Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Tea Party And Blacks

As the Tea Part Movement continues to grow, the left's distortion of the movement expands as well. There is a concerted effort to marginalize and demonize the movement as hateful and fringe by the Obama administration, democrats in congress, and the main stream media. We all remember the mainstream media defining the movement last summer as small and insignificant. They tried their best to ignore and dismiss it. They can no longer do that. The Tea Party Express kicked off their march to the Washington DC rally  in Searchlight Nevada, with around ten thousand people. The interstate was actually shut down leading into Searchlight. CNN actually reported the event drew dozens. You can see by their reporting they are still trying to dismiss the movement as inconsequential, and have not yet completely moved into the second stage, of demonizing and vilifying. 

MSNBC on the other hand has ratcheted up the rhetoric to a fever pitch. Chris Matthews commenting on his show, "Hardball," was touting the Frank Rich column that intimated the Tea Party Movement was not about policy, but about racism...He ran into a buzz saw however with a Tea Party activist, Dana Loesch, who dismantled almost every argument Matthews had....What is different about this movement is they are not going to take it when derisive labels are hurled at them. The Dallas Tea Party, shown here actually made a video in response to Keith Olberman's accusations of racism, and put Olberman and the entire network on the defensive.

Let's talk about the minority representation in the Tea Party Movement. First of all 12% of the US population is black. So if there was a representative amount of blacks at Tea Party rallies it would only be 12%. Of that 12%, 95% voted for Barack Obama. Blacks are a monolithic group to a large extent, that support the democrat party, and big government policies. That leaves 5% of blacks that did not support Barack Obama. 5% of the already minority 12%, which is less than three quarters of one percent of the population that may be opponents of the president's agenda. You have a very small minority of the minority that would have any compunction to protest what is happening. Not all opponents of Obama's agenda attend tea party events, so the idea that even three quarter of one percent, the black opponents to Obama, would attend an event is stretching. The contention, "that there aren't many black faces in the Tea party movement, therefore we can label it as racist," is ludicrous on the surface. The numbers speak for themselves. I've attended several Tea Party events and the proportion of blacks is far more than one in a hundred, and there are also many blacks in leadership positions in the movement.

Now lets look at MSNBC...You could safely say they are the most liberal cable network on television. 21% of the countries population identify themselves as liberal. Even though 95% of blacks voted for the most liberal president in our nations history, probably not all that 95% are as liberal as Barack Obama. I think we could safely say that because of their support for Obama and democrat policies in general, 60%  support liberal policies. 60% of the 95% blacks who voted for Obama that could  be described as supporting liberal policies would be 6.8% of the total population. 21% of the total population identify themselves as liberal, and 6.8% of the total that support liberalism would be black...Therefore if MSNBC were to be representative of the black population, one in every three line up hosts on that network should be black. As of right now there is not one black hosting on MSNBC. Who are the racists? 

I know what you're going to say. MSNBC supports policies that help blacks, and the Tea Party doesn't. I would say that the Tea Party movement, and conservatives in general, understand that we are all Americans and  shouldn't be broken up into ethnic, hyphenated groups. What's good for one group is good for another. Spending policies and huge deficits that will be passed onto our children affects blacks as well as whites. Blacks have been victims of liberal policies over the years that promised entitlements based on color and income, that has enslaved them into a plantation like mentality. Vote for us, the democrat hierarchy says,  and we'll make sure you can survive on a meager government entitlement existence. The Tea Party wants all Americans to pursue their dreams in a free society not encumbered by government taxation and regulation, that kills personal initiative, and enslaves all through government largess. The race baiters that would attempt to divide us by ethnic group have done substantial damage to black America. Personal responsibility and free market capitalism is the only thing that will completely free the black community from their plantation masters..."the democrat party."

The democrats and the media are fearful that the message the Tea Party movement is articulating is somehow going catch hold with millions more and open the eyes of those who've been caught in an entitlement mentality, including black America. Their only defense, since their policies are  indefensible, is to demonize the opposition, and the most devastating accusation is that of racism. They know exactly what they're doing. This time it will not stand. Truth shall prevail, because the main stream media now has adversaries to their propaganda campaign.  The Tea Party will continue to grow and fight against big government and out of control spending. All are welcome and encouraged to join the fight for freedom and limited government, especially minorities that have begun to understand the folly of big government. Dennis Prager words couldn't be more true, "The bigger the government the smaller the citizen." Let's rise above those that would enslave, and declare our freedom as endowed by God. Attend a Tea Party near you and experience for yourself what it's all about.
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Thursday, March 25, 2010

The War Intensifies

Let's take a look at the political atmosphere since the passing of Obama Care on Sunday. We have democrat congressmen making claims of racial and sexual slurs leading up to the final vote in the house. Republican lawmaker are promising to repeal and remake this bill. Attorneys generals from all over the country are filing lawsuits against the constitutionality of Obama care. You have angry voters leaving less then civil messages on lawmakers voice mails. The sycophant media is running with that story and hyperventilating over it, while during the Bush years they were restrained in their coverage of vitriol and threats. And of course you never hear of threats against the Limbaughs and Becks of the world, even though Beck has been counseled to wear bullet proof vests at certain events because of the seriousness of the threats.

Finally, republican Eric Cantor came out today and announced that he has been receiving threatening emails and his campaign headquarters was actually shot at. He said he's always received threats for his policy positions and because he's Jewish, but has resisted the impulse to make them public for fear of inciting more. Not so with the democrats who seem to have fashioned a coordinated effort to marginalize opponents of Obama care with carefully crafted announcements and news conferences, inferring that the Tea Party folks are dangerous to their safety and branding the republican lawmakers as winking at it. 

Cantor in his statement today condemned DCCC chairman Chris Van Hollen and DNC Chairman Tim Kaine as using these incidents as media vehicles for political gain, by trying to brand the republican leadership as instigating it. MSNBC has had non stop coverage inferring the republicans are propagating a culture of violence. Today president Obama, instead of trying to heal the divide after his victory on health care mocked republican lawmakers, and challenged them to, "go for it," meaning try and repeal Obama Care. The most absurd media invention is that Sarah Palin is inciting violence because she posted on her facebook page a map showing democrat districts that are vulnerable because she and McCain carried them in 2008. They were marked with a dot, and  cross hairs. Apparently they think this is a subliminal  message to the tea party, excuse me, {tobacco chewing, gun toting, trigger happy red necks} folks to go ahead and take shots at them. I guess the huge store chain "Target" will have to change their logo so as to not incite snipers.

Let me ask you one question...What ever happened to no more red states, and blue states? What ever happened to post partisan? Whatever happened to transparent and accountable governing? Actually that's three question, but my point is the well has been poisoned. Obama has even soured the bipartisan efforts of moderates like Lindsey Graham, who was willing to sell out republican principles by crafting an immigration, excuse me, amnesty bill with democrats. Obama was absolutely right when he stated way back when, that health care had to be bipartisan and can't be passed with a 51% majority. The lawmakers that are claiming they were spit in the face, and verbally abused, metaphorically spit in the face of the overwhelming majority of Americans that opposed this bill. They arrogantly displayed their true intentions of dismissing the will of the American people while they shamefully pursue their radical agenda without regard to process and decorum. They show complete disdain for their opposition  and now are trying to marginalize them as well as the republican opposition as violent and instigating violence. The end justifies the means, and now that Obama Care has passed they have to completely discredit the opposition to have a remote chance of retaining their majorities this November. 

Obama also stated, way back when that if you passed sweeping legislation in a partisan way that you'd lose your ability to govern. Obama as the messiah may be overstated, but that statement is very prophetic. His ability to unite us in any meaningful way has been destroyed. We are in for a long hot summer, of charges and counter charges leading up to the most important mid term elections in decades. The battle lines are drawn. The republicans will run on repeal and remake, the democrats can't run on the merits of Obama Care because there are few to be found, so they must discredit and demoralize the opposition. An apparent Alinsky tactic, to say the least. This president who promised to bring us together around common interests has divided this country and placed a gulf between the parties that even Evel Knievel wouldn't attempt to jump. And he's angered millions who not only reject his agenda and his way of governing, but now he has disparaged them to the point of red hot rebellion. 

They may now try to jam through an amnesty bill because he knows he's lost the independents, and he needs  to bring another 12 million new voters, indebted to him before the midterms. The political reality of succeeding on immigration after a new congress is seated in 2011 is slim to none. His only hope of reelection is 12 million new Obama worshipers, or of course the republicans snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, which is not unheard of. Of course jobs and their creation is not on his radar. His disdain for the plight of the unemployed is exceeded only by his quest for governmental power and growth of his progressive utopia. His resolve is set in stone, and the righteous anger of average American patriots is on the rise. The War continues, and intensifies, and cooperation and bipartisanship is lost at least until another presidential election. The eloquent rhetoric leading up to the 2008 election of Barack Obama was just that...Rhetoric!
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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Obama Care: A Glide Path To Single Payer

The ramifications of Obama care passing are far reaching and ominous. There is no other way to describe a bill that will effect every single American for decades to come. Many would say the democrats are noble to put their majority as well as their jobs and careers on the line to insure 30 million more Americans. I say "poppycock." There is nothing noble about  government intrusion into such a personal and serious aspect of an individuals life. Congress can do one thing and one thing only. They pass laws. Laws that say you can't do that, or you must do this. Laws can be good because they can limit abuse, or they can be bad because they restrict freedom. Obama Care is heavy on the latter. 

Obama Care mandates every individual must carry health insurance. If that person refuses to carry insurance they will be levied a fine of 2.5% of income or $2,085.00. This aspect of Obama Care will ultimately be decided by the courts, because the federal government has never passed a law that would compel an individual to engage in commerce. The enforcers of this provision would be IRS agents, and the cost of Obama care does not account for 16.5 thousand new IRS agents to do just that. The Obama care advocates cite state regulations that require individuals to carry auto insurance as being comparable. Once again I say, "poppycock." First of all the state requirements are imposed on those who engage in a voluntary activity, (driving a car), on public roads. The federal health insurance mandate would apply to all. Second, the states only require you to carry liability insurance. Liability only protects a third party that you may injure or cause damage to their car, not yourself or your car.

Another aspect of Obama care is to stop the exclusion by insurers for those with preexisting conditions. This most would applaud, but there are some unintended consequences to this provision. Let's assume the mandate to purchase health insurance passes constitutional muster. An individual decides because of the mandate that insurers must cover preexisting conditions, they will not purchase insurance, but instead pay the minimal fine, in comparison to higher insurance premiums. Then, when an illness over takes them they simply march into an insurance company that must insure them. This really is no longer insurance, and that may actually be the motive behind Obama Care. Insurance companies operate on a complicated risk cost analysis. People buy insurance as an insurance in the event of something happening that they have no control over. So their insurance premiums while healthy stabilize the insurance industry to pay for treatment in the event of illness. The fines that an individual pays for not insuring themselves goes to the federal government not the insurance companies. This will obviously either dramatically raise premiums, which would encourage fine paying rather then premium paying, and would ultimately put insurance companies out of business, which may actually be the primary motive of Obama Care.

Let's turn around the argument that many use in comparing the compulsion to auto insurance. We are mandated to purchase minimal liability insurance if driving on public roads, and an individual that is caught  must pay a fine. If the comparisons were true to Obama Care the auto insurance industry would also have to insure in case of a pre-existing condition. In other words if I Had an accident without insurance, I could then walk in and demand that I now be insured. We can all see how absurd that would be. It would bankrupt the auto insurance industry, and people would risk getting caught without insurance and pay the fine, as long as they knew if they had an accident they could demand coverage.

We have all heard the speeches Obama has given to primarily liberal and union groups where he supports a single payer system. Could Obama Care be the glide path to a single payer system?  He mentioned during the campaign that if we didn't have an employer based system, and were starting from scratch, he'd be a proponent of a single payer system. let's examine another aspect of Obama Care. The legislation requires employers with 50 or more employees to provide insurance or pay a penalty, $2,000 per employee with an exemption of the first 30 employees. Where would the incentive be to offer your employees insurance rather than paying the substantially smaller fines.  

We see that through Obama Care, employer based insurance is being undermined, with the ultimate goal a single payer system, that would morph from employer based and then exchanges and pools, to complete government control. Businesses run on a bottom line mentality as well as individuals. When economic realities dictate that if the government is going to mandate that I be covered one way or another at less cost to my business or myself, most are going to take the less expensive route, and thus we have a race to the bottom. A government run single payer system with long lines and rationed care. Obama care is not a bill to insure 30 million more Americans, and reduce health care costs. It is indeed a glide path to a single payer, government run health insurance, that will require massive new taxes, and cause huge federal deficits. It will guarantee loss of health care choices and assuredly degenerate into inferior care.
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Saturday, March 13, 2010

The War Is On!

As the democrats continue their march toward Obama care, and wavering members have their elbows reset after excruciating arm twisting tactics and gimmicks, something has gone unnoticed and under reported over the last week. The budget deficit for February hit an all time high for a single month of 220.9 billion dollars. This is 14% higher than the previous record set last February. The deficit through the first five months of fiscal 2010 is now 651.6 billion.... a whopping 10.5% higher than last years record deficit for the first five months, and on pace to surpass last years total record deficit of 1.4 trillion dollars. These number are so staggering and portend for extreme pain to every American taxpayer far into the future.

The stimulus bill which the president said was needed to keep unemployment under 8% has been a complete disaster when you look at revenues for the first five months of 2010. Revenues to the federal government were 800.5 billion...down 7% over the first five months of 2009. So even though we were shedding jobs at around 700 thousand a month last year at this time, revenues have fallen dramatically this year. Some of that can be explained because of tax credits which amount to about 100 billion in the stimulus bill so far....But, that includes 7 months of that amount being credited for fiscal year 2009. And as of February 1st of this year, only one third of stimulus money has been spent. Private wealth is shrinking as government continues to grow at a repulsive rate.

This president has presided over the two largest monthly deficits in our nations history. The second biggest being February of 2009 his first full month in office, and now the largest monthly deficit, February of 2010, one full year after the stimulus was signed into law. February is traditionally a large deficit month, with tax refunds being sent out, but that doesn't explain the growth in deficits from last year to this year. It is well passed the allotted time to blame the previous administration for the mess they inherited, when their signature issue the 787 billion dollar stimulus was, according to them, the way out. The CBO has now estimated the price tag has now risen to 862 billion, an additional 85 billion. But, what the heck, what's another 85 billion between friends. 

If their stimulus bill is growing because they underestimated costs and unemployment, why would anybody think that Obama Care would be any different? This president is spending not only our children and grand children, but our great, great, great,  grand children into an unsustainable hole. Everyone's standard of living will be lowered and the American dream will be buried for generations to come. As government continues to suck dollars out of the private sector at warp speed, it is up to those of us who believe in freedom and self government to stop the runaway train before another massive entitlement, "Obama Care," becomes law. Freedom can only be secured if those who believe in it are willing to fight for it. The harm to this economy and our institutions through the first year of this administration should be enough to motivate the American spirit and activate patriots to say, "enough is enough, no more will be tolerated." Battles have been won in New Jersey, Virginia, and Massachusetts, but the outcome of the war is still in question. It's obvious that this president and this congress have declared war on American exceptionalism, and our way of life, and a few lost battles hasn't slowed their resolve. 

We all believe that November could be a game changer, but, if Obama care is signed into law before then, the chances of repealing it are slim to none. Even if the mid terms throw the democrats out of the majority it would take a two thirds majority against Obama care to over ride a veto of its repeal. And, we all know that Obama would veto it's repeal. He has signaled he's willing to forgo a second term to get his agenda passed. As a god unto himself he'll do everything he can to remake America into his image and likeness. As patriots and freedoms lovers it is our obligation to stop him.
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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Obama Is Reduced To Infomercials

In his final push for health care reform we see a president desperately talking out of both sides of his mouth. He's promising moderate democrats the reconciliation process will address their concerns while in another room promising the liberal democrats that he will personally pursue the public option once this current bill passes, according to Raul Grivalja, of the progressive caucus. He is cajoling all democrats to pass health care reform for his own political standing and for theirs. In his weekly radio address he tried to assure the public, but was really trying to convince wavering house members, that they will see a significant impact from the legislation this year, obviously trying to ease the fears of those vulnerable democrats. His assertion that positive results will be immediate, and that house member can go home with something positive seems highly suspicious.

After Scott Brown's victory in January the public was convinced... wrongly I might add, that Obama Care was dead for the time being. The president and the democrats in congress seemed to signal a 180 degree shift to job creation which lasted about four weeks. In reality it was a smoke screen while they huddled around a witches cauldron concocting ways to pass an unpopular bill without their 60 vote super majority in the senate. Soon we began to hear reconciliation being bantered about, even though Obama himself had previously signaled that health Care reform needed to be bipartisan and should never be passed with a simple majority. The next distraction was the sham of a health care summit, which did nothing but convince the public that both parties were dug in to their ideas of what health care reform should be. The democrats wanting sweeping comprehensive government control, and republicans wanting incremental steps. It's clear the president called for this summit with the attempt to appear bipartisan and conciliatory to the GOP. But, as we all witnessed he was neither, and even signaled in his closing statement that he wouldn't rule out reconciliation.

Now his rhetoric is appearing desperate and disjointed. Overblown promises and broad assumptions in the same genre as infomercial hosts who promise fat dissipation and  overnight abdominal definition if only they make three easy payments of  $139.95 plus the cost of handling and shipping. It is a pitiful reality that the president of the United States has been reduced to this kind of manipulative governance, and endless campaign rhetoric to pass legislation that will effect every single American for generations to come. Not only has the substance of the bill caused revulsion throughout the country but the process has been even more abhorrent. 

Small business owners all over the country continue to withhold broad and decisive action on  hiring and expansion because the implications of this legislation are so far reaching. Seniors worry about their future with a 500 billion dollar cut in medicare expenditures, and a possible reduction in services. Those with health insurance they're happy with wonder what will happen to them, and the unexplainable reality of how to insure 30 million more without some sort of rationing, especially when you consider that physicians all around the country are talking retirement if Obama Care passes. Doctors dropping medicaid patients will undoubtedly grow with a huge new influx  to cover the uninsured, and an appalling reimbursement mechanism.  30 million more health care patients with less health care providers looks more like a redistribution of health, and a formula for rationed and reduced care rather than a serious attempt to contain costs and provide access to more. All Americans want to see health care costs contained and access provided to more, but they're skeptical and unwilling to trust a government that seems to bankrupt everything it touches.

Where does all this leave house democrats who are on the fence and are faced with the choice of passing the senate bill which many consider anathema? The president is telling them to trust him, and he will fix all that they disagree with in reconciliation. But, what will be the motivation to actually do that once the house passes the senate bill... You will have the exact same bill passed through both houses of congress, which the president can then sign into law. Why would the president then risk the reconciliation process with the republicans offering endless amendments, and the possibility of continued fights over abortion language, public options, etc. The president only has the bully pulpit in the reconciliation process while the majority in the senate has the final say. The president is saying to fence sitting democrats, like the late night infomercial host, "trust me, sign on to my program today, and I promise you that in six months you'll have the body you've always dreamed of, with rippling abs and a toned and sexy new you, that your constituents will love as they flock to  town hall meetings to applaud you." Or the other possible scenario..... a dusty piece of fitness equipment, taking up space in your garage while you hunt for a new career, with a pot belly instead of six pack abs.
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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Where The Debate Stands On Obama Care

It would be wise after a weekend of reflection to look again at the health care summit at Blair house on Thursday and evaluate exactly what transpired, and who won and who lost, as well as how the Democrats seem to be moving forward. It would be fair to conclude that the president and the democrat contingent went in with the idea of trying to appear bipartisan and transparent but with no real intention of compromise that included an incremental step by step approach to reform. It would also be fair to conclude that the Republicans came in with no real intention of compromise that would include a massive government take over. So on the surface the GOP won the exchange, simply because every public opinion poll suggests that the American people do not favor the big government solution to health care reform. Every Democrat  tried their best to convince the public that the differences were minor. The Republicans weren't buying into their futile attempt at labeling the bill as replete with GOP amendments that just needed a few minor tweeks. The Republicans did well in framing the debate as a philosophical difference between big government, and market driven incremental solutions.

The Democrats rightly pointed out that there are components of the bill the American people agree with, such as prohibiting insurance companies from arbitrarily dropping coverage, and the idea of covering pre-existing conditions, but their approach which would involve a massive new entitlement run by government bureaucrats is not the solution most Americans want.  The Republicans have ammunition on their side when they oppose the Washington solution, which is full of mandates and bureaucratic tinkering, and like every other government program the costs always explode exponentially once implemented. The simple fact that both social security and medicare are close to bankruptcy reveals Washington politician's Achilles heel, which is fiscal irresponsibility. The newly engaged American voter is insistent on fiscal sanity, and wonders why they are continuing down this path when the debt is growing, deficits are mind boggling, and jobs are a rarity.

The democrats rightly conclude their bill will cover more of the uninsured than the Republican plan. But, once again the American people argue, and are insistent they shouldn't have to sacrifice their current plan to insure more of the uninsured. Most Americans see this approach as a redistribution of health, especially when you consider the medicare cuts proposed in the bill to fund a new entitlement even though medicare is headed for insolvency. Also much of the increased coverage comes from an expansion of medicaid. Almost 50% of all doctors won't even touch medicaid patients anymore because of the reimbursement structure associated with that program.

The summit time allotment brings to light another fact. The Republicans were given less than half the time of the Democrats during the summit, and yet most feel they gave a much more detailed description of Obama care and a good defense of their ideas and plans for health reform. So once again the implication is that they can do more for less. More actual reform at much less the cost. Remember the stimulus bill.....the Democrats wrote this behemoth of a bill, and yet the Republican bill, according to the CBO did more to stimulate at half the cost. Americans who are frustrated and scared of exploding deficits are exclusively going to side with the GOP.

Now moving forward the strategy for the Democrats is becoming  clear. They've changed the phrase reconciliation to a majority vote. You heard them all weekend utter that phrase along with up and down vote. They're trying to re- frame the debate to lessen the impact of passing a monstrosity through reconciliation, which has never been done before for this kind of life changing, power grabbing piece of legislation, even though they're trying to convince the public it's almost an every day occurrence.  They are insistent that Republicans, as Nancy Pelosi said this weekend were given a place at the table, and that a bill can be bipartisan without bipartisan votes. Now that takes some real mind twisting. But, of course along with mind twisting there will be a lot of arm twisting in the house to get the senate bill passed. The newest announcement from the princess of petulance is that even though she excoriated the Tea Party movement as, astro-turf and Nazi like, now she agrees with many of the views of the Tea Party movement. Who could have guessed, she and Sarah Palin will go hunting moose together soon.

She also is now intimating that Obama is going to come out this week with a smaller version of the bill. I'm guessing this is an attempt to convince the house members to vote for the existing senate bill that will then be restructured smaller through the reconciliation, oops, excuse me, majority vote in the senate. This is really the only possible way to get it done without a new 60 vote majority in the senate, to avoid a Republican filibuster. Once again they're forgetting that the American people are as upset at the process as they are the substance of the bill. It's clear the Democrats want this done before the Easter recess to avoid angry constituents on their doorsteps. Buckle up your seat belts, it's going to be an interesting next few weeks, with a propaganda campaign second to now, especially since the clock is ticking down to the mid term elections.
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