Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Obama's Energy Terrorism

Obama spoke today at Georgetown University about energy policy and rising gasoline prices. Once again he showed arrogance and condescension as he dismissed calls for more oil exploration as an unrealistic fix to the problem. He mentioned $4 gasoline prices during the 2008 elections and ridiculed the slogans like, "drill baby drill," dismissing them as election year sloganeering. His new goal is to cut our oil imports by one third over the next decade. Apparently he then intends to drill baby drill. That would mean opening up ANWR, and start approving leases for the Gulf Coast as well as the East and West Coast for off shore drilling. Maybe he should loosen regulation for American companies instead of supporting Brazilian exploration. Obviously that is not his intention. Apparently he thinks the green route and conservation is going to accomplish that. Rising gasoline prices seem to be in his wheel house for lessening dependence and encouraging alternatives. In reality all that will do is put the brakes on an economy that is dependent on affordable energy. Alternatives are no where near any type of sustainable level that would even make a dent in our energy needs. Natural gas is the closest example of a transitional cleaner burning fuel that could power our vehicles, and he's blocking exploration and extraction of it right here in America. He's right about one thing. You can drop our importation of oil by one third over ten years without loosening regulation and drilling, but he'll bankrupt many with oil driven inflation and our economy may shrink to the level of many third world countries.  

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