.  “She is gracious and friendly as she could be,” said Adams. “The thing that amazes me is that they wandered off by themselves, and then I was talking with someone else and I felt a tap on my shoulder. She said, ‘I just wanted to thank you before leaving.’ It floored me.” Just another example of Sarah's Kindness and connection with everyday Americans. By the way, she ran that 13.1 miles in 1hour 46 minutes and ten seconds...Not Bad.

Monday found Sarah again speaking at a Tea Party Rally, this time in New Hampshire and hearing the cheers from the crowd, "run Sarah run." She continued her assault on the Obama administration and the ruling class. Whether she runs or not, we can count on her to speak her mind without fear or regret. After the weekend she responded to the labor day attacks by Jim Hoffa against the Tea Party through her face book page. Once again she's seen fighting for every day Americans and encouraging hard working union folk to not be taken in by the thuggery and demagoguery of union bosses. If there was ever anybody that was standing up for the, "working people" of America, it is Sarah Palin. After my Sarah Palin Labor day weekend I can only conclude that America needs her, and if she runs, she'll have my full support. Those of you that have only heard or seen the media concocted view of Sarah Palin, I would challenge you to click the links in this blog post. Order the movie, "The Undefeated," and investigate what the media and the left isn't telling you.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Obama Has Ultimately Hurt Unions!

 After reading George Wills recent column, entitled, "Liberals' Wisconsin Waterloo,"  it appears that Barack Obama's effort to insulate unions and their bosses from his edict of "shared sacrifice" has failed. Shared sacrifice didn't apply to unions during the GM and Chrysler bankruptcies. He made sure that the UAW was given preference over the preferred creditors. The stimulus was an obvious payback to unions, especially public employees, as much of it was directed to states to avoid layoffs due to ballooning deficits. Andy Stern, head of SEIU was Obama's most frequent White House guest during his first year in office. Richard Trumka, head of the AFL-CIO was seen admitting that he visits the White House two or three times a week and has conversations with someone there every day.

Obama's political arm, "Organizing for America," was front and center during the Wisconsin demonstrations against Scott Walker and the newly elected republican legislature this last spring. The administrations National Labor Relations Board's...NLRB's attempt to sue and stop Boeing from relocating a production plant to South Carolina, a right to work state, for their new 787 jetliner, is yet another attempt to insulate unions from "shared sacrifice." The public has caught on, and they realize that Obama doesn't mean what he says. He has over reached in his attempt to empower unions and the push back has been immediate and severe. 

Millions of dollars poured into Wisconsin to recall enough republicans to block Walkers agenda. Union bosses looked at the expenditure as the cost of doing business. They knew if the legislation was sustained they would lose millions in automatic union dues taken from members paychecks. They lost and lost big, and the voters of that state are watching their deficits shrink and business boom. Now that the stimulus has run out of funds, we see public employees being laid off in droves in state and local governments all around the country. Now, even though democrats lead republicans in fund raising for 2012 much of the union influence and cash is being muffled. They will still spend, and spend every dime they can to elect democrats, but their power has been shrinking. If Wisconsin was the liberals Waterloo, as Will says, 2012 may be the Unions swan song.

The midterms of 2010 will be remembered as not just a smack down of progressive theory, but the beginning of the end of union influence over our political system. Obama's intent to reward his friends and punish his enemies has ultimately backfired, much like his economic policies. I wonder if he's learned the lesson that when you over reach you will get a stinging slap to the back of your hand.. After reading the comments associated with the George Will column, I found that many of those union members have nothing left but invective and name calling. If I were them, I'd change my attitude because the American voter is in no mood to further pay for their so called entitlements. We know he never meant it, but they should embrace their  saviors edict of "shared sacrifice," because if they continue to reach into the cookie jar, they may just lose more fingers.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Musings Of The Messiah

 It's tough being cool and aloof when the world is falling around you. The Midwestern bus tour isn't going well. The proletariat is coming dressed as Tea Party members questioning my civility. I wish I hadn't made that speech in Tucson. Who was it again that suggested I choose Biden? Ah, just a few more days and I can fly away to Martha's Vineyard once again. I hope the people don't notice that Blue Heron farm is near the town of Chilmark, which the Vineyard Gazzette said was the most expensive small town in all of America. Oh well, if they do, they must understand that I am the president of the United states. After all, I and I alone stopped this country from going into a great depression, and the problems we're having now are due to circumstances beyond my control. Japanese tsunamis, and the Arab spring to name a few. I hope they don't blame the tsunami on me. After all I did say  I would cause the oceans to recede.

Where is Biden when I need him? If I could sneak out with him without Michelle knowing, we could go  score another cheeseburger. Everyone would think we're regular folks. Maybe I won't ask for Dijon mustard on my burger this time. Maybe while I'm at the Vineyard, I'll fly in that pizza chef again for an impromptu pizza party. All America loves pizza, and no one will notice the taxpayer cost. You know what, for a 1.1 million dollar bus this thing has terrible air conditioning. You know that Rick Perry is becoming a thorn in my side. But, when he accused Bernanke of treason he opened the door for me to scold him on civility. Thank God for that Tucson speech.

Maybe it's time I began formulating this new program for job growth. I promised I'd reveal it after Labor Day. Damn, Gallop has my approval at 39% again. Right after the senate convenes hearings on S&P, maybe we should investigate Gallop. I wish my bus was more colorful like Sarah Palin's, but no way will I have We The People painted on the side. I hope no one notices that over 50 servicemen have been killed in Afghanistan already this month. If they do, they may blame my hasty pull out of troops beginning last month. I do sincerely regret the death of many Seal Team 6 members in that chopper attack. After all, they did get my poll numbers up after the Bin Laden raid. It's tough being commander in chief. You're damned if you do, and damned if you don't. How did W. prosecute the Iraq war without being political? It has to be that he wasn't up for reelection when he implemented the surge and whipped their butts.

The Vineyard can come none to soon. I'll play some hoops and hit the links. I think I'm going to play my far left slice from now on. It would be foolish to change now. When I get back from the Vineyard, I'm going to have another Wednesday night White House party. The Chef will serve up $100 a pound imported Japanese steak for appetizers and vodka martinis again. We'll have Stevie Wonder and Sir Paul McCartney entertain us while we contemplate how we can tax the rich and blame them for the huge deficits we're running. Thank God for Warren Buffet. We'll retool our attack and demonize the Tea party as obstructionists, who hinder our economic plan for job creation.  Damn, I wish I hadn't made that Tucson speech.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Media Malpractice

  Today for the first time in his presidency, Barack Obama's approval rating sunk below 40% in the Gallop daily tracking poll. This constitutes an enormous development with the 2012 election less than 15 months away. Of course Drudge picked up on it, but he seems to be the only one out there pointing it out. Maybe because it's Sunday, and all the buzz is about the Iowa straw poll and Rick Perry getting into the race, they decided to fire at the opposition. Also on Friday the appeals court for the 11th circuit, based in Atlanta, ruled Obama Care's individual mandate was unconstitutional. There was not any discussion of this development on the Sunday shows. It seems the mainstream media is trying to down play both of these developments and run interference for Obama by doing everything they can to de-legitimize the republican field of candidates. 

Michele Bachmann once again was taking it on the chin on all the Sunday shows as most of the moderators, especially David Gregory, were trying to characterize her as out of the mainstream and unelectable. Their complete indifference to the American peoples revolt against the messiah and the appeals courts smack down of Obama care weren't even mentioned. Could it be that Obama care and the messiah's policies are out of the mainstream? Of course they are not out of the mainstream for the mainstream, or to borrow a phrase from Sarah Palin, Lame stream media. How can a sitting president who has just fallen below 40% approval be considered re-electable? They are continuing to do everything they can to bail out the sinking ship, while most Americans are considering it sunk. They are doing the messiah's work by ignoring his record, while giving intrusive anal exams to the republican field. This will get nasty and the media has staked their reputation on the outcome.

Thank God the American people have discovered they can get information from alternative sources. The only question that remains, will the mainstream media decide to go down with their sinking ship or will they run like rats from the Titanic. They are spineless and I predict they will eventually run when they realize the messiah is indeed  a one term president, and could go down in history as the architect of Americas decline. They'll keep fighting or should I say gouging eyes and pulling hair for him now. Everybody knows it. They are ideologues that have not a fair or journalistic bone in their body. Our hope is that when the messiah eventually succumbs to the will of the American people, the media will reconsider their partisanship. I'm not holding my breath. Maybe they will make themselves so irrelevant it won't even matter.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Gulf Grows Larger

  In January of 2009 when president Obama was inaugurated, there was a huge gulf already in place between conservative and liberal thought. TARP under Bush was excoriated by conservatives, and free market purists, but many republicans acquiesced.  We remember  that the stimulus that the democrats pushed was large and top loaded with spending and little real economic stimulus through tax cuts. The republicans wanted a smaller and more tax cut loaded stimulus. Of course the democrats with huge majorities and a new savior elected as president won the debate, which really wasn't a debate at all, and only got three republican votes in the senate by consistent rinos. Then Obama care was pushed and passed with no republican votes and a lot of democrat shenanigans. This was a  major transformational piece of legislation without bipartisan agreement. All this led to the eruption of conservative influence and the Tea Party movement, which culminated in a landslide victory for conservative thought in the mid terms.

Fast forward to the recent debt limit increase debate, and we again see a gulf between a democrat tax increase mindset, and republicans saying no new taxes, but still agreeing to smaller cuts then necessary to stop a downgrade of U.S. debt. We were all told the sky would fall on August 2nd if an agreement wasn't forthcoming. and just like TARP, republicans were scared into a corner like frightened mice. The Boehner plan was watered down and gave the messiah 2.4 trillion of additional debt that will Greece the skids downward through the 2012 election cycle. A balanced Budget Amendment was nixed. The stock market didn't go down until after the deal was done. Again just like TARP, republicans and all of Washington were scared because of a possible drop in the market, which accelerated after the bills were signed. The administration promised the deal would not result in a downgrade of U.S debt. Friday S & P downgraded our debt to AA+, and who's to say what will happen when the markets open on Monday. The media is trying to paint the deal as a victory for the Tea Party, perhaps positioning them for blame for the downgrade because they wouldn't agree to the grand bargain that included tax increases.

Now each side is staking out their ideological positions. Liberals are claiming that we're at the cusp of a double dip because Washington isn't spending enough and more stimulus is needed, and of course the rich aren't paying their fair share. They argue the original stimulus was insufficient. The Paul Krugmans of the world rail against deficit reduction and fiscal discipline, while proposing huge stimulus. Doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result is still the definition of insanity. Obama seems to be doubling down on his failed policies with calls for extending unemployment benefits further and more stimulus. "Congress needs to send me a jobs bill I can sign," he shouts. What is a jobs bill he can sign? A.K.A., more spending, more debt, and more taxes. 

Meanwhile conservatives are shouting, "I told you so." They say the deal will do nothing but accelerate the decline of the U.S. economy and lead us down the path toward Greece. They argue for a new attempt at zero base budgeting. No more automatic increases of up to 8% built into each years spending. Only in Washington is a minuscule decrease in the rate of increase considered a cut. The Mack Penny plan is gaining traction, which would freeze the 2012 budget at 2011 levels and then for eight year after that one penny would be cut from each dollar spent. At that point the budget would be balanced. If the federal government can't reduce spending by 1% for eight years we're all in trouble. Even with the baby boomers retiring at exponential rates, a plan to restructure entitlements is imminently doable, if only politicians had the courage to do it. The stars may be aligning for just that scenario. The squishy middle and rino republicans are being left out of the debate, which is a good thing, because now the 2012 elections will have clear distinctions between the polar opposite ideological positions. The demagogues and fear mongers will be in full force, but maybe the debate has gotten so serious, they will be ignored. We can and must win the argument with rational and articulate debate.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Pray For The Hobbits.

  To borrow a slogan from the Obama election of 2008, the 2010 elections finally gave conservatives "hope that there would be change." But, as we can see, the negotiations over the debt crisis seems to be business as usual. The final scorecard from the 2011 budget war, saw promised cuts of 100 billion turn into deceptive cuts of millions. The new Boehner plan that promises future cuts of one trillion over ten years is simply a reduction of the rate of growth, and will still add trillions to the deficit over that period.  Could more have been accomplished? Probably not until the GOP, or some facsimile of the GOP, wins back the White House and senate. The steroid laced demagogues in the democrat party, including the messiah himself, have the ear of the mainstream media. The newly crowned Tea party house members are having those razor sharp crowns flipped and pummeled into their bleeding foreheads not just from the media, but establishment republicans like weaselly John McCain. The courageous Hobbits fight on in the face of insurmountable odds.

It could be they've done all that can be done, "for now." Maybe the narrative that we've moved the discussion to cuts without tax increases will have to suffice, even though those cuts are simply a reduction in the rate of growth, and even though they're promised future cuts from an unnamed panel  of twelve legislators yet to be determined. How depressing is that? But, we can take courage in the fact, that no new stimulus will be enacted. Obama Care is under assault from all sides, especially the American people. The push back has ensued, but final victory can only be accomplished in a two cycle electoral victory. Remember it took the dems victories in 2006 and 2008 to lead foot the accelerator to massive government over reach. It will take the Hobbits two cycles to slow and eventually reverse the trend.  

Obama, even though the elites say he's winning the politics of all this, is watching his poll numbers plummet. Check the "Real Clear Politics" average. The independents whom  he is trying to woo back, have taken a sharp turn away. The Boehner plan also guarantees this will all be brought up once again before the 2012 election. This is all good news even though not great news. The anemic amount of deficit reduction will probably insure the U.S. credit rating will slip for the first time in history. Does the messiah want that distinction on his watch? He'll try to blame republicans and especially the Hobbits,  i.e. Tea Party house members. History will only remember that he was president when The U.S. government lost it's triple A rating. His strategy seems to be, if he can cause Boehner to cave, it will further divide the GOP for 2012. It's all about his reelection, and everybody knows that. The Hobbit's, who are now the only principled members in Washington, should nix Obama's strategy and support Boehner. That would insure they can all live to fight another day. 

The Hobbits now need time to heal their bleeding heads and increase their numbers substantially in 2012. We all understand they were elected because they weren't political, but only cared about the good of the country. Kudos to them. Even though I hate to say it, it may be time for the Hobbits to hold their cute little innocent and principled noses and support the Boehner plan. Hit the ball back into the dems court. Let's see if they have the cojones to push us to default. We all know the Hobbits have the cojones to do what is right, but we're still unsure if they have the cynicism to do what's political. It's a shame Washington strips the soul of all that land there, but the game must be played until victory is secured. Let's all pray for the souls of  Hobbits.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Boehner Just Bullied The School Yard Bully

  Even though the Washington and media elites continue to put forth the narrative that Obama is the adult in the room, we saw Friday why increasingly many in America call him "President Cry Baby." His impromptu press conference was like a whiny child running to his mother to tell her, "mean Johnny Boehner just hit me in the arm again." Of course that whiny child only tells mommy about the bruised and sore shoulder, and never what he did to provoke mean Johnny to take a swing in the first place. Could this cry baby attitude be the result of being raised without a father to encourage him to take a swing back instead of immediately running to mommy for comfort? The mother in this case is of course the sympathetic and protective media, who's continued to coddle and protect poor little Barry from those who've attacked him. Just like an overprotective mother, they may be doing  little Barry a disservice.

Now that little Barry has cried to mommy one too many times, little Johnny is going to take his ball and not play with Barry any more. Instead he's going over to the other D.C playground and play with Mitchy and Harry, and Barry will be left to look out of his window and watch them play.  He'll sob to mommy, i.e. the media, "why won't the other kids play with me any more?" Mommy will just hug her angry son, and tell him, "that's OK, mommy still loves you." The only question left is, when Johnny and the other boys finally find a game they can all agree to play and decide to invite Barry to join in one last time, will petulant little Barry be so angry that he decides to ruin their little game of, "who blinked first," i.e. veto their plan?

Meanwhile, those in real America that must live within their means, watch as the children continue to break each others expensive toys. More are coming to the realization that we elected a man-child as president no matter what his mommy,  excuse me, the media says about him. Maturity comes to an individual when they start to take responsibility for their mistakes and stop pointing fingers at others. Little Barry Obama hasn't grown to that point yet. Instead of crying to mommy, the best way to deal with a bully is to hit him back. As the current school yard bully, I think little Barry just got bullied by the most adult in the room, Johnny Boehner. Now little Johnny must go and  find some other adults that won't resort to finger pointing and crying to mommy, oops excuse me, the press. Good luck Johnny. I for one, am not optimistic.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Obama Has Mastered The Art Of Misinformation

  As the discussions, or should I say campaign, transpiring in Washington over raising the debt ceiling reaches fever pitch, Barack Obama seems totally at ease demanding others solve the problem while he continues to point fingers not only at George W. Bush and all republicans, but also his own party. Either he is the most skilled politician, i.e. master of deception, to ever inhabit the oval office, or he actually believes he is the messiah and his words and actions are above reproach. The arrogant narcissism and absolute lack of humility is breathtaking. No wonder the left has transfixed upon him with worshipful adulation. He is the king of spin, the master of misinformation, the great accuser, looking straight into the eyes of the American people denying any culpability for the problem or responsibility to solve it. Great work if you can get it. Anyone for a game of golf. 

During his Friday press conference he accused congress of running up the credit card. Well excuse me, but my high school civics teacher made clear that even though spending bills originate in congress they do not become law until signed by the president. His stimulus, even though written by democrats was pushed by him, as well as Obama Care. The stimulus blew up the deficit faster than any spending bill ever,  and Obama Care, as implementation continues will have dire effects on the deficit, despite democrats fuzzy math and claims that it is paid for, by new taxes and cuts to medicare. It's notable that democrats  passed legislation to cut medicare even though they continue to demagogue the Ryan plan. He also said that, "we cut taxes over the last decade without paying for them. We instituted new programs, like the prescription drug program for seniors without paying for it and fought two wars. We didn't pay for them." Of course we all know that when he said we, he meant George W. Bush.

Let's correct the record. The medicare part D that president Bush signed into law cost 60.8 billion in 2009, which is far less than the 111.2 billion it was projected to cost five years earlier. The program relied heavily  on choice and private drug companies competing to bring costs down, which it did. Paul Ryan's medicare makeover proposes the same type of system. Competition always reduces costs.  Obama Care closes the doughnut hole and takes away choice from medicare part D which will inevitably bring the cost up. Remember the stimulus was more than  787 billion, and all that money was borrowed. The cost of both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars stand at 1.2 trillion right now. That's a lot of money, but that is over a ten year period, and Obama himself is responsible for the last two and a half years of spending, which included a surge in Afghanistan.

How about tax cuts? Let's see what they did to deficits. If you read the ten myths of the Bush tax cuts found at the Heritage Foundation, you'll see that the deficits were created by spending increases for the most part and only a small percentage from the tax cuts. Obama uses the term "tax cuts that were not paid for," but how about spending increases that were not paid for. Spending went up over 20% of GDP in 2006, and is now at 25% of GDP.  Heritage says "the tax cuts played a significant  role in the economy performing better than expected and recovering much of the lost revenue." Tax cuts always increase economic activity, while government spending sucks money out of the private sector. Which would you prefer.....A growing and vibrant private sector, or an ever increasing federal bureaucracy that smothers innovation and incentive?

Last, but not least Obama says, "80% of the American people support an approach that includes revenues..i.e. taxes, and includes cuts."  For the life of me, I can't find that poll. He may be talking about a Gallop poll that asks the question: Congress can reduce the federal deficit by cutting spending, raising taxes, or a combination of the two. How would you prefer to see congress attempt to reduce the federal budget deficit..

Only with spending cuts...........................................20%
Mostly with spending cuts........................................30%
Equally with spending cuts and tax increases..........32%
Mostly with tax increases...........................................7%
Only with tax increases..............................................4%

Only/Mostly with spending cuts.................................50%
Only/Mostly with tax increases..................................11%

How he gets 80% want a balanced approach is beyond me. The question also presents a false narrative, because tax increases will slow economic growth, and a slowing economy always means less revenues. Obama has mastered the art of misinformation, and taken it to a new level, not yet seen in American politics

Friday, July 1, 2011

Obama Is King In His Own Mind

  Obama's recent presser was an example why he is ill equipped and has profound moral deficiencies that should disqualify anyone to be president of the greatest country on earth. The demagoguery was without question hypocritical  at best. His lecturing about jet owners was especially disturbing when you consider it was his stimulus that enacted the private jet tax subsidy.  He flies himself or wife and kids around the globe on extravagant vacations to Spain, England, and Africa, all paid for with taxpayer dollars. If he's going to attack subsidies, why not attack them all, green energy included. It's obvious his class warfare attack on the rich was a well polled attempt to create a narrative that republicans are protecting the rich while he cares for average Americans. It was never intended to be a serious attempt to reduce deficits. It was also an attack on capitalism itself which rewards success with some extravagances. 

Of course a mind that feels free market principles are immoral, as he does, implies that rewarding them is also immoral.  Extravagance should be limited to those who have risen up the ranks of public panhandling, that special someone who deceived a majority of Americans that he should be hypocrite in chief.  He has always seen capitalism as this countries greatest evil, that should be reigned in and controlled by none other then himself. He doesn't understand basic economics, and why should he when he considers capitalism immoral. It's never been a point of education or investigation for him. Obama studying the workings of capitalism, is akin to the Amish studying computer science technology. It's not in his wheel house. That's why his entire administration is flush with academics that agree with his sense of economic justice.

Remember it was Obama who in April of 2009 flew in a pizza chef from St. Louis to the White House to make twenty pizzas for an informal pizza party for family, friends and staff. We also must not forget those Wednesday night White House parties with vodka martinis and 100 dollar a lb. imported Japanese steak. The likes of Stevey Wonder and Paul McCartney, to name a few, performed for Obama and his minions. These are very well spent taxpayer dollars. I remember the press going apoplectic when George W. Bush would vacation at his ranch in Crawford. Too much heat and bugs and Texas Accents. They love the Obama vacations in Hawaii, and Martha's Vineyard. It makes them feel worthy of their calling as this administrations lap dog. For they know the king's canines live better than most Americans

We all remember his lecturing of corporate America about private jet trips to Vegas, and then wondering why tourism was decimated in sin city. Of course his trips there on the public dole to fund raise for his majority leader, and his presidential run was acceptable because he is in a different league. He is royalty in his mind and rich capitalists are still the proletariat to him. He feels anyone that is willing to pay  twenty to thirty five thousand dollars a plate to attend a fundraiser where he appears must understand the god-like nature of his persona. Therefore his ascendancy to the highest office on earth entitles him, and him alone to set the rules. Doesn't matter that the rules he's setting and his ignorance of free market principles are sliding our entire economy to the brink. His Delusions of Grandeur mindset make it almost impossible to about face, reverse course, or accept blame. Now that his blame Bush narrative has grown old, we are all sentenced to another 16 months of hearing that the rich are responsible for our economics troubles.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sarah Palin Blazed A Trail For Michele Bachmann

  Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin are friends and soul sisters. They are high profile examples of that ever increasing breed of attractive and conservative women. They seem not to fear the collateral damage of their  carpet bombing attacks on the messiah and his policies. The establishment republicans would do well to learn from their ballsy intent to eviscerate this administration and put our country back on the right track of fiscal sanity and economic growth. Their attempt to reign in government and unleash the private sector is long over due. They are a threat to the decades old, "media created narrative," that women, and especially attractive and intelligent women, cannot and should not be conservative. That same narrative applies to all minorities. The media and the left, which are interchangeable, want us to believe that conservatives should be limited to aging white males. 

Sarah Palin exploded onto the scene at the 2008 republican convention. She connected immediately with middle America and therefore was subsequently  attacked by the left. Hoards of reporters were dispatched to the remote areas of our 49th state to dig up dirt through the frozen tundra to discredit her. This was an immense contrast to the free pass given to Barack Obama once it was known he was viable for the nomination of the democrat party. Bloggers fashioned lies about her, stooping to the most vile and despicable charges such as her baby Trig was her daughter's child. Her clothing and the amount that was paid for them was attacked. Why. Because she was a conservative woman. There was never a mention of the two thousand dollar suits that the Obama campaign supplied to the anointed in waiting, or the six thousand dollar pant suits that Hilary had specially made for her.

Well, we all know too well what transpired. The McCain Palin ticket lost and Sarah returned to Alaska to lead that state. But, the attacks continued relentlessly. Frivolous ethics charges were brought against her that made governance pretty much impossible. She resigned and headed to the lower forty eight where she immediately became a force that helped the republicans destroy the democrats in the 2010 elections. The attacks continued. You can always tell who the left fears the most by how viciously they attack them, but Sarah just kept on keeping on. The narrative was formed, that she was stupid, and unsophisticated, even though she seemed to flourish. The left's intentions were obvious. They wanted to so damage her credibility as to insure she wouldn't run for president. The media's "jump the shark" moment, was when they sent and solicited people to peruse over 30 thousands Palin emails that the state of Alaska had just released because of a freedom of information request. This is an absolutely perfect description of  "Palin Derangement Syndrome." This blew up in their faces. The emails revealed a serious, and conscientious governor that cared for her state and her staff.

Now we have Michele Bachmann announcing for president and rising in the polls. This last Sunday Chris Wallace asked her if she was a flake. She immediately responded by saying "that is insulting, and I'm a serious person." Wallace then put out a video apology, and Bachmann didn't immediately accept it, and no one could blame her. Would Wallace have asked that of a conservative man? I think not. Chris Wallace is a fair minded interviewer, but you can see that even he had fallen into the media narrative that it is OK to attack a conservative woman. The good that came out of this incident is that he didn't get away with it. Could it be that all the unfair attacks on Sarah Palin are making it less likely that the media can have free reign with Michele Bachmann. If she were to be attacked to the same degree as Sarah has been their narrative would be exposed for all to see, and any media credibility that remains would be shattered. 

I think the arrows that Sarah has courageously taken now pave the way for a conservative woman to make a serious run for the White House, without being maliciously attacked at every turn.  She is the forerunner of all that come behind her, and they all owe her a debt of gratitude. Her strength of character to not curl up in the fetal position in a far away Alaskan town, but rather keep marching onward is inspirational to us all. How many men could have persevered through what she has gone through?  Whether or not she decides to make a run herself for the presidency is irrelevant to what she has already accomplished. She is the Susan B. Anthony of this generation and all conservative women. She jumped on an enormous earth mover and blazed a trail that all that follow will benefit from, especially Michele Bachmann.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Obama Chooses Politics Over Jobs

  Barack Obama continues to lean sharply left when given the choice between job creation and politics. With the country fearing a double dip recession due to high energy costs, stagnant growth, and continued high unemployment, his ideology will not allow him to bend for the good of the country. It seemed after the 2010 midterm smack down, he was willing to compromise when he agreed to extend the Bush tax rates for high income earners for the next two years. But, since then he's stated he will not agree to an extension beyond that, and he and his cohorts are ratcheting up the class warfare rhetoric leading up to 2012. It's enlightening that his ideological rigidity might be his ultimate undoing. Is he so out of touch with everyday Americans that he can't see beyond his progressive utopia to the pain his policies are inflicting? He relishes the role of a professorial lecturer enlightening the masses of  their stone age dependence on fossil fuels. He theorizes of a green energy tomorrow while doing all he can to inflict enough pain through high energy costs today, to allow the uncompetitive and well subsidized green world to blossom. It's evident green energy jobs cannot survive without huge government subsidies which American taxpayers are loathe to continue.

In January 2008, Obama told the San Fransisco Chronicle, "Under my cap and trade system electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket. Businesses would have to retrofit their operations. They will pass that cost unto consumers." Well, since cap and trade wasn't passed while the democrats held huge majorities his first two years, he's decided to empower the EPA to do what he couldn't do through legislation. In January of 2011 the Obama administration, for the first time ever, blocked an already approved bid to build one of the largest mountaintop removal coal mines in Appalachian history. Two new EPA pollution regulations will slam the coal industry so hard that hundreds of thousands of jobs will be lost and electricity rates could skyrocket to over 23% according to a new study based on government data. He also said in 2008, "If someone wants to build a  coal power plant, they can. It's just that it will bankrupt them." That would be the ultimate result of Obama's idea of a cap and trade bill.

After the BP spill in the Gulf of Mexico the administration put a moratorium on all deep water drilling, and even though the moratorium was lifted a de facto moratorium still exists. The interior departments decision to issue only a handful of permits has driven many rigs to Brazil, Cuba and Mexico, while the Gulf states have lost thousand of good paying oil industry and other ancillary jobs. Remember Obama promised to help the government of Brazil with it's offshore drilling on his March Latin American trip. He then said, "And when you're ready to start selling, we want to be one of your best customers." So much for energy independence, and job creation for hurting Americans. Even though he's given lip service to expanded drilling because of the political hit he's taking, he still has the Pacific Coast, Atlantic Coast, and the Eastern Gulf off limits to future energy production. A good portion of Alaska's Outer Continental Shelf is being kept under lock and key. According to the American Energy Alliance, expanding drilling in the OCS could create 1.2 million jobs nation wide and generate 8 trillion in economic output. The same narrative exists for further onshore production of both oil and natural gas which this administration is resisting.

Probably the most political move this administration has taken recently is the decision by the NLRB, "National Labor Relations Board," to sue Boeing over their decision to build a production plant in South Carolina for their new 787 Dreamliner. South Carolina is a conservative right to work state while Washington state, site of Boeings main product line is a very democrat union state. Boeing had gone ahead with the plant that would employ thousands with the understanding that the NLRB would not get involved. No jobs were taken from the state of Washington, and in reality two thousand jobs were added there for the production of the 787. If this lawsuit were to achieve, a chilling effect would be felt by all businesses considering relocation to increase competitiveness and expansion.

Preferring union interest over the interests of the country at large is not new for Obama. During the auto bankruptcies early in his administration, Obama took from the first in line preferred creditors to give to the United Auto workers which would not have happened in an ordinary bankruptcy. He has talked of increasing exports, a sure way to boost employment, but is sitting on three trade agreements with Colombia, Panama, and South Korea. These agreements were negotiated by the Bush administration, but of course opposed by unions. He is cynically demanding more taxpayer money be given to workers displaced by foreign competition through a Trade Adjustment Assistance expansion as a condition of these agreements. By doing this he will attempt to make the GOP look uncaring and fault them for the hold up, when it's obvious this is another payback to unions that give almost exclusively to the democrat party.

It's undisputed that Obama's political arm, "Organizing For America" was behind much of the union protests in Wisconsin early this year. The protests were in response to new GOP majorities attempt to reign in state employees collective bargaining rights through the leadership of GOP governor Scott Walker. The GOP has succeeded now that the state supreme court has ruled in favor of the new law. Had the law failed thousands of state workers would have been laid off to fill huge budget shortfalls. Apparently Obama was more concerned for the welfare of union bosses so he could grease the skids of campaign cash rather than those targeted for lay off. It is evident beyond a shadow of doubt that this administration is hurting economic growth and job creation because of ideological purity and subservience to political allies. You'd think the 2012 presidential election would be a cake walk for any republican that could articulate this. Only time will tell if a Reagan-esque figure will emerge.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Will Fear Decide The 2012 Election?

  It's becoming increasingly clear how Obama intends to attack the 2012 campaign. His intentions are not honorable or befitting a sitting president. Of course he will attempt to distract the public from his huge deficits, 9% unemployment, $4.00 a gallon gasoline, and diminishing home values. The U.S. debt has grown roughly 3.7 trillion dollars in his less then three and a half years as spender in chief. The unemployment rate, which he promised wouldn't reach 8% if the stimulus was passed, is back at 9% and that stimulus bill added a trillion to the debt if you consider interest on the original 787 billion. His health care bill continues to be unpopular to the point that the latest Rasmussen poll shows 57% favor repeal while 36% do not. The media is in full "watch his back mode," as they continue to spread a narrative of a "tough on terrorist, tall dark and handsome Hollywood heart throb, that has saved our economy from depression, and is a winning the future president." As Sarah Palin once said, " Winning The Future is nothing more than a big WTF." The future looks more like generations in serfdom, saddled with higher taxes and diminished standard of living as the bill comes due for the messiah's lavish shopping spree.

He recently attempted to demagogue immigration reform on a visit to Texas, accusing republicans of wanting an alligator infested mote across our southern border. He knows immigration reform cannot pass now, but is attempting to shore up his Latino base which has shrunk recently. He will stop at no euphemism  to paint his opponents as racists who use border enforcement to keep brown down. Maybe he should borrow UPS's motto, and just come out and say, "what can brown do for you if only we granted them amnesty." The problem is, he has alienated many conservative Latinos because of his recent decision to not defend the "Defense Of Marriage Act."

He invited Paul Ryan to a front row seat while accusing  his recent budget of leaving autistic and Down syndrome children to fend for themselves, and hastening grandma and grandpa's death by attempting to save medicare. It's obvious where all this is going. Shouts of racism, scaring the elderly and handicapped, and painting republicans of diabolical intentions with the phrase "draconian cuts." All this is an attempt to distract from a far less then stellar economic plan that has increased government and shrunk the private sector. In his Saturday radio address he tried to walk back a bit his energy policy by giving overtures of more drilling and exploration, while also demonizing the oil companies for record profits. He understands that the American peoples disgust with gas prices is a huge negative for him, so he hopes lip service will help while not alienating his environmental left. This is evidence that his reelection is foremost on his mind, because he has always touted high energy cost as a necessary element to bring about his goal of restricting Americans mobility and increasing their dependence on mass transit and ultimately government.

Will the republicans take the bait and walk back their attempts to cut Washington's power by sticking to their promises of entitlement reform and budget cutting? Nobody knows for sure. They could easily take back the senate and the presidency by simply putting forth the numbers, and show the public where all that leads. The reality is stark, and somebody has to sound the alarm, that the present trajectory is unsustainable. It sadly appears that the 2012 elections will be won by the party that can scare the American people the most. It is also ironic the the republican party will be arguing for the sake of the collective, and the country as a whole. The democrats will try to scare certain voting blocks. There is another alternative out there somewhere. Can a candidate come forth with a pro growth, positive agenda that inspires us in American exceptionalism rather than scaring the living daylights out of us. As of yet, that candidate has not emerged. Is there another Ronald Reagan in the wings?

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Obama's Energy Terrorism

Obama spoke today at Georgetown University about energy policy and rising gasoline prices. Once again he showed arrogance and condescension as he dismissed calls for more oil exploration as an unrealistic fix to the problem. He mentioned $4 gasoline prices during the 2008 elections and ridiculed the slogans like, "drill baby drill," dismissing them as election year sloganeering. His new goal is to cut our oil imports by one third over the next decade. Apparently he then intends to drill baby drill. That would mean opening up ANWR, and start approving leases for the Gulf Coast as well as the East and West Coast for off shore drilling. Maybe he should loosen regulation for American companies instead of supporting Brazilian exploration. Obviously that is not his intention. Apparently he thinks the green route and conservation is going to accomplish that. Rising gasoline prices seem to be in his wheel house for lessening dependence and encouraging alternatives. In reality all that will do is put the brakes on an economy that is dependent on affordable energy. Alternatives are no where near any type of sustainable level that would even make a dent in our energy needs. Natural gas is the closest example of a transitional cleaner burning fuel that could power our vehicles, and he's blocking exploration and extraction of it right here in America. He's right about one thing. You can drop our importation of oil by one third over ten years without loosening regulation and drilling, but he'll bankrupt many with oil driven inflation and our economy may shrink to the level of many third world countries.  

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Obama Rests, While The World Burns

  Has there ever been a president so in control, that he can be totally disengaged? Maybe his strategy is, "I'm not worried, Why should you be." Let's consider the peril. The budget battle continues as government nears another shutdown on Friday if congress doesn't pass another short term continuing resolution.  The deficit could reach 1.6 trillion dollars this year. But, remember he told us not too long ago that China is becoming an economic powerhouse. Therefore they'll be able to buy more of our debt. Oil and gas prices are accelerating at break neck speed. Don't worry, it's all part of his plan. Libya is in chaos, and Japan is in crisis. Wisconsin republicans are receiving death threats, and the union thugs continue to attack the capital in Madison. All par for the course for a community organizer. What is our illustrative leader doing? Well, he played golf this weekend for the second week in a row, and I'm wondering if he's hit par for that course yet. His 61st round since becoming president. It takes time and dedication to improve your golf game. He still must be having trouble slicing left.

Saturday he spent the whole of his weekly radio address talking about, "March is Women's History month." The Japanese quake and ensuing tsunami weren't even mentioned. But, in fairness, and isn't that what womens history month is all about...fairness, he probably recorded it ahead of time to make room for golf on the weekend. Last week he addressed a White House conference on the need to stop bullying in schools. He reminded folks that he got bullied because of his big ears, and name. Apparently those big ears help him fly above the chaos and turmoil that the country is facing. And, to top it all off, he's filling out his NCAA basketball bracket today to be released tomorrow on ESPN. Don't forget about the women's bracket. It is Women's History Month. Will he pick Duke this time around? The suspense is killing me.

It gives all Americans such comfort to know that he has everything under control. Engage. Why engage? He knows that if he gets involved it signals there must be a problem and that he's worried. Should he be leading? He is leading by example. If we all just relax and enjoy life, everything will fall into place. Work, why work? He worked leading up to his inauguration, or incarnation, or whatever you want to call it. And, since many consider him the messiah he considers his presidency the seventh day, and we all know what God did on the seventh day. Work is the curse of the proletariat. Intellectual elites don't work. God forbid. Do elitists believe in God? They may believe in elected gods. These are all good questions, but seriously, elites don't work. They are, because they think, and he's thinking right now... "do I pick Duke or do I go with Ohio State." Hmmm, Ohio is a very critical state for next years election. He's probably thinking..."Go Buckeyes."
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Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Irony Of Labors Smackdown

  When Barack Obama was elected in 2008, labor had just secured their most potent ally ever. For years state legislators had been giving Utopian style wage and benefit packages to their unionized state employees through the collective bargaining system. Pay back for huge donations to democrat coffers. Obama loaded more goodies to his union buddies in the stimulus, and then in the Chrysler and GM bankruptcies he gave them an even greater piece of the pie at the expense of the secured bond holders. Labor was running high. The head of SEIU was the most frequent guest at the White House through Obama's first two years in office. Federal workers salaries and benefits were exploding exponentially, as Obama added over 200 thousand new hires his first two years. Budget deficits continued to explode in both the federal and state governments. All of this was a revelation to the American people who began to see the unholy alliance between private and public sector unions and the democrat party. 

The midterm elections of 2010 was more than just a revolt over deficit spending and arrogance exposed through Obama Care, the stimulus, bailouts, cap and trade, and the financial reform bill.  it was a backlash against a democrat party that a vast majority of Americans saw as highly partisan, prone to class warfare, and willing to do anything to protect their most potent sugar daddy....UNIONS. It was a perfect system. The more the democrat party could empower unions, the more unions would empower democrats with ungodly campaign cash and mobilization. They were both getting fat and sassy at the expense of the taxpayer, until voters decided it was time to reign the rascals in. 

Much of the attention of the 2010 elections was focused at the federal level where the GOP took over control of the house with historic gains, and increased their numbers in the senate. But, the real transfer took place in the state houses and legislatures. Twenty two state legislative chambers switched control in 2010, all in favor of the GOP. They picked up 680 state legislative seats. In the huge wave election of 1994 they picked up 472, which pales in comparison. Most post election  talk was focused on the new advantage in redistricting, but not many talked about the effect it would have on public employee unions. Republicans now hold 29 governorships to the democrats twenty with one independent.

The turmoil in Wisconsin shows that this was a pivotal battle that will be repeated in many other states that have elected GOP governors and state legislators. Wisconsin is a swing state and essential for Obama's reelection. Why else would he and his union boss friends like  Richard Trumpka head of the AFL-CIO be so personally involved in what happened there? Trumpka has acknowledged that he visits the White House 2 or 3 times a week and talks to someone in the White House every day. We can all see where this presidents priorities lie. The mobilization of people from all over the country to Wisconsin shows this is a line in the sand state, and Governor Walker has taken his bold foot and rubbed that line out. Now we see where the left comes from, as death threats and intimidation spew forth from the union members and their allies. It's instructive to note that the media's response to these threats and the intimidating demonstrations was muted, while they slandered Tea Party rallies that were unusually civil.  

Governor Walkers resolve to stand firm can do nothing but help his state as this new law should attract business back and increase employment, while giving local governments flexibility in deficit reduction which is essential for long term fiscal health. It will ironically save many of those union jobs that were set for elimination if this law hadn't passed. Now we will began to see the dominoes fall as state after state where republicans now have legislative control began to reign in union benefits and collective bargaining. The democrats fatal mistake was exposing themselves for whom they actually are, by openly rewarding allies and giving their back hand to the majority of tax paying voters. The irony of the democrats overreach in this unholy alliance with unions, has resulted in a mindset to dramatically reduce the influence and power of the very ones they hoped to protect. 
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Monday, February 28, 2011

Obama's Back To Smoke And Mirrors

  When Obama told Bill O'Reilly that he hadn't moved to the center since the mid term elections, that was probably the only 100% true statement he made during that interview. Today he spoke to governors at the White House, and continued his smoke and mirrors routine. He solidified his socialist bonefides when he said, shown here, "While the wealthiest among us keep or get more tax breaks we're not doing the right thing." His continued assault on the wealthy makes him the master of the class warfare game. When in reality the fair share that the wealthy already pay is astounding. In 2008 the top 1% of taxpayers payed 35.02% of all personal income taxes collected. The top 5% paid 58.72%.... The top 10% paid 69.94%....the top 25% paid 86.34%, and the top 50% paid 97.30%. That hardly looks like those greedy rich are getting richer on the backs of the poor. You may say, "they should pay more, because they have the money." Of course they do, and because they're a small minority it is politically palatable to make them the democrats whipping boy. 

On the other hand the president also said, shown here, "I don't think it does anybody any good when public employees are denigrated or vilified or their rights are infringed upon." He again tried to make the case of shared sacrifice by stating that he had frozen the wages of federal employees for two years. That is as absurd as his proposal to freeze discretionary spending for five years after he'd increased it 25% over the last two years. Federal employees have been on the fast track to wage and benefit Utopia for at least five years now, and it was accelerated when Obama was sworn in. The number of federal employees that make $150.000 or more has doubled under Obama's watch, and Obama has hired over 200,000 new federal workers since he took office. His stand for public employees collective bargaining rights is an obvious overture to those that support him politically and give millions of taxpayer dollars back to the democrat party. It's an unholy alliance that must be broken to get the state budgets under control. It's clear where he's coming from. He's a big government liberal, that wants to redistribute income from the private sector, to his political allies, which in turn funnels back to him and the democrats in massive campaign donations. All the time he's growing the size and scope of government, so that government and it's workers take a much larger piece of the pie. In the meantime the private sectors piece of the pie shrinks, and those, as Obama likes to call them, "rich fat cats," who are the private sector job creators and the biggest contributors to the socialists' Ponsi scheme to redistribute wealth through income taxes, stop creating jobs or move off shore. Bill O'Reilly got the master of disguise to admit that he really hasn't moved to the center, but still wants your money to redistribute.
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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Obama Sides With Unions, And Against Taxpayers

  Once again Barack Obama finds himself on the wrong side of the vast majority of the American people as he supports, and fans the flames of protests in Wisconsin over benefit contributions and collective bargaining. His problem is that since he took office in January 2009 the number of solidly democrat states has shrunk to 14 from 30 in 2008. These are primarily the states where democrat governors  and legislators have used the collective bargaining process to reward those unions with luxurious wage and benefit packages for their support. These benefits are unsustainable, and now that 2010 resulted in such a huge shift in state houses and governorships toward the GOP, those benefits and the whole collective bargaining process is under assault. It's ironic that these same democrats that tried to reward their supporters with giveaways are somewhat responsible for unions ill repute among the majority of the populous. Obama himself is content on continuing to run huge federal deficits because he's not bound by the same budget constraints that states are. Most states require a balanced budget even though that definition varies within the separate states. The federal government has no such requirement. 

2010 brought a huge shift in power as republicans gained 680 seats in state legislatures. These are historic numbers. If you remember the wave in 1994, republicans picked up 472 seats, and the scandal ridden post Watergate 1974 election saw democrats pick up 628. The scandal that punctuated the 2010 election was the  amount of red ink the democrats had accumulated. The pendulum has swung back and republican governors around the country are taking their mandate to heart, which is not good for Obama's reelection chances. The huge shift not only hurts him and democrats due to redistricting, but also lost clout and money from these unions that give almost exclusively to democrats.

Now as Obama, with his community organizing background, seems compelled to throw his weight behind the union revolts, not only in Wisconsin, but Indiana and Ohio also. He is in the unenviable position of supporting, exactly what the majority of Americans voted against in November.  He knows that if Scott Walker in Wisconsin, successfully neuters the union stronghold in Wisconsin, that the dominoes will fall across the country. It's a bit hypocritical for him to continue to speak of fiscal constraint, and then back those public employee unions that have contributed to the fiscal mess in states all across the country. It's clear that he is who he is, a left wing liberal with allegiance to unions and their thuggery that has reaped enormous benefits at the expense of every day tax payers. The November elections have done what no politician could do. The tax payers said, "no more free ride for friends of Barack."
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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Is Obama A Christian?

The speculation continues to surround Barack Obama's religious conviction. He of course says he's a Christian, and usually that would be enough to put the issue to rest. One republican congress person after another say they take him at his word. It is somewhat presumptuous to accuse someone of lying about their religious affiliation simply because profession of faith is a very personal thing. That however doesn't seem to dispel the controversy surrounding his faith. Many still believe he's a Muslim, and MSNBC keeps pointing out that in a recent poll of Iowa republican caucus voters, 51% believe that Obama is a Muslim. A blatant attempt to brand republican voters as ignorant and un-informed. Bill Maher in a recent taping of his HBO show said Obama is not a Christian but is a secular humanist like his mother. Maher who has been a consistent critic of Christianity and religious belief in general, but a loyal supporter of Obama, contends that Obama's confession of Christian faith is simply political posturing  to endear himself to the large majority of American Christians.  Does Maher think Obama's religious contentions are false because no one of his intellect could ever believe such fantasy,  or because he's so smart he must associate himself with the dolts that are a large majority of the voting public? That seems to be the contention of most atheistic elites.

There is very little I agree with Bill Maher about, but I have to confess, he may be right about this one.  Not that a majority of Americans who believe in God are dolts, but that Obama is feigning his Christianity for political gain. It's fundamentally fool hearty to judge ones religious believe, but, as Jesus said, you will know them by their fruits. And, if Barack Obama is a Christian he certainly doesn't live or promote Christian values. His agenda is absolutely 180 degrees anti- Christian. His support of abortion rights is not only anti-Christian but is extreme even for the left. While in the Illinois state senate he opposed the, "born alive infant protection act,"  three times. This law would define an infant who survived a late-term, induced-labor abortion as a human being with the right to live. In other words if an unwanted infant was born, Barack Obama wanted that child to be left until he or she dies because the intent of the parents was paramount over the life of the child. In 1997 Obama voted against SB 230, in the Illinois state senate, a bill to prevent partial birth abortions. He was given a 100% voting record by NARAL, "the National Abortion Rights Action League," during his time in the United States senate.

He did attend Reverend Jeremiah Wrights church while in Chicago for 20 years. But the question that needs to be answered, "is Reverend Wrights church a fundamental Christian church, or is the church based on black liberation theology?"  Most agree it is the later, and the tapes that have surfaced from the good reverend's teachings seem to confirm that. Liberation theology is a form of Christian theology that emphasizes social and political liberation as opposed to spiritual liberation. Many believe Obama attended, to give himself street cred, and boost his political ambitions among the poor black community of Chicago. We all remember how quickly he was willing to throw Reverend Wright under the bus when he became a political liability. He recently attended the national prayer breakfast, but this was his first as president. Was it sincere, or as Maher contends a political calculation leading up to 2012?

Many contend that Obama was raised as a Muslim. His Muslim father gave him the middle name Hussein. When his parents divorced his mother married an Indonesian student, and that seems to be the biggest Muslim influence in Obama's early life. While living in Indonesia Obama spent at least four years in a Madrassa, or Muslim seminary. Indonesia is a blatant Muslim country and according to US intelligence, the nation is composed of primarily Muslim schools that teach legalistic Islam--- Wahhabbi. This particular sect of Islam is particularly harsh and Koran-abiding. Wahhabbis believe that non-Muslims have no rights, should not exist, and Muslims should particularly hate Jews. Of course Obama himself had no choice in where he lived and how he was raised, so we can't conclude that he endeared himself to his early religious influence. 

He has however reached out consistently to the Muslim community, which in itself is not an indication of his religious beliefs, and could be a simple political calculation to de-fang Islamic extremism, an obvious shift from his predecessor. His outreach to fundamental Christianity is however much more abrasive. Remember his slip of the tongue, during the campaign, when speaking at a fundraiser in San Fransisco, about those who cling to their guns and religion. He was referring to fundamentalist Christians in Pennsylvania. He seems less concerned, until recently, about offending Christians than he is about offending Muslims.

In Turkey in 2009, Obama said, "we {America} do not consider ourselves a Christian nation," and, "whatever we are, we are no longer a Christian nation," and, "the sermon on the mount is a passage that is so radical that our defense department wouldn't survive it's application." These statements seem a bit inconsistent to someone who considers himself a Christian. His liberation theology teachings from reverend Wright seem to be consistent with his political agenda, that emphasizes social justice and salvation of the collective rather than the very Christian emphasis on the individual and his or her personal salvation. His community organizing past also confirms this. He has stated that, "my individual salvation is not going to come about without a collective salvation for the country." This is classic liberation theology, and is contrary to biblical teachings of personal salvation. It griefs me to ask this searing question. Could it be possible that Bill Maher is right? Only God himself knows for sure.
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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Obama Doesn't Yet Have Moral Clarity

  As we've watched what's happened in Egypt over the last several weeks it's become increasingly evident that Obama and his Administration doesn't have the same moral clarity that past presidents have displayed. The initial statements out of the administration seem to tack to a squishy, we must get this right, narrative, rather then speaking with moral conviction. First Hillary Clinton pronounced that the Egyptian government was stable. Stable? It was about as stable as a mobile home in a West Texas tornado. Then Joe Biden proclaimed that Mubarak was not a dictator. Right. He's not a dictator and democrats are fiscal conservatives.  Obama's statements went from trying to get out front, to backing off. Then during the O'Reilly Superbowl interview he passed up a chance to condemn the Muslim Brotherhood, but instead just lumped them in as a faction and intimated they have legitimacy. His director of National Intelligence testified before congress, and said the Muslim Brotherhood was primarily secular and non-violent

These wavering s and capitulations are not new. He passed up an opportunity to support the Iranian protesters in the summer of 2009, obviously not wanting to fuel Iranian contentions that the protests were being fomented  by the West. It was clear that their elections were rigged and he passed on a Reagan like moment to define the corruption of the Iranian regime. His refusal to support the protesters intentionally or not, disheartened their efforts and gave momentum to the crack down. It almost seemed he didn't want to anger Ahmedinejad, and undermine his opportunity to sit down with him, and look diplomatic and reasonable compared to the cowboy label that was saddled on W.

His administration from the early days has refused to call a spade a spade. Terrorist attacks were now "man caused disasters." The fight against terrorism was now "over sea's contingency operations." Terrorists and terrorism were taken out of the lexicon. They were slow to admit the intentions and conspiracy of terror attacks like the Fort Hood and Christmas Day 2009 incidents. It's instructive to point out that Janet Napolitano in her recent appearance before congress has reversed that trend dramatically. She referred over and over to terrorism, maybe as a result of the 2010 election day chastisement they received.  Maybe they've learned that their initial strategy was not only unpopular with the American people, but was a dismal failure. Whatever the reasons, it is a welcome change.

A president more then anything is seen by the public as a leader, and moral arbiter that can define enemies as well as our friends and not confuse the two. This administration has confused the American people by seeming to throw our friends under the bus and coddle those that want us harm. They have however made crystal clear who their political friends and foes in this country are. Even if you disagree politically, a strong and morally clear commander in chief will have overwhelming support. Reagan spoke out against the Soviet Union, calling it "The Evil Empire." He went to Berlin and boldly demanded, "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall." Both statements were discouraged by many of his confidants. We have seen what it led to. The Soviet Union fell like domino's and pictures of the Berlin Wall being dismantled still resonate today. It wasn't just the statements, but the moral certainty that defeating communism was imperative to a free world that we loved about him. It was that kind of clarity that created Reagan democrats and caused independents to flock to him. No ambiguity, and no nuance seemed to define Reagan's foreign policy. 

George W. Bush, for all his warts had a similar moral clarity. His "axis of evil" line used in his SOTU speech defined the enemies of freedom and set us on a course to tackle the new challenge of this generation. This was more then a call to defeat Islamic Fascism, but to stand against all tyrannical regimes that subjugate their populous and seek weapons of mass destruction. Liberals have falsely contended that if we have nuclear weaponry why shouldn't the rest of the world. Their naivete fails to understand that only democratic societies put restrictions on their leaders ability to wage war. Bush's idealism and master strategy in the Middle East after 9/11 was actually quite brilliant even though it was somewhat messy. He understood that Islamic Fascism was the major threat to the West. Establishing a democratic beach head in the Middle East would cause a contagious like desire for freedom for others in the area. Iraq's success at establishing a democratic government with free elections may now be spreading throughout the region. The toppling of Saddam, no matter how messy and contentious here, gave hope to others living under tyranny. The Iraqi people seen holding up their purple fingers with pride after casting their votes in the first free election there was seen throughout the world. We saw how terrorist flooded into Iraq to fight  the invaders. It could be they feared the establishment of a democracy in their part of the world as much as their desire to defeat the great Satan, and gain control of the country. Now because of what was done in Iraq, the forces of freedom will began working from inside the middle East.

Demonstrations are scheduled for Iran once again this Monday, and the momentum may be more than the regime can deal with. It's now looking like the administration is ready to fore-go the sit down with the Iranian president and support the demonstrators. Better late then never, as the on the job training continues for this president. If he plays his cards right and stops blaming his predecessor for every insufficiency in his own administration, he could position himself to preside over the democratization of the middle East. He can then thank his predecessor for the moral clarity and determination to establish a democratic beach head in Iraq, and boldly fight Islamic Terrorism. There's still an uncertain outcome in Egypt, but he should immediately renounce radical elements like the Muslim Brotherhood. If the military provides free and fair elections there, the momentum will accelerate the domino effect and we could witness an historic shift from brutal dictatorships to free democracies that will reduce the threat of Islamic radicalism that threatens our security.
Find your moral compass Mr. President, for the benefit of freedom, democracy, and the defeat of Islamic extremism.
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Friday, February 4, 2011

Obama Care Is A Tangled Web

  Earlier this week in Pensacola Florida, Judge Roger Vinson ruled because of the unconstitutionality of the individual mandate in Obama Care,  that requires people to buy insurance, the entire law must be declared void. It doesn't seem this ruling is getting as much attention as it probably should. Questions should be asked, what happens now? Are the feds bound to stop the implementation of the law? Are the states, especially the 26 who filed the suit, now free to reject Obama Care? Tracy Schmaler, a justice department spokesman said, "we are analyzing this opinion to determine what steps, if any--including seeking a stay--are necessary while the appeal is pending, to continue our progress toward ensuring that Americans do not lose out on the important protections this law provides." Stephanie Cutter a deputy senior  adviser wrote on the White House blog, "we don't believe this kind of judicial activism will be upheld." It appears that Obama is taking the Clinton approach of attacking the judge much like Billy Boy did with his relentless attacks on Ken Starr during the Monica Lowensky scandal. Their tactic is predictable. Frame this as an activist judge trying to remove protections for Americans from the evil and greedy insurance companies.

The problem  for the administration is the American people are buying their rhetoric even less than before. The newest Rasmussen poll on Obama Care shows that 58% of likely voters favor repeal while only 38% oppose repeal. The drum beat for repeal is getting louder rather than quieter. This newest ruling will obviously add several bass drums and a few more snares to the intensifying beat. Let's look at the question, "should the government stop implementation of Obama Care?" Judge Vinson, in his ruling, failed to enjoin Obama care. In plain English, he did not grant an injunction to stop the implementation of the law. White house officials site this as a reason to go on with implementation. But, he did say, and I quote from page 75 of his ruling, "injunctive relief is an  "extraordinary" and "drastic' remedy. It is even more so when the party that is to be enjoined is the federal government, for there is a long standing presumption "that officials of the executive branch will adhere to the law as declared by the court. As a result the declaratory judgment is the functional equivalent of an injunction." He goes on to say, "declaratory judgment is, in a context such as this where federal officers are defendants, the practical equivalent of specific relief such as injunction....since it must be presumed that federal officials will adhere to the law as declared by the court." In other words, he expects them to stop implementation because federal officials must obey the law as defined by the courts. Therefore an injunction is unnecessary. 

Dick Durbin, a member of the judiciary committee said he didn't think the administration should stop implementation of Obama Care, because there was no injunction. This sounds like spin to me and a blatant violation of the ruling. A stay has not been granted and as of today an appeal has not been filed. The administration game plan has been, and continues to be, that Obama Care will become more popular as the benefits kick in. Therefore the longer they can perpetuate the tangled web the greater the chance the American people will embrace it. If the bureaucracy can extent it's tentacles far into the states and the business community with this law the chances of undoing it becomes more difficult. The only problem is that everything they originally said about this law is false. It is not reducing costs. Rather, costs are skyrocketing. Businesses are reluctant to hire because of the increased costs associated with Obama Care. This one size fits all approach in Obama care has prompted hundreds of businesses to seek waivers because they can't afford the increased coverage they must provide. McDonalds threatened to drop the minimal coverage to most of their employees if a waiver was not granted.  

There is no surprise that of the 733 waivers that have been granted by HHS, unions are the main beneficiaries.  This is curious when you consider that SEIU, UFCW, and many other large unions were the biggest boosters of Obama Care. It appears the administration is rewarding them for their support of Obama Care by exempting them from  Obama Care. In a curious way, this defines the administrations own opinion of the law they hailed. Remember Obama himself has said "we must punish our enemies and reward our friends." The majority of the American people are being punished by this law. Insurance companies were promised a glut of new insured because of the individual mandate. In part this would go a long way to alleviate the increased cost for them of insuring those with preexisting conditions. The more waivers HHS grants the less likely that becomes, and therefore cost will continue to soar. The weight of the deceit of this bill, with it's cooked numbers and unrealistic assumptions will cause it to fall like a house of cards. Assuming that the law continues unabated through appeals and favorable court rulings until 2014, when the individual mandate kicks in, will there be enough left to ensure it's survival? Most will opt to pay the penalty, enforced with 16 thousand new IRS agents, rather then pay the soaring insurance cost. Like a snowball rolling down hill these costs will continue to increase because of so many opting out and insurance companies forced to insure according to federal mandates. 

Obama himself could take action to fast track an appeal of Judge Vinson's ruling immediately to the supreme court. But he probably will not. He would rather take it to the appellate courts first to slow down the process. The 11th appellate court in Atlanta will probably hear the case. That is why they're continuing on with implementation of the law even though Vinson had declared it void. Their tactic is to slow the process so more can be implemented and the tentacles grab hold. It will fall on the newly elected majority republicans in the house to continue to chip away by de-funding everywhere they can. The senate republicans finally got a vote on repeal and it came down on party lines. It was good to get those democrats in purple and red leaning states on record that they stand by Obama Care. The states that were plaintiffs in the Florida case have decisions of their own on whether to abide by the Vinson ruling or succumb to Obama Care mandates. Meanwhile businesses and our economy are held hostage to the uncertainty of an outcome. "Oh what a tangled web we weave, when we first practice to deceive." This should be the inscription seared on the tombstone of a dead Obama Care law. We can also hope that this tangled web will entrap the democrats that weaved it. The next 12 months will tell us more.
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Monday, January 31, 2011

A Lesson Learned For The GOP

  It seems clear that many in the GOP have taken to heart lessons that were learned from trying to become democrat light. Their out of control spending during the Bush years which was an attempt to transform their image from the "Gingrich that stole Christmas," Newsweek cover of 1994, to a kinder and gentler compassionate conservatism. It failed miserably, and took the Grand Old Party away from their roots of fiscal responsibility and limited government, and ultimately led to two electoral catastrophes. It's true that within the core of every man and woman is the desire to be liked. The Washington cabal with their never ending cocktail parties and shoulder rubbing with power brokers, news media moguls, and network personalities can take the core out of even the most rabid fiscal hawk. But, a lesson learned may set them again on solid ground. It was heartening to hear John Boehner and Mitch McConnell on the Sunday shows both insist that their resolve to cut spending is steadfast. 

I'm sure newer versions of the "Gingrich that stole Christmas," will resurface shortly, but this time the American people will rebuff it. First of all, you now have a speaker that doesn't fit the mold. Instead, he sobs  uncontrollably at the thought of our children losing their chance at the American dream. He even told Dianne Sawyer that he doesn't go to schools any more for fear of breaking down when he thinks about it. Mr. Boehner resembles the original Grinch in only one way. His heart has grown three times larger than the now reeling democrat party. Along with a larger heart, there's a renewed effort to shrink government and their heartless over regulation, taxation, and  invasion into the private sector. The shift has begun and Americans are seeing those that coddle unions and transfer wealth from the private sector to a bloated bureaucracy, as the real villains of the American dream. They don't like the thought of rewarding failure and punishing success. The democrat's overreach in the last two years has shown them for who they really are. Power hungry control freaks. They passed legislation that rewarded unions and other allies in the stimulus bill. They passed Obama care with the intent to control one sixth of the economy and by extension every single American. Of course they've already given over 700 exemptions to friends and allies.They passed financial regulation that gives them greater control over Wall Street and the distribution of credit. They took over the student loan program. They took control of GM, and in so doing rewarded their union contributors. They want to tax our energy use to a ridiculous extent that would cripple the private sector.

Meanwhile the new republican majority with a Tea Party conscience is moving in the opposite direction. We now have members sleeping on cots in their offices, and  probably not attending those elite cocktail parties. We now have talk of a balanced budget amendment, and cutting spending to 2008 levels. Along with this will come the media's refrain that the GOP is going to starve kids and punish the poor. The headlines are predictable. But just like the democrat party the media has lost most of it's luster. There are competing sources of information with a much different narrative. We must save our country for the sake of generations to come. The American dream must be left to our children and grand children. Government has become too intrusive, controlling, and far less efficient than the private sector. The new narrative now points to those that worship and promote government growth as the Grinches stealing our future. Stand firm new GOP members and keep the establishment in line.
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Friday, January 14, 2011

Is The GOP Getting Outsmarted?

  We all understand that during a time of national tragedy the American people tend to rally around the commander in chief. George W. Bush after 9/11.....George H.W. Bush during the Gulf war.....Bill Clinton after the Oklahoma City bombing....Reagan after the Challenger Accident. The Tucson shooting is no exception. The memorial service on Wednesday night made me a bit uneasy though. The raucous atmosphere and campaign like reception for the president made it feel like the kickoff to the 2012 presidential election. It's a bit unseemly, as Laura  Ingraham said, to have news pundits and reporters grade the presidents performance and what this all means for his poll numbers after a memorial service speech. Was this about politics or the victims? It did appear that the president was a bit uncomfortable with the raucous nature of the service at first, but then in my opinion he seemed to play into it. The Blue tee shirts that awaited  attendees on their chairs was somewhat odd. The University of Arizona said they paid for and had them made and did most of the memorial planning with some input from the White House. It's instructive that the Universities school colors are cardinal red and navy blue, and of course the democrat party is blue, and the tee shirts were also. Is this a coincidence or was this a political calculation. The words "Together We Thrive" appeared on the shirts and that same slogan appears on the Obama website, "Organizing For America."

Now as far as Obama's speech is concerned, it was well delivered. There were however some inconsistencies. He did chide those who were pointing fingers and trying to assign blame for the shooting, insinuating that those who were blaming right wing political discourse were wrong. Then he said we need more civility in our public discourse. My translation of that is, "we must put a stop to criticizing me." It's easy for a president who's just lost huge majorities in the house and much of his majority in the senate to now say "let's just all get along." That wasn't his narrative before the midterms. Of course he wants the GOP to now get along with him, they now have the teeth and the votes to stop what he's doing. This coming from the man who said republicans can come along for the ride but they have to sit in the back, and told an Hispanic audience that we have to punish our enemies. He's the one who during the 2008 campaign said, "if they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun." He also told supporters, "I want you to get in their faces, and stay mad." Now his political fortunes have changed and suddenly he wants civility. 

Also we have Mark Udall democrat of Colorado suggesting that democrats and republicans sit together during the State of The Union Address. Notice once again that this suggestion comes not just after a national tragedy but after the democrats were trounced during the midterms. Suddenly democrats don't want a divided audience. They don't want a distinction between the applause for the president and silence against his proposals. Sounds to me like they're trying to trick the country into believing that more people then not agree with his agenda. If the Republicans refuse they will be labeled as dividers, and have essentially already lost this issue, because after all it was a democrat suggesting it. I personally like divided government. I like a huge distinction between the parties. I don't want there to be any nuance, but bold differences. The American people can better decide who they support when the distinctions aren't blurred. I like strong and aggressive debate. It's fine to all hold hands and sing Kum Ba Ya after a national tragedy, but the idea that the lines and differences between the parties must now be erased will only benefit the president, his agenda, and the democrat party.

Republicans should be weary of the direction this is all headed and continue on their path to repeal and replace Obama care. They should use the debt ceiling vote as a means for enormous concessions from the democrats on spending cuts. They have a huge advantage right now on the generic polling between the two parties, and they shouldn't let this shooting deter then from doing what they were elected to do. The democrat party has always used victimization to try and sell their agenda to the American people. They now may have calculated that this last disaster is just what they need to paint the republicans as obstinate and not willing to join hands with them for what they consider is good for the country. There was no reason for them to engage in civility before the midterms. They had the majorities to jam whatever they wanted through and freeze out the opposition.  Republicans, you must seize the agenda immediately and not allow the democrat party to define you, or 2012 could be a very bad year.
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