Monday, January 31, 2011

A Lesson Learned For The GOP

  It seems clear that many in the GOP have taken to heart lessons that were learned from trying to become democrat light. Their out of control spending during the Bush years which was an attempt to transform their image from the "Gingrich that stole Christmas," Newsweek cover of 1994, to a kinder and gentler compassionate conservatism. It failed miserably, and took the Grand Old Party away from their roots of fiscal responsibility and limited government, and ultimately led to two electoral catastrophes. It's true that within the core of every man and woman is the desire to be liked. The Washington cabal with their never ending cocktail parties and shoulder rubbing with power brokers, news media moguls, and network personalities can take the core out of even the most rabid fiscal hawk. But, a lesson learned may set them again on solid ground. It was heartening to hear John Boehner and Mitch McConnell on the Sunday shows both insist that their resolve to cut spending is steadfast. 

I'm sure newer versions of the "Gingrich that stole Christmas," will resurface shortly, but this time the American people will rebuff it. First of all, you now have a speaker that doesn't fit the mold. Instead, he sobs  uncontrollably at the thought of our children losing their chance at the American dream. He even told Dianne Sawyer that he doesn't go to schools any more for fear of breaking down when he thinks about it. Mr. Boehner resembles the original Grinch in only one way. His heart has grown three times larger than the now reeling democrat party. Along with a larger heart, there's a renewed effort to shrink government and their heartless over regulation, taxation, and  invasion into the private sector. The shift has begun and Americans are seeing those that coddle unions and transfer wealth from the private sector to a bloated bureaucracy, as the real villains of the American dream. They don't like the thought of rewarding failure and punishing success. The democrat's overreach in the last two years has shown them for who they really are. Power hungry control freaks. They passed legislation that rewarded unions and other allies in the stimulus bill. They passed Obama care with the intent to control one sixth of the economy and by extension every single American. Of course they've already given over 700 exemptions to friends and allies.They passed financial regulation that gives them greater control over Wall Street and the distribution of credit. They took over the student loan program. They took control of GM, and in so doing rewarded their union contributors. They want to tax our energy use to a ridiculous extent that would cripple the private sector.

Meanwhile the new republican majority with a Tea Party conscience is moving in the opposite direction. We now have members sleeping on cots in their offices, and  probably not attending those elite cocktail parties. We now have talk of a balanced budget amendment, and cutting spending to 2008 levels. Along with this will come the media's refrain that the GOP is going to starve kids and punish the poor. The headlines are predictable. But just like the democrat party the media has lost most of it's luster. There are competing sources of information with a much different narrative. We must save our country for the sake of generations to come. The American dream must be left to our children and grand children. Government has become too intrusive, controlling, and far less efficient than the private sector. The new narrative now points to those that worship and promote government growth as the Grinches stealing our future. Stand firm new GOP members and keep the establishment in line.
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