Thursday, October 28, 2010

Marco Rubio Defines The Midterms

Marco Rubio's newest campaign ad, seen here, is the best I have ever seen. He encapsulates in a two minute ad exactly what this midterm election is all about. It's not about democrat and republican, Tea Party and progressives. It's about what America is and what we want it to be. It's about whether we want America to be an opportunity society or an entitlement society. It's about whether we want a larger and more intrusive government which will result in a smaller and more anemic private sector, or a smaller and less intrusive government which will result in a more vibrant and growing private sector. You can't have a large and intrusive government, and a growing and vibrant private sector. They are mutually exclusive. Take your pick. Ever increasing government means a loss of freedom through increased taxes and regulation. A smaller and less intrusive government results in an expanding and vibrant private sector with a lower unemployment rate and greater wealth creation.

Government has never created anything. They exist by confiscating hard earned tax dollars and distributing those dollars to whom they see fit. They flex their muscles through stricter regulation and oversight of all things. The private sector exist through competition for the dollars of the consuming public. Innovation is stimulated by the incentive of monetary  reward for creating a product or service that the population deems worthy. Competition is always a good thing. Competition creates character, a work ethic, and an incentive for success. Big government creates dependency and a culture of entitlement. We've all watched with horror the demonstrations in France resulting from the proposal of raising the retirement age from 60 to 62. That's exactly where we are headed if the current direction is continued. 

Marco Rubio's life story describes exactly why America is exceptional. We have a president who doesn't believe in American exceptionalism. When asked one time about it, he responded that he thinks America is exceptional just like the Brits think the UK is exceptional, and the Greeks think Greece is exceptional. He missed the point, that America is the exception, not the rule, which is explained very well in the Rubio ad. As one who traveled extensively in the eighties and early nineties, everywhere I went people wanted to know about America and the vast opportunities available there. We could be headed down a road to mediocrity where government expansion threatens prosperity and opportunity. We could see our children and grand children burdened with unsustainable debt and a lower standard of living. What we need is lawmakers in Washington that get it, like Marco Rubio. 
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Friday, October 15, 2010

Obama's Election Year Mistakes

  After less then two years in office we see a president that is making huge missteps leading into the midterm elections, that is causing many democrats excessive indigestion. Let's begin with the spring time smack down of the new Arizona immigration law. Obama thought he could energize his minority base and Hispanics in particular by playing the race card and accusing Arizona of racial profiling. He suggested that Hispanics would be harassed when they went out for ice cream. The only problem with this approach is that anywhere from 60 to 70% of the American public support the Arizona law. But of course rather then moderating his position his justice department, with an obvious wink from the anointed one, doubled down and decided to sue Arizona. Then it slipped out from senator John Kyl that Obama told him it would be more difficult to get an immigration bill if he put more effort into enforcing the border. In other words this was an admission that he was holding border security hostage to an immigration / amnesty bill. In a recent Gallop poll, his support from Hispanics is down to 55%, or 11 points lower then when he was elected. Apparently Hispanics aren't some monolithic group that blindly supports those that pander to them. In fact many Hispanics are conservative and most are pro-life, and believe in free market principles rather then government entitlements.

We watched how Obama and the democrats have decided to marginalize and smear the Tea Party, by accusing them of racism and extreme views. They exuberantly cheered Sharron Angle's primary victory in Nevada as a sure general election victory for Harry Reid. The big surprise is that Mrs. Angle is holding her own, and in the debate on Thursday looked the more competent of the two candidates, and gave no indication she was drinking crazy juice.  She raised a record 14.1 million dollars in the third quarter and is well on her way  to retiring Harry for good. Dittos for Rand Paul in Kentucky, Joe Miller in Alaska, Marco Rubio in Florida, Ken Buck in Colorado, and Ron Johnson in Wisconsin. The only possible senate Tea Party loser may be Christine O'Donnell in Delaware even though a new Rasmussen poll showed her only 11 points down with a little over two weeks to go. The Hill has an article that says likely voters in battleground districts see extremists as having a more dominant influence over the democrat party than the GOP by a 44 to 37% margin. The idea put out by democrats that the Tea Party was going to destroy the republican party has turned out to be wishful thinking. The Tea Party has energized and motivated the GOP back to it's conservative roots, and if the primaries are any indication of the general election turn out, November 2nd will be a conservative blow out. 4 million more republicans voted in the primaries than democrats.

Obama's obvious support for the ground zero mosque, even though he tried to back track, blew up in his face. This was another seventy, thirty issue with Obama and the politically correct elites on the thirty side.
It's very revealing that democrats who've always been uncomfortable with religious freedom issues now are trumpeting Islamic rights, and especially the right to built a mosque on hallowed ground. The only rational explanation for this is that they see Islamic dogma as antithetical to all things American, and therefore they want to side with it even though it literally tortures, or should I say stones, the idea of female emancipation. I guess they think my enemies enemy, is my friend. They do consider America as an enemy, and that's why they're doing everything they can to destroy it.

Finally we come to the messiahs latest attempt to turn the tide against republican momentum. He now is accusing many conservative groups and the Chamber of Commerce of taking and using foreign money to run anti democrat ads leading up to November 2nd. A scurrilous accusation like this is usually left to political hacks and party apparatchiks, but Obama himself decided to get the ball rolling himself by accusing Karl Rove and Ed Gillespie of using foreign money to influence the election. Of course they don't have one scintilla of evidence that American Crossroads GPS or the Chamber are using foreign donations. But, as Robert Gibbs said when questioned about that, "let them prove that they aren't using foreign money." Well president Obama, When did you stop beating your wife? All this in an attempt to shame the Chamber and the Rove groups of revealing their donors. Of course they won't, and they aren't require by law to disclose their donors, and they know if they did, the SEIU, and other union thugs, along with and other liberal groups would camp out and harass and intimidate those donors at their corporate headquarters and private homes. Finally the republican party is catching up to the union, and George Soros type groups that have run hundreds of millions of dollars of ads against conservative candidates. We can all thank the recent supreme court decision, "citizens united," for that. Karl Rove is now sending out thank you notes to the president for the 13 million dollars his group collected in just 6 days since Obama first brought up these accusations. Once again Obama has stepped in it, and given conservatives more fire power to attack his freedom destroying policies. Maybe Mr. Obama should just hide for the next couple weeks, before he gives the GOP an even more historic victory. It's curious to know that he's scheduled much of the post election days out of the country. Could it be he already knows how bad it is going to be for him and his agenda.
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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Obama The Millstone

  The democrats are trying to put the best face possible on the upcoming midterms, but with Halloween just around the corner, it's simply a clown mask hiding their fear. They know that the house is lost, and lost significantly, and with recent trends in the senate races their majority  is slipping through their fingers in the upper chamber also.  Races that weren't suppose to be close, such as West Virginia are moving decidedly against them. The popular governor of West Virginia who was supposed to be a shoe in for the senate is now down by 5 points to businessman John Raese. It seems the idea of someone going to Washington that may support the Obama agenda, even though he's popular in statewide politics is persona non grata to the people of West Virginia. We are beginning to see the Obama millstone pulling democrats under water and and causing them to gasp for air

Russ Feingold is now down by double digits to businessman Ron Johnson in Wisconsin. Feingold has always been popular in the Badger state, but not in this cycle. He has faithfully supported the Obama change, which isn't what the people voted for, and now is paying the price in a state that recently has been trending left. That is until now. The RCP averages are changing daily. The toss up states are shrinking while the leaning and likely republican states are growing. And states that were likely democrat are moving to leaning democrat like New York, and Connecticut. The only positive for democrats is the Barbara Boxer race in California that has moved from toss up to leaning democrat. Of course California has been reliably positive for Obama. Is it any wonder that their state is on the verge of economic collapse? 

It seems the democrats have concluded they can't run on Obama Care, the stimulus, cap and trade or financial reform, so we're seeing them attack personally with smear and negative attack ads. I spent four days recently in Vegas, and Harry Reid continues to pound Sharron Angle as extreme and dangerous. He's running about three times the ads she is, but a recent Fox poll shows her with a three point lead. My conclusion is that this race is over and Harry is gone. With all he's spent, he still can't get above 50% and her support is solidifying. That same Fox poll shows that those Angle supports still willing to change their vote has dropped from 10% to 4% since the last polling cycle. And we all know the undecided voters usually break for the challenger at the end of a campaign. 

The new Gallup poll that sampled only likely voters shows the GOP with a 13 point lead in the generic ballot. That is huge! But, when you consider that the democrats hold such a huge majority and the anti incumbent mood is as significant as it is that 13% may be an understatement. Most democrats under fire have been Obama agenda sycophants, and the only democrats running on Obama care and the stimulus are those that voted against them. What a difference 20 months makes. We all remember the democrat congress euphoric on inauguration day with the anointing of their savior Barack Obama. They now controlled the executive, and both houses of congress with huge majorities. They fell in line behind the pied piper of partisan politics. They took their so-called mandate and over reached. The rammed everything they possible could down the throats of a gagging electorate, with parliamentary maneuvers and bribes. Now their savior has turned into a millstone. Even Houdini would be hard pressed to escape from the chains of the weight that they voluntarily attached to themselves. The pendulum is swinging way back, and the American people deserve praise for due diligence in reversing the trend to servitude and economic collapse. November 3rd will be remembered as the day the bodies of democrats were seen scattering the ocean floor, drowned by the millstone named Barack Obama.
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