Thursday, February 17, 2011

Is Obama A Christian?

The speculation continues to surround Barack Obama's religious conviction. He of course says he's a Christian, and usually that would be enough to put the issue to rest. One republican congress person after another say they take him at his word. It is somewhat presumptuous to accuse someone of lying about their religious affiliation simply because profession of faith is a very personal thing. That however doesn't seem to dispel the controversy surrounding his faith. Many still believe he's a Muslim, and MSNBC keeps pointing out that in a recent poll of Iowa republican caucus voters, 51% believe that Obama is a Muslim. A blatant attempt to brand republican voters as ignorant and un-informed. Bill Maher in a recent taping of his HBO show said Obama is not a Christian but is a secular humanist like his mother. Maher who has been a consistent critic of Christianity and religious belief in general, but a loyal supporter of Obama, contends that Obama's confession of Christian faith is simply political posturing  to endear himself to the large majority of American Christians.  Does Maher think Obama's religious contentions are false because no one of his intellect could ever believe such fantasy,  or because he's so smart he must associate himself with the dolts that are a large majority of the voting public? That seems to be the contention of most atheistic elites.

There is very little I agree with Bill Maher about, but I have to confess, he may be right about this one.  Not that a majority of Americans who believe in God are dolts, but that Obama is feigning his Christianity for political gain. It's fundamentally fool hearty to judge ones religious believe, but, as Jesus said, you will know them by their fruits. And, if Barack Obama is a Christian he certainly doesn't live or promote Christian values. His agenda is absolutely 180 degrees anti- Christian. His support of abortion rights is not only anti-Christian but is extreme even for the left. While in the Illinois state senate he opposed the, "born alive infant protection act,"  three times. This law would define an infant who survived a late-term, induced-labor abortion as a human being with the right to live. In other words if an unwanted infant was born, Barack Obama wanted that child to be left until he or she dies because the intent of the parents was paramount over the life of the child. In 1997 Obama voted against SB 230, in the Illinois state senate, a bill to prevent partial birth abortions. He was given a 100% voting record by NARAL, "the National Abortion Rights Action League," during his time in the United States senate.

He did attend Reverend Jeremiah Wrights church while in Chicago for 20 years. But the question that needs to be answered, "is Reverend Wrights church a fundamental Christian church, or is the church based on black liberation theology?"  Most agree it is the later, and the tapes that have surfaced from the good reverend's teachings seem to confirm that. Liberation theology is a form of Christian theology that emphasizes social and political liberation as opposed to spiritual liberation. Many believe Obama attended, to give himself street cred, and boost his political ambitions among the poor black community of Chicago. We all remember how quickly he was willing to throw Reverend Wright under the bus when he became a political liability. He recently attended the national prayer breakfast, but this was his first as president. Was it sincere, or as Maher contends a political calculation leading up to 2012?

Many contend that Obama was raised as a Muslim. His Muslim father gave him the middle name Hussein. When his parents divorced his mother married an Indonesian student, and that seems to be the biggest Muslim influence in Obama's early life. While living in Indonesia Obama spent at least four years in a Madrassa, or Muslim seminary. Indonesia is a blatant Muslim country and according to US intelligence, the nation is composed of primarily Muslim schools that teach legalistic Islam--- Wahhabbi. This particular sect of Islam is particularly harsh and Koran-abiding. Wahhabbis believe that non-Muslims have no rights, should not exist, and Muslims should particularly hate Jews. Of course Obama himself had no choice in where he lived and how he was raised, so we can't conclude that he endeared himself to his early religious influence. 

He has however reached out consistently to the Muslim community, which in itself is not an indication of his religious beliefs, and could be a simple political calculation to de-fang Islamic extremism, an obvious shift from his predecessor. His outreach to fundamental Christianity is however much more abrasive. Remember his slip of the tongue, during the campaign, when speaking at a fundraiser in San Fransisco, about those who cling to their guns and religion. He was referring to fundamentalist Christians in Pennsylvania. He seems less concerned, until recently, about offending Christians than he is about offending Muslims.

In Turkey in 2009, Obama said, "we {America} do not consider ourselves a Christian nation," and, "whatever we are, we are no longer a Christian nation," and, "the sermon on the mount is a passage that is so radical that our defense department wouldn't survive it's application." These statements seem a bit inconsistent to someone who considers himself a Christian. His liberation theology teachings from reverend Wright seem to be consistent with his political agenda, that emphasizes social justice and salvation of the collective rather than the very Christian emphasis on the individual and his or her personal salvation. His community organizing past also confirms this. He has stated that, "my individual salvation is not going to come about without a collective salvation for the country." This is classic liberation theology, and is contrary to biblical teachings of personal salvation. It griefs me to ask this searing question. Could it be possible that Bill Maher is right? Only God himself knows for sure.
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