Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Travelers Revolt

The new TSA full body scans and enhanced pat downs are bordering on police state tactics, and the new congress should address this issue the moment they convene in January. One question I have that hasn't been answered yet, is why all of a sudden has the administration taken this tack? They say that the scanners are just now becoming available nation wide, but if you opt out of the scan then you're subjected to the enhanced pat downs. Why haven't they been doing the enhanced pat downs before the scanners were available if the threat is so real? Could it be that the pat downs are being used to condition the traveler to accept the voyeuristic scanners? I think so, and some in the TSA have admitted as much. The Christmas day pantie bomber tried to explode his groin almost a year ago, but they seem to just now be getting serious with these new methods. We know the scan manufacturers and investors have a huge lobbying presence in Washington. Could all this be another corrupting aspect of the federal government? Is there intelligence that raises the threat for the holidays? Or is this pay back from the administration for the Shellacking they took in the midterms? Are they trying to send a message to the traveling public, or has political correctness run a muck to the point of state sponsored voyeurism and molestation.  

One thing is clear. I don't think the American people are going to allow this kind of personal embarrassment and humiliation from this administration. There will be a revolt. If you think the town hall meetings in the summer of 2009 were raucous, wait until the demonstrations begin in airports across the country. There will be chaos. America has learned through this last election cycle that they can fight back, and fight back they will. It's curious that some of the left leaning politicians and media types that went ballistic on George W. Bush for warrant less wire tapping and the Patriot Act seem fine with this. The hypocrisy is staggering. The unconstitutional elements of these procedure are much more evident. Are the Matt Lauers and others that have begun to accuse the GOP of stirring this up simply running cover for the messiah? The planned boycotts will cause delays and ultimately hurt the airline industry, but that may be what it takes to take back our traveling freedom. 

Consider for a moment the disconnect this administration has with the American people. They filed a lawsuit against the state of Arizona for their new illegal immigration law. The crux of the law was to insure that if somebody was stopped for another violation the law enforcement officer could, if there was suspicion, ask the person of their immigration status. This in the administration's eyes, would lead to racial profiling and therefore is unconstitutional. Now they are requiring American citizens to not only show picture ID, but also pictures of their genitals or be sexually groped without any suspicion of wrong doing if we want to travel to Grandma's house for the holidays. They continue to say this is for our own safety. But apparently, God knows who, flooding across our southern border is not a big security threat. Their insistence on avoiding any type of profiling for airport security is taking away our constitutional rights, and not making us safer, while their false accusation  that Arizona's new law will lead to racial profiling is giving constitutional protection to illegals and would be terrorists.

They say terrorist should be given Miranda rights and civilian trials, and shouldn't be subjected to enhanced interrogation techniques. But, American citizens are now subjected to genital imagery and  enhanced pat downs which seem to me a stark violation of the fourth amendment, which protects us from unreasonable searches and seizures and requires probable cause and warrants before such searches can take place. Whom do they fear. It appears they fear the American people and consider them their enemy more than they do terrorists and illegals. That to me, screams of a Marxist, police state mentality, which seeks to control the populous through intimidation and humiliation. There's only one problem with their plan. The American people will not allow the big boot of government on our necks. That's why we are America. That's why the rest of the world still envies us. And, that's why 2012 can come none too soon.
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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

TSA Terrorism

  It seems the Transportation Safety Administration with leadership from Janet Napolitano and Homeland security has decided to terrorize the traveling public to avoid terrorism. The horror stories from those getting groped and humiliated is rising exponentially. One 21 year old student from Amarillo Texas had her breast exposed to everyone in the area when her blouse was pulled down by a TSA employee, and then was humiliated more as TSA workers laughed and joke about the incident. Many define what is happening in airports nation wide as state sponsored sexual harassment, and many feel the loss of dignity and constitutional rights is not making us safer. Some are angry enough that lawsuits are springing up every where, as well they should be. It appears to me, that the governments attempt at airline security is bordering on the absurd. The procedures reflect a liberal mindset to search for the means of terrorism rather than the terrorist. The liberals answer to gun violence has always been to ban guns, rather then aggressively go after and prosecute criminal activity. 

The government seems content fighting the last war. As every Al Qaeda attempt goes down, homeland security institutes new guidelines for airport security. After 9/11 they secured the cockpits and eliminated box cutters from passengers' carry on. Fair enough. But after the shoe bomber incident, now all fliers must remove their shoes. Then after Christmas Day pantie bomber, they stepped up the full body scans and pat downs if  fliers refused the scans. What's next? If a terrorist is discovered transporting explosives in body cavities will fliers be required to strip and receive body cavity searches? Al Qaeda is not dumb, and their methods change constantly. The recent attempt to smuggle explosive into cargo from Yemen was an obvious dry run at a new technique. We seem content engaging the last technique, and are subjecting travelers to exponential humiliation and embarrassment.  When will the government drop the politically correct act and actually go after the real terrorists?

Some say if Homeland Security decides it's not necessary to frisk granny and five year old Billy, that's exactly whom Al Qaeda will use to deliver their next 9/11. Really? Is a gray haired granny who isn't Islamic ready to become a suicide bomber for the sake of Allah? Does a five year old really understand that his reward for blowing up an airliner is 72 virgins in paradise?  Is a twenty One year old white female college student likely to be carrying plastic explosives between her 34 C breasts? Let's get serious with fighting terrorism, and actually go after those presupposed to terrorism, and we all know who they are. The target group is young Muslim men and the exceptional young Muslim woman. But of course Napolitano has announced they may give Muslim women a waiver from full body scans and pat downs because of religious modesty considerations. How absurd is this? Many Muslim women have been used as suicide bombers in Iraq and Afghanistan in recent years, and Big Sis is considering giving them a pass, while they continue to grope granny and little Billy.

Is it going to take another 9/11 type disaster for the United States government to drop the PC method of terror control, and actually began to profile those that are a serious threat to our security? I believe the American people understand that almost every terrorist attack over the past decade has been perpetrated by Islamic extremist. The recent outrage at the firing of Juan Williams at PBS because he stated he has consternation when he sees Muslims boarding his aircraft in Muslim garb proves that. The people get it. White Christian grannies, five year old red headed boys, and smiling college cheerleaders are not a risk to the flying public. Terrorism is born from a perverted religious dogma, and a false sense of heavenly reward, in the hearts of disadvantaged and hopeless Muslim youths that see their actions as a cause greater then themselves. The American people are seeing their freedom eroded and their dignity lost because the United States government doesn't have the courage to call a spade a spade. If we give up all our constitutional rights and dignity to fight terrorism, the terrorists have already won.
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Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Great Awakening Back To Liberty

  The elections of 2010 showed all the world one thing and one thing only. America is not ready to succumb to socialism and is still a center right country. No matter what the pundits say and how the administration contorts the results of the elections as being a failure of message rather than policy, it's obvious that America is not ready to ride the rails of socialism and out of control government. America woke up to the possibility of becoming another European socialist democracy with a constant high unemployment rate and an entitlement mentality that fosters public riots when reasonable leaders demand austerity and fiscal sanity. We are America for one reason and one reason only. We believe in the individual and their freedom to dictate their own success or  failure. Government was never intended to choose winners and losers, and divine providence was meant for every individual  to determine his or her fate rather than a bureaucratic pronunciation of right and wrong. Barack Obama rode the rails of discontent to the heights of the most powerful man on earth. But, 22 months in, and he is nothing more than one half of a one term president in the words of Larry Sabato. His lame duck presidency started on November 2nd and will continue through the next two years. He will be thwarted from every major agenda item he craves.

Now we will see if a rejuvenated republican party with grass roots Tea Party winners can buck the Washington hypnotics and restore this republic to what the founders intended of limited government and individual freedom. As impressive as the 2010 elections were for the conservative cause, it may be that this will take a two election correction. Even though the GOP had historic gains in the house, the senate is still questionable, and of course Mr. Obama in the executive seems destined to veto true reform and is hell bent on an agenda of larger and more intrusive government. The slide to socialism has been stopped abruptly, but the move back to the founders intend may be delayed until 2012. Gridlock may be the best we can hope for in the coming two years. It is a much more palatable meal than being force fed, while gagging, government raised fatty pork against our will . Intent will be the rule rather than the exception until 2012. If the GOP house brings up votes to repeal Obama care, and actually passes spending cuts that Mr. Obama vetoes, the stage will be set for a massive restructuring of government in the next presidential election.

One democrat victory may be a blessing in disguise. Harry Reid's victory over Sharron Angle, as unseemly as it may be, along with Nancy Pelosi's decision to fight for her leadership position will keep the three stooges, Obama, Pelosi, and Reid in the public consciousness for the next two years. What better poster children could the conservative movement hope for? They are the continued face of government growth and intrusion into every aspect of life, and should be exploited in every way possible for a complete repudiation in 2012. On the other hand the GOP should elevate some of the Tea Party victors, and demote many of the go along to get along establishment types. It's evident many of them will face well deserved primary challenges over the next two years. If the GOP leadership signals a willingness to compromise with Obama and the dems it will be their undoing, and will usher in the possibility of a viable third party with many victorious Tea Party law makers bolting. Only time will tell if the GOP bigwigs learned their lessons well over the past several years.

The next and more important question is, who will emerge as the standard bearer and presidential candidate to challenge the messiah for the reins of power. The primary process will be brutal but important to differentiate the true conservatives from the fake. They will be stepping all over themselves to signal their willingness to take a meat clever to the federal government and repeal most everything enacted in the last congress. Let's not be fooled by sudden epiphanies to fiscal discipline. Their records should be thoroughly scrutinized, and I'm sure the main stream media will oblige. The contrast to their kid glove treatment of Obama will be a series of well lubricated latex glove exams of anyone attempting to de-throne Obama, if you get my euphemism. Tea Party America will probably not go along with an establishment republican as the nominee. They want real change, and therefore the possibility of the mantle falling on a long time loyal republican will be nil, unless that candidate has been a constant and unabashed small government conservative.

Keep your eyes peeled for a Jim Demint or Sarah Palin type of candidate to emerge without it being Jim Demint or Sarah Palin. Although we shouldn't rule them out, because both are formidable and Tea Party favorites. Whoever the candidate is, they will need the endorsement of these two. Chris Christie has signaled he won't run, and I believe Tim Pawlenty and Mitt Romney are probably too establishment to get the blessing of grass roots Tea Party types. Haley Barbour may be under that same curse as well as Mitch Daniels. John Thune is an attractive conservative and Mike Huckabee is well liked but probably doesn't have the conservative cred to make it to the nomination. My ideal candidate is Marco Rubio, but I'm under no illusion that he would consider a run having just been elected to his first term in the senate. He more than anyone exemplifies American exceptionalism and what this country is all about, and would siphon many Hispanics from the democrat party. Then there's Mike Pence, a constant conservative, but seems to have a tendency to equivocate on occasion especially when speaking to the main stream media. 

The next two years will be full of ups and downs, and who knows if maybe an unknown may emerge. If Afghanistan is stabilized within the next year you may see a war hero like David Patraeus throw in. That's doubtful, but maybe that's what America needs right now. It's anyone's guess at this point, but we know whoever emerges must have the conservative credentials and moxie to defend liberty and push back government. Is there another Ronald Reagan waiting in the wings? We the People will allow nothing less, and we can thank Barack Obama for the great awakening back to liberty.
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Monday, November 1, 2010

The Day The Earth Stood Still

I remember as a kid the sci-fi movie, The Day The Earth Stood Still. There was a recent remake which didn't live up to the original as is usually the case. It was about a spaceman with a menacing robot, who comes down to earth to warn earthlings that unless they change their ways their planet will be reduced to a burning cinder. After being shot and captured by the military, he escapes and lives with a normal family trying to find a way to get his message out. The only way he can get the attention of the leaders of planet earth is to somehow stop time, and all mechanical devices to garner their attention. For the last twenty one months, the American people have done everything they can to get the attention of Barack Obama, the democrats that control congress and many in the republican party. The first attempt was voicing their displeasure for the bailouts and stimulus, along with the house passing cap and trade. Then there was the summer of 2009 town hall meetings, when angry Americans confronted seemingly deaf democrat congressional leaders about their opposition to Obama Care. The next attempt was putting conservatives in the governorships of Virginia, and bright blue New Jersey. In January even bluer Massachusetts elected a republican, Scott Brown, who promised to be the 41st vote against Obama Care, to the senate seat held by Ted Kennedy.  Nothing seemed to deter the arrogance of Washington as Obama Care was eventually brought across the goal line using trickery and deception.

Now we come up to election day 2010. The town hall attendees and Tea Party Patriots, the grass roots Americans that have been called racists, extremists,  Nazis and uneducated dolts are about ready to recreate The Day The Earth Stood Still. They are about to shock the political establishment to such an extent that even the most ardent left leaning ideologue will have to pay attention. Many left leaning pundits going into election day have tried to define this huge shift as a vote against the economy, and dissatisfaction with their own circumstances. President Obama has said that when people are scared they do irrational things. This is all condescension and political spin. They will all know exactly what it is all about on the morning of November 3rd. Many say that Obama will not move right, he is just too ideological. If that is true, he will still have to know that the American people have so rejected his agenda that if he doesn't move he'll have multiple challenges for the 2012 nomination and his defeat will be sealed.

The republican establishment will have to stand still and contemplate their future also. There will be dozens of new Tea Party lawmakers flooding the halls of congress, and how they welcome them will determine their fate in 2012. Will they try to marginalize them, or welcome their input. Will Sharron Angle, Rand Paul, and Marco Rubio be given a place at the table or will they be snubbed? If they are snubbed the republican establishment will be reduced to a burning cinder. This event will change the political landscape for a generation. Politicians will have to listen. Many will retire. Nancy Pelosi will be the first. Is anyone shedding a tear? As has been the case during the past few months, democrats who've overloaded the credit card are now preaching fiscal discipline and austerity and will continue that trend if they are lucky enough to survive the tsunami. Cap and Trade will be dead. Obama Care will look like an illegal immigrant bursting through the emergency room doors for resuscitation and intravenous feeding. Speaking of illegals immigrants, many will determine that a trek across a more secure border may not be worth the risk, and those already here may return home knowing amnesty is not probable.

The irony of this event is that Barack Obama who many anointed as the savior of America or at least a resurgent democrat party has reduced them and the progressive movement to a burning cinder. He took his anointing too literally and proclaimed "My Way Or The Highway," and now he and his agenda are headed down that, yet to be refurbished with stimulus money, lonely highway. I like what I heard Sarah Palin say recently, "There is nothing wrong with America that a good election can't fix." Now let's all watch with joy how the politicos react the day after the earth stood still!
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