Friday, July 29, 2011

Pray For The Hobbits.

  To borrow a slogan from the Obama election of 2008, the 2010 elections finally gave conservatives "hope that there would be change." But, as we can see, the negotiations over the debt crisis seems to be business as usual. The final scorecard from the 2011 budget war, saw promised cuts of 100 billion turn into deceptive cuts of millions. The new Boehner plan that promises future cuts of one trillion over ten years is simply a reduction of the rate of growth, and will still add trillions to the deficit over that period.  Could more have been accomplished? Probably not until the GOP, or some facsimile of the GOP, wins back the White House and senate. The steroid laced demagogues in the democrat party, including the messiah himself, have the ear of the mainstream media. The newly crowned Tea party house members are having those razor sharp crowns flipped and pummeled into their bleeding foreheads not just from the media, but establishment republicans like weaselly John McCain. The courageous Hobbits fight on in the face of insurmountable odds.

It could be they've done all that can be done, "for now." Maybe the narrative that we've moved the discussion to cuts without tax increases will have to suffice, even though those cuts are simply a reduction in the rate of growth, and even though they're promised future cuts from an unnamed panel  of twelve legislators yet to be determined. How depressing is that? But, we can take courage in the fact, that no new stimulus will be enacted. Obama Care is under assault from all sides, especially the American people. The push back has ensued, but final victory can only be accomplished in a two cycle electoral victory. Remember it took the dems victories in 2006 and 2008 to lead foot the accelerator to massive government over reach. It will take the Hobbits two cycles to slow and eventually reverse the trend.  

Obama, even though the elites say he's winning the politics of all this, is watching his poll numbers plummet. Check the "Real Clear Politics" average. The independents whom  he is trying to woo back, have taken a sharp turn away. The Boehner plan also guarantees this will all be brought up once again before the 2012 election. This is all good news even though not great news. The anemic amount of deficit reduction will probably insure the U.S. credit rating will slip for the first time in history. Does the messiah want that distinction on his watch? He'll try to blame republicans and especially the Hobbits,  i.e. Tea Party house members. History will only remember that he was president when The U.S. government lost it's triple A rating. His strategy seems to be, if he can cause Boehner to cave, it will further divide the GOP for 2012. It's all about his reelection, and everybody knows that. The Hobbit's, who are now the only principled members in Washington, should nix Obama's strategy and support Boehner. That would insure they can all live to fight another day. 

The Hobbits now need time to heal their bleeding heads and increase their numbers substantially in 2012. We all understand they were elected because they weren't political, but only cared about the good of the country. Kudos to them. Even though I hate to say it, it may be time for the Hobbits to hold their cute little innocent and principled noses and support the Boehner plan. Hit the ball back into the dems court. Let's see if they have the cojones to push us to default. We all know the Hobbits have the cojones to do what is right, but we're still unsure if they have the cynicism to do what's political. It's a shame Washington strips the soul of all that land there, but the game must be played until victory is secured. Let's all pray for the souls of  Hobbits.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Boehner Just Bullied The School Yard Bully

  Even though the Washington and media elites continue to put forth the narrative that Obama is the adult in the room, we saw Friday why increasingly many in America call him "President Cry Baby." His impromptu press conference was like a whiny child running to his mother to tell her, "mean Johnny Boehner just hit me in the arm again." Of course that whiny child only tells mommy about the bruised and sore shoulder, and never what he did to provoke mean Johnny to take a swing in the first place. Could this cry baby attitude be the result of being raised without a father to encourage him to take a swing back instead of immediately running to mommy for comfort? The mother in this case is of course the sympathetic and protective media, who's continued to coddle and protect poor little Barry from those who've attacked him. Just like an overprotective mother, they may be doing  little Barry a disservice.

Now that little Barry has cried to mommy one too many times, little Johnny is going to take his ball and not play with Barry any more. Instead he's going over to the other D.C playground and play with Mitchy and Harry, and Barry will be left to look out of his window and watch them play.  He'll sob to mommy, i.e. the media, "why won't the other kids play with me any more?" Mommy will just hug her angry son, and tell him, "that's OK, mommy still loves you." The only question left is, when Johnny and the other boys finally find a game they can all agree to play and decide to invite Barry to join in one last time, will petulant little Barry be so angry that he decides to ruin their little game of, "who blinked first," i.e. veto their plan?

Meanwhile, those in real America that must live within their means, watch as the children continue to break each others expensive toys. More are coming to the realization that we elected a man-child as president no matter what his mommy,  excuse me, the media says about him. Maturity comes to an individual when they start to take responsibility for their mistakes and stop pointing fingers at others. Little Barry Obama hasn't grown to that point yet. Instead of crying to mommy, the best way to deal with a bully is to hit him back. As the current school yard bully, I think little Barry just got bullied by the most adult in the room, Johnny Boehner. Now little Johnny must go and  find some other adults that won't resort to finger pointing and crying to mommy, oops excuse me, the press. Good luck Johnny. I for one, am not optimistic.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Obama Has Mastered The Art Of Misinformation

  As the discussions, or should I say campaign, transpiring in Washington over raising the debt ceiling reaches fever pitch, Barack Obama seems totally at ease demanding others solve the problem while he continues to point fingers not only at George W. Bush and all republicans, but also his own party. Either he is the most skilled politician, i.e. master of deception, to ever inhabit the oval office, or he actually believes he is the messiah and his words and actions are above reproach. The arrogant narcissism and absolute lack of humility is breathtaking. No wonder the left has transfixed upon him with worshipful adulation. He is the king of spin, the master of misinformation, the great accuser, looking straight into the eyes of the American people denying any culpability for the problem or responsibility to solve it. Great work if you can get it. Anyone for a game of golf. 

During his Friday press conference he accused congress of running up the credit card. Well excuse me, but my high school civics teacher made clear that even though spending bills originate in congress they do not become law until signed by the president. His stimulus, even though written by democrats was pushed by him, as well as Obama Care. The stimulus blew up the deficit faster than any spending bill ever,  and Obama Care, as implementation continues will have dire effects on the deficit, despite democrats fuzzy math and claims that it is paid for, by new taxes and cuts to medicare. It's notable that democrats  passed legislation to cut medicare even though they continue to demagogue the Ryan plan. He also said that, "we cut taxes over the last decade without paying for them. We instituted new programs, like the prescription drug program for seniors without paying for it and fought two wars. We didn't pay for them." Of course we all know that when he said we, he meant George W. Bush.

Let's correct the record. The medicare part D that president Bush signed into law cost 60.8 billion in 2009, which is far less than the 111.2 billion it was projected to cost five years earlier. The program relied heavily  on choice and private drug companies competing to bring costs down, which it did. Paul Ryan's medicare makeover proposes the same type of system. Competition always reduces costs.  Obama Care closes the doughnut hole and takes away choice from medicare part D which will inevitably bring the cost up. Remember the stimulus was more than  787 billion, and all that money was borrowed. The cost of both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars stand at 1.2 trillion right now. That's a lot of money, but that is over a ten year period, and Obama himself is responsible for the last two and a half years of spending, which included a surge in Afghanistan.

How about tax cuts? Let's see what they did to deficits. If you read the ten myths of the Bush tax cuts found at the Heritage Foundation, you'll see that the deficits were created by spending increases for the most part and only a small percentage from the tax cuts. Obama uses the term "tax cuts that were not paid for," but how about spending increases that were not paid for. Spending went up over 20% of GDP in 2006, and is now at 25% of GDP.  Heritage says "the tax cuts played a significant  role in the economy performing better than expected and recovering much of the lost revenue." Tax cuts always increase economic activity, while government spending sucks money out of the private sector. Which would you prefer.....A growing and vibrant private sector, or an ever increasing federal bureaucracy that smothers innovation and incentive?

Last, but not least Obama says, "80% of the American people support an approach that includes revenues..i.e. taxes, and includes cuts."  For the life of me, I can't find that poll. He may be talking about a Gallop poll that asks the question: Congress can reduce the federal deficit by cutting spending, raising taxes, or a combination of the two. How would you prefer to see congress attempt to reduce the federal budget deficit..

Only with spending cuts...........................................20%
Mostly with spending cuts........................................30%
Equally with spending cuts and tax increases..........32%
Mostly with tax increases...........................................7%
Only with tax increases..............................................4%

Only/Mostly with spending cuts.................................50%
Only/Mostly with tax increases..................................11%

How he gets 80% want a balanced approach is beyond me. The question also presents a false narrative, because tax increases will slow economic growth, and a slowing economy always means less revenues. Obama has mastered the art of misinformation, and taken it to a new level, not yet seen in American politics

Friday, July 1, 2011

Obama Is King In His Own Mind

  Obama's recent presser was an example why he is ill equipped and has profound moral deficiencies that should disqualify anyone to be president of the greatest country on earth. The demagoguery was without question hypocritical  at best. His lecturing about jet owners was especially disturbing when you consider it was his stimulus that enacted the private jet tax subsidy.  He flies himself or wife and kids around the globe on extravagant vacations to Spain, England, and Africa, all paid for with taxpayer dollars. If he's going to attack subsidies, why not attack them all, green energy included. It's obvious his class warfare attack on the rich was a well polled attempt to create a narrative that republicans are protecting the rich while he cares for average Americans. It was never intended to be a serious attempt to reduce deficits. It was also an attack on capitalism itself which rewards success with some extravagances. 

Of course a mind that feels free market principles are immoral, as he does, implies that rewarding them is also immoral.  Extravagance should be limited to those who have risen up the ranks of public panhandling, that special someone who deceived a majority of Americans that he should be hypocrite in chief.  He has always seen capitalism as this countries greatest evil, that should be reigned in and controlled by none other then himself. He doesn't understand basic economics, and why should he when he considers capitalism immoral. It's never been a point of education or investigation for him. Obama studying the workings of capitalism, is akin to the Amish studying computer science technology. It's not in his wheel house. That's why his entire administration is flush with academics that agree with his sense of economic justice.

Remember it was Obama who in April of 2009 flew in a pizza chef from St. Louis to the White House to make twenty pizzas for an informal pizza party for family, friends and staff. We also must not forget those Wednesday night White House parties with vodka martinis and 100 dollar a lb. imported Japanese steak. The likes of Stevey Wonder and Paul McCartney, to name a few, performed for Obama and his minions. These are very well spent taxpayer dollars. I remember the press going apoplectic when George W. Bush would vacation at his ranch in Crawford. Too much heat and bugs and Texas Accents. They love the Obama vacations in Hawaii, and Martha's Vineyard. It makes them feel worthy of their calling as this administrations lap dog. For they know the king's canines live better than most Americans

We all remember his lecturing of corporate America about private jet trips to Vegas, and then wondering why tourism was decimated in sin city. Of course his trips there on the public dole to fund raise for his majority leader, and his presidential run was acceptable because he is in a different league. He is royalty in his mind and rich capitalists are still the proletariat to him. He feels anyone that is willing to pay  twenty to thirty five thousand dollars a plate to attend a fundraiser where he appears must understand the god-like nature of his persona. Therefore his ascendancy to the highest office on earth entitles him, and him alone to set the rules. Doesn't matter that the rules he's setting and his ignorance of free market principles are sliding our entire economy to the brink. His Delusions of Grandeur mindset make it almost impossible to about face, reverse course, or accept blame. Now that his blame Bush narrative has grown old, we are all sentenced to another 16 months of hearing that the rich are responsible for our economics troubles.