Friday, July 1, 2011

Obama Is King In His Own Mind

  Obama's recent presser was an example why he is ill equipped and has profound moral deficiencies that should disqualify anyone to be president of the greatest country on earth. The demagoguery was without question hypocritical  at best. His lecturing about jet owners was especially disturbing when you consider it was his stimulus that enacted the private jet tax subsidy.  He flies himself or wife and kids around the globe on extravagant vacations to Spain, England, and Africa, all paid for with taxpayer dollars. If he's going to attack subsidies, why not attack them all, green energy included. It's obvious his class warfare attack on the rich was a well polled attempt to create a narrative that republicans are protecting the rich while he cares for average Americans. It was never intended to be a serious attempt to reduce deficits. It was also an attack on capitalism itself which rewards success with some extravagances. 

Of course a mind that feels free market principles are immoral, as he does, implies that rewarding them is also immoral.  Extravagance should be limited to those who have risen up the ranks of public panhandling, that special someone who deceived a majority of Americans that he should be hypocrite in chief.  He has always seen capitalism as this countries greatest evil, that should be reigned in and controlled by none other then himself. He doesn't understand basic economics, and why should he when he considers capitalism immoral. It's never been a point of education or investigation for him. Obama studying the workings of capitalism, is akin to the Amish studying computer science technology. It's not in his wheel house. That's why his entire administration is flush with academics that agree with his sense of economic justice.

Remember it was Obama who in April of 2009 flew in a pizza chef from St. Louis to the White House to make twenty pizzas for an informal pizza party for family, friends and staff. We also must not forget those Wednesday night White House parties with vodka martinis and 100 dollar a lb. imported Japanese steak. The likes of Stevey Wonder and Paul McCartney, to name a few, performed for Obama and his minions. These are very well spent taxpayer dollars. I remember the press going apoplectic when George W. Bush would vacation at his ranch in Crawford. Too much heat and bugs and Texas Accents. They love the Obama vacations in Hawaii, and Martha's Vineyard. It makes them feel worthy of their calling as this administrations lap dog. For they know the king's canines live better than most Americans

We all remember his lecturing of corporate America about private jet trips to Vegas, and then wondering why tourism was decimated in sin city. Of course his trips there on the public dole to fund raise for his majority leader, and his presidential run was acceptable because he is in a different league. He is royalty in his mind and rich capitalists are still the proletariat to him. He feels anyone that is willing to pay  twenty to thirty five thousand dollars a plate to attend a fundraiser where he appears must understand the god-like nature of his persona. Therefore his ascendancy to the highest office on earth entitles him, and him alone to set the rules. Doesn't matter that the rules he's setting and his ignorance of free market principles are sliding our entire economy to the brink. His Delusions of Grandeur mindset make it almost impossible to about face, reverse course, or accept blame. Now that his blame Bush narrative has grown old, we are all sentenced to another 16 months of hearing that the rich are responsible for our economics troubles.

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  1. Everything was on point however I must disagree with your final comment "we are all sentenced to another 16 months of hearing that the rich are responsible for our economics troubles".

    The idea that wealthy people are the problem is very communist and fascist in nature so I understand where your perspective is coming from however the global banking cartel is comprised primarily of the ultra wealthy. This is the idea we must keep separate, we cannot combine an honest man with good intentions who creates wealth and the global banking cartel they are 2 separate entities. The business man should be fighting the bankers instead we have democrats fighting republicans or in your position conservatives vs liberals. By choosing a side we are removing our own logic from the argument and replacing it with party jargon.