Sunday, August 14, 2011

Media Malpractice

  Today for the first time in his presidency, Barack Obama's approval rating sunk below 40% in the Gallop daily tracking poll. This constitutes an enormous development with the 2012 election less than 15 months away. Of course Drudge picked up on it, but he seems to be the only one out there pointing it out. Maybe because it's Sunday, and all the buzz is about the Iowa straw poll and Rick Perry getting into the race, they decided to fire at the opposition. Also on Friday the appeals court for the 11th circuit, based in Atlanta, ruled Obama Care's individual mandate was unconstitutional. There was not any discussion of this development on the Sunday shows. It seems the mainstream media is trying to down play both of these developments and run interference for Obama by doing everything they can to de-legitimize the republican field of candidates. 

Michele Bachmann once again was taking it on the chin on all the Sunday shows as most of the moderators, especially David Gregory, were trying to characterize her as out of the mainstream and unelectable. Their complete indifference to the American peoples revolt against the messiah and the appeals courts smack down of Obama care weren't even mentioned. Could it be that Obama care and the messiah's policies are out of the mainstream? Of course they are not out of the mainstream for the mainstream, or to borrow a phrase from Sarah Palin, Lame stream media. How can a sitting president who has just fallen below 40% approval be considered re-electable? They are continuing to do everything they can to bail out the sinking ship, while most Americans are considering it sunk. They are doing the messiah's work by ignoring his record, while giving intrusive anal exams to the republican field. This will get nasty and the media has staked their reputation on the outcome.

Thank God the American people have discovered they can get information from alternative sources. The only question that remains, will the mainstream media decide to go down with their sinking ship or will they run like rats from the Titanic. They are spineless and I predict they will eventually run when they realize the messiah is indeed  a one term president, and could go down in history as the architect of Americas decline. They'll keep fighting or should I say gouging eyes and pulling hair for him now. Everybody knows it. They are ideologues that have not a fair or journalistic bone in their body. Our hope is that when the messiah eventually succumbs to the will of the American people, the media will reconsider their partisanship. I'm not holding my breath. Maybe they will make themselves so irrelevant it won't even matter.

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