Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sarah Palin Blazed A Trail For Michele Bachmann

  Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin are friends and soul sisters. They are high profile examples of that ever increasing breed of attractive and conservative women. They seem not to fear the collateral damage of their  carpet bombing attacks on the messiah and his policies. The establishment republicans would do well to learn from their ballsy intent to eviscerate this administration and put our country back on the right track of fiscal sanity and economic growth. Their attempt to reign in government and unleash the private sector is long over due. They are a threat to the decades old, "media created narrative," that women, and especially attractive and intelligent women, cannot and should not be conservative. That same narrative applies to all minorities. The media and the left, which are interchangeable, want us to believe that conservatives should be limited to aging white males. 

Sarah Palin exploded onto the scene at the 2008 republican convention. She connected immediately with middle America and therefore was subsequently  attacked by the left. Hoards of reporters were dispatched to the remote areas of our 49th state to dig up dirt through the frozen tundra to discredit her. This was an immense contrast to the free pass given to Barack Obama once it was known he was viable for the nomination of the democrat party. Bloggers fashioned lies about her, stooping to the most vile and despicable charges such as her baby Trig was her daughter's child. Her clothing and the amount that was paid for them was attacked. Why. Because she was a conservative woman. There was never a mention of the two thousand dollar suits that the Obama campaign supplied to the anointed in waiting, or the six thousand dollar pant suits that Hilary had specially made for her.

Well, we all know too well what transpired. The McCain Palin ticket lost and Sarah returned to Alaska to lead that state. But, the attacks continued relentlessly. Frivolous ethics charges were brought against her that made governance pretty much impossible. She resigned and headed to the lower forty eight where she immediately became a force that helped the republicans destroy the democrats in the 2010 elections. The attacks continued. You can always tell who the left fears the most by how viciously they attack them, but Sarah just kept on keeping on. The narrative was formed, that she was stupid, and unsophisticated, even though she seemed to flourish. The left's intentions were obvious. They wanted to so damage her credibility as to insure she wouldn't run for president. The media's "jump the shark" moment, was when they sent and solicited people to peruse over 30 thousands Palin emails that the state of Alaska had just released because of a freedom of information request. This is an absolutely perfect description of  "Palin Derangement Syndrome." This blew up in their faces. The emails revealed a serious, and conscientious governor that cared for her state and her staff.

Now we have Michele Bachmann announcing for president and rising in the polls. This last Sunday Chris Wallace asked her if she was a flake. She immediately responded by saying "that is insulting, and I'm a serious person." Wallace then put out a video apology, and Bachmann didn't immediately accept it, and no one could blame her. Would Wallace have asked that of a conservative man? I think not. Chris Wallace is a fair minded interviewer, but you can see that even he had fallen into the media narrative that it is OK to attack a conservative woman. The good that came out of this incident is that he didn't get away with it. Could it be that all the unfair attacks on Sarah Palin are making it less likely that the media can have free reign with Michele Bachmann. If she were to be attacked to the same degree as Sarah has been their narrative would be exposed for all to see, and any media credibility that remains would be shattered. 

I think the arrows that Sarah has courageously taken now pave the way for a conservative woman to make a serious run for the White House, without being maliciously attacked at every turn.  She is the forerunner of all that come behind her, and they all owe her a debt of gratitude. Her strength of character to not curl up in the fetal position in a far away Alaskan town, but rather keep marching onward is inspirational to us all. How many men could have persevered through what she has gone through?  Whether or not she decides to make a run herself for the presidency is irrelevant to what she has already accomplished. She is the Susan B. Anthony of this generation and all conservative women. She jumped on an enormous earth mover and blazed a trail that all that follow will benefit from, especially Michele Bachmann.

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