Monday, June 28, 2010

Critical Mass Has Been Reached

  Could it be that critical mass is being reached for this president? A president who came into office with more good will than any president in the our recent history. Could it be that the bloom is off the rose, and the worm has turned? The clear volume of unexpected and disastrous events just in the last few months has revealed many chinks in this presidents armor. The revelation that Mr. Obama is acquiring low marks on the leadership front, and doesn't seem to be able to adjust his rigid ideology to tackle immediate problems is taking it's toll on his presidency and the country. Many I've talked to who were open to his presidency have now revealed when the president's face appears on TV they immediately change the channel. The tongue in cheek riddle,  "how do you know when someone is lying? see his lips moving," has gripped many who now have forever turned against the messiah. It's almost impossible for a public figure to regain the trust of those with that level of repulsion. It happened to George Bush because of Iraq, and the media hysteria because of Katrina. Even though the surge was successful, and the federal government pumped billions of dollars into Louisiana  he still receives low marks for both. 

Obama's response to the Gulf oil spill and the Arizona immigration law are revealing just how rigid his leftist agenda is. The revelation that he told Jon Kyl, {the Arizona senator,} that he wasn't inclined to enforce the border because he believes it would hinder the prospect of comprehensive reform  is extremely cynical, and reveals a president unwilling to carry out his oath of office except in pursuit of a political victory. His decision to place a moratorium on all deep water drilling, even though the obvious economic impact to the Gulf region will be immense says he doesn't really care about those in the Gulf, because they aren't his natural constituents. He'd rather capitulate to the environmental extremist who are. His slow response to the spill,  his continued indifference, and his "don't let a good crisis go to waste" approach, which he is using to try and pass an ill advised and economically disastrous cap and trade bill, isn't sitting well with the public. 

He continues to tout the stimulus as saving us from certain ruin, while a vice president zips hither and yon claiming it's success while rebuking business owners that dare to challenge him. Most understand the stimulus was a complete debacle, and they have turned a tin ear to the administration prolonged exaggerated and deceptive, saved or created jobs numbers. His most recent rebuke by European leaders at the G8, G20 summit because of a continued spending binge is somewhat ironic, seeing the anointed one was only trying to emulate their decades old socialist models.  It appears his heels are dug in and he's going to do everything he can to bring this country to the brink of economic insolvency and social chaos to elevate the crisis and therefore elevate the governments need to intercede. When several well known and reputable commentators floated the theory that he's trying to break it so the government can move in to fix it, most were skeptical. The number of skeptics is decreasing precipitously. 

There is one ray of hope. While this administration continues on the path to use crisis to obtain power, the American people are wising up. They are beginning to use the same principle for themselves. They see a crisis presidency, and because of that crisis presidency there is a great opportunity. An opportunity to mobilize the until now, sleeping patriots. Those conscientious Americans that believe in our founding principles, but have heretofore been too busy living them to get involved in the somewhat messy business of politics. Ironically, what this president has orchestrated to obtain power for himself and his cronies may ultimately backfire and bring power back to the people. As more Tea Party and patriot groups emerge with the fervor of  angry warriors, the likelihood of a more conservative ascendancy grows. A recent Gallop poll shows that conservatives now outnumber liberals by more then two to one. Should the congressional leadership and the executive branch be dominated by liberals when the country is the complete opposite? 

Conservatives generally keep to themselves, live their lives and raise their families. Liberals, who are a distinct minority have always been motivated to change things around them and impose their values on others. That may be why leadership in Washington is decidedly liberal. But, this administration has stepped over the line with their big government, freedom killing agenda. It's akin to a bully on the playground that taunts those around them, and they are mostly ignored. That is until they start affecting the lives of their victims to the point where the victim starts to fight back. Conservatives have reached that point and they now understand that their way of life is under assault. This president may well become a success in one regard. He may usher in a conservative majority in congress for decades to come. America will never forget the dangers of electing extreme liberal leaders that threaten our freedoms. Conservatives need to take to heart the words of Rahm Emanuel, "never let a good crisis go to waste."
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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Rush Was Right

  We are by now all aware of Rush Limbaugh's famous four word statement, "I hope he fails," in referring to the Obama presidency. Those four words set off a firestorm of controversy on the cable news and Sunday shows at the very beginning of this administration. Liberals went apoplectic and even republican lawmakers denounced and ran from it. What a difference 18 months makes. Rush's sentiment has gained speed and many of those who were willing to say, "he's our president, he must succeed for the good of the country," are now rethinking. There is a sea change dynamic in our approach to this president. Many now believe that he must fail for America to regain it's philosophic as well as economic exceptional ism. "Change you can believe in," has become a euphemism for radical restructuring of everything American. This president along with the enabling  democrats in congress have so far successfully begun to change our country  from an opportunity society,  into an entitlement society. Reagan's soaring rhetoric about a "city set on a hill," coupled with "morning in America," has now been replaced with the stark reality of America's decline.  

The destruction of wealth, high unemployment, lower standard of living, except of course for the ruling elite, along with  a hopeless feeling for the future amidst staggering deficits that amount to generational theft, has gripped us.  This president has declared war on free market capitalism, except for those large conglomerates that have succumbed to his agenda and decided to play ball for the survival of their bottom line. Cronie capitalism prevails while free market capitalism is attacked. Play ball or we'll crush you, is the mantra delivered to CEOs behind White House closed doors. BP was rumored to shortly come out and endorse an Obama form of cap and trade before the tragedy in the gulf. Maybe that was the reason they were given favorable regulatory oversight leading up to the mother of all spills. Now of course the ire of this administration is on full display. Much of that is to deflect the administration utter incompetence in their response to the spill. BP decision to set aside 20 billion dollars to be dolled out at the behest  of a third party to gulf unfortunates without the proper litigation is instructive of a thuggish regimes heavy handed diplomacy on corporations. If only the, "do this or else" approach was forthcoming to rogue regimes and despots we could all applaud it. But of course Iranians with nukes, and Islamic extremists are not our enemies. Greedy capitalists and Tea party activists pose a greater threat.

Not only did BP agree to the slush fund, but they also agreed to a 100 million dollar fund to pay lost wages for gulf oil workers unemployed because of this administration announced moratorium on all deep water drilling. This amounts to redistribution of wealth on steroids. Imagine the implications of this. The administration announces a ridiculous moratorium, which furthers their cap and trade agenda, and throws thousand into the unemployment lines. Then, they demand the villain, "BP," already bowed and begging for mercy because of the knee capping it's already received, to pay the wages of the unemployed oil workers. I'm amazed that many are applauding this administrations ability to extract everything they can from BP without pushing them to bankruptcy, which would not be in the administrations interest. Is no one troubled by the lack of proper litigation? Maybe the judicial system is unnecessary during a thugocracy. This is all reminiscent of the Chrysler bankruptcy where the thug in chief shafted the preferred bond holders in favor of his union buddies, and in essence over ruled current bankruptcy laws.

If this administration can cut deals with big business, like they did with big pharma in the Obama Care debate, and many of the Wall Street giants in the financial regulation bill, then they will leave you alone and let you survive. Just be sure you keep the campaign cash flowing. By now most know that Obama was the biggest recipient of BP and Goldman Sachs campaign cash during the 2008 election cycle. The real assault is on small business owners. If you can't do anything for me and my agenda then we're going to extract everything we can from you. We see that in the upcoming tax increases that will take effect the first of January, and in the onerous increases in health care expenses for employees stemming from Obama care. Small businesses  are the engine of our economy. They are the solution for high unemployment. They are the epitome of the entrepreneurial spirit that built this country and made it great. Small business owners are those who took a risk and seized opportunities. They employ their neighbors and family members. they go out of their way to provide a product or service that the American people need or want. As a result they create wealth for themselves and those around them. Wealth creation is essential for a vibrant economy. 

We all remember when the 9/11 commission report came out and they stated..... "Al Qaeda was at war with us, but we weren't at war with them." We all need to understand that Obama is at war with free market capitalism. Free market capitalism needs to be at war with him. It's time to take the challenge and push back with everything we have. We need some George W. Bush resolve. It's time to say, "bring it on." The next battle takes place on November second. We need to win this battle if we want any chance at winning the war. We have to give to candidates that believe in an opportunity society, and are repulsed that we are plunging headlong into an entitlement society.  There are great conservatives seeking office in both the house and the senate. Let's support them with our time and money. We must all hope he fails, and never forget that Rush was right.  
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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Double Dip Is Coming

  There is a monster in the closet that is going to take this country to a new low starting the first of January 2011. Tax increases are going to stifle the anemic growth the country is beginning to see. In fact that growth is a facade as many large companies are front loading profits for 2010 in anticipation of the Bush tax cuts sun setting, along with new taxes from Obama care. The top rate is going to increase from 35% to 39.6%. The dividend tax will increase from 15% to 39.6%. The capitals gains tax will increase from 15% to 20%. The death tax will increase from 0% to 55%, and all these increases are separate from the new taxes on businesses to fund Obama Care.

Of course every responsible company is doing whatever they can to maximize profits for 2010 in anticipation of this incredible assault on the business communities as well as everyone who benefited from the Bush tax cuts, which included every one who paid income tax. The dirty little secret is that once these increases kick in the government will take in less revenue because these increases are going to contract the economy and hurt job growth. What creates greater revenue?....a smaller percentage of a growing and vibrant economy, or a larger percentage of a sick and shrinking economy? Of course it is not the latter, and every economist worth their weight understands that tax increases are going to hurt economic expansion. John Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, and to some extent George W. Bush proved that when taxes are cut, revenues to the federal government increase. In Reagan's two terms he almost doubled revenues to the government as the economic expansion created  twenty million new jobs and increased personal wealth. Bill Clinton was still benefiting from the Reagan years deep into his second term, even though he increased taxes.

The increase in dividend taxes from 15% to 39.6% will have a disastrous effect on job creation. The well to do elderly, many of whom live off, or supplement their retirement with  dividends will rush to cash them in and dump their stocks before these increases kick in at the start of 2011. This will cause the markets to contract and everyone's 401ks to shrink once again. The job situation will become dismal again, and the double dip will become a reality, with one caveat. There will be no appetite for stimulus spending because of the mood of the country and the obscene deficits we are running. The only responsible solution will be tax cuts which this president is absolutely opposed to. The only sane approach is to make the Bush tax cuts permanent which the messiah has already taken off the table. Therefore fiscal conservatives must preach this message for the sake of the country and do everything they can to elect conservatives this November.

How many actually believe that this administration doesn't know the economic consequences of these huge tax increases? It's becoming clearer that Obama and his cronies are on a path to destroy personal wealth and free market capitalism. They either know exactly what they're doing, and it is a cynical attempt to enhance governments power and intrusion to every aspect of our life and culture, or they are incredibly naive and incompetent. Or, it could be a combination of both. The reality confronts every tax payer and every patriot, that this November's election is a rallying call to all who love this country and don't want to see it destroyed from within. Rewarding incompetence and failure while punishing success is the Obama doctrine. Let's not make the same mistake as voters. Let's not reward this president and this congress for their incompetence, but rather punish them and reward fiscal responsibility.
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Sunday, June 6, 2010

President Or Radical?

  It's beginning to look like we elected a radical rather than a president. In almost every issue that has come his way Barack Obama has chosen the ideological and far left position rather than the leadership approach to problem solving. He came into office inheriting a huge recession, and decided it was an occasion to push a radical big government solution to the problem. The stimulus was an attempt to expand government spending at an enormous rate while proclaiming he was doing what was necessary to grow our economy. It paid back the unions and did little to stimulate jobs except of course government jobs. The Take over of auto companies and insurance companies as well as he recent wall street smack down bill that does little to address the root of the problem, and increases government regulation and meddling in financial institutions, while assuring that the too big too fail concept continues. Fannie and Freddie, the two biggest offenders were excluded from any increased scrutiny while they lobby government for more tax payer money. All this again moves more power to an inept government.

The Health care bill was much the same. Instead of attacking out of control costs by doing the simple steps of tort reform and increasing competition he opted for a big government take over of one sixth of our economy. Even when it was clear that the public was against this approach and proved that by victories for conservative candidates in Virginia, New Jersey, and of course Massachusetts, he used parliamentary maneuvers to ram it through anyway. As we have seen by recent CBO numbers that Obama Care will do nothing to reduce the deficit but it's looking more like another big government boondoggle, with the promise of higher taxes, larger deficits and reduced services for all seeking health care. Large companies are signaling they may drop coverage for their employees because of a huge increase in costs and are opting for a more effective bottom line by paying a small fine for doing so. A cynic would say this may have been his intention all along, and the bill was simply a well calculated first step to bankrupt private health insurers on the road to single payer.

The ideological first step approach to closing Gitmo and announcing a kinder and gentler approach to terrorism has backfired significantly. Instead of the anticipated good will they expected from Islamic radicals, terrorism has increased. Of the thirty attempted terrorist attacks on this country since 9/11, ten have taken place in the year since he announced his intended close of Gitmo. They have softened the rhetoric towards terrorist and Islamic radicalism by redefining terms. His teams descriptions of terrorist acts and Jihad is seen by the terrorists as weakness and an opening for attacks. His justice departments announcement of civilian trials for KSM and other 9/11 conspirators was purely ideological, and an attempt to put the previous administration on trial. The luck they have have encountered from the Christmas day, and Times Square bombers will not last forever, and their continued capitulation to the far left on this issue will prove deadly eventually.

The recent signing of the Arizona immigration enforcement law is another example of a president taking the ideological left approach rather than doing what he was elected to do. Solve problems and lead while enforcing existing laws that his oath demands. His rhetorical smack down of the law by using a racial component is obscene and complete demagoguery. It's a failed attempt to garner Hispanic and far left support  leading into the midterms and will do nothing but peel away more independents and continue the divide he is nurturing among the electorate. Instead of understanding the predicament border states find themselves in and enforcing the borders, he is now using the controversy to garner support for a comprehensive immigration reform bill, aka amnesty bill, that he and other democrats believe will increase their voter rolls exponentially.

The oil spill in the Gulf is another example of how this president doesn't know and understand leadership, but simply wants to use this occasion to further his radical agenda. It's obvious the federal government has been slow to react to this crisis, and the finger pointing hasn't ceased since the original explosion. Rather then taking charge, they claim they are in charge and BP is under their authority, but they continue to castigate BP for failing to stop the leak, mitigate the spill and pay out monies. Instead of a working and shared relationship to solving this, he sends his attorney general to the Gulf to initiate law suits and litigation against BP. You would think that the immediate response should be an all out effort to mitigate damage and help those Gulf states stop the slow moving oil that is coating beaches, destroying fishing areas, killing Pelicans and wildlife all along the coast. I need not mention the economic damage to those regions for years to come. He has now instituted a moratorium on all deep water drilling which will impact even more the economy and jobs, as well as our energy needs. He is now hoping this tragedy will garner enough support to pass his ill advised cap and trade bill or a close facsimile. He is drooling at the opportunity to levy a new carbon tax that will hurt every Americans household budget. 

A president is first of all a leader that has the ability to garner support to solve pressing and immediate problems. No one wants a president that simply points the finger of blame at others while trying to claim the moral high ground on every issue. On every one of these issues I've mentioned this president has taken the ideological approach and has used each crisis to push a radical agenda that separates him from every other president. He has divided us in every way possible. Racially, ideologically, economically, as well as politically. A president that can bring the country together to solve problems deserves our support whether he's a democrat or republican. A president that uses problems to divide so he can further his agenda deserves scorn and an immediate repudiation from the electorate. November can come none too soon.
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