Saturday, May 14, 2011

Will Fear Decide The 2012 Election?

  It's becoming increasingly clear how Obama intends to attack the 2012 campaign. His intentions are not honorable or befitting a sitting president. Of course he will attempt to distract the public from his huge deficits, 9% unemployment, $4.00 a gallon gasoline, and diminishing home values. The U.S. debt has grown roughly 3.7 trillion dollars in his less then three and a half years as spender in chief. The unemployment rate, which he promised wouldn't reach 8% if the stimulus was passed, is back at 9% and that stimulus bill added a trillion to the debt if you consider interest on the original 787 billion. His health care bill continues to be unpopular to the point that the latest Rasmussen poll shows 57% favor repeal while 36% do not. The media is in full "watch his back mode," as they continue to spread a narrative of a "tough on terrorist, tall dark and handsome Hollywood heart throb, that has saved our economy from depression, and is a winning the future president." As Sarah Palin once said, " Winning The Future is nothing more than a big WTF." The future looks more like generations in serfdom, saddled with higher taxes and diminished standard of living as the bill comes due for the messiah's lavish shopping spree.

He recently attempted to demagogue immigration reform on a visit to Texas, accusing republicans of wanting an alligator infested mote across our southern border. He knows immigration reform cannot pass now, but is attempting to shore up his Latino base which has shrunk recently. He will stop at no euphemism  to paint his opponents as racists who use border enforcement to keep brown down. Maybe he should borrow UPS's motto, and just come out and say, "what can brown do for you if only we granted them amnesty." The problem is, he has alienated many conservative Latinos because of his recent decision to not defend the "Defense Of Marriage Act."

He invited Paul Ryan to a front row seat while accusing  his recent budget of leaving autistic and Down syndrome children to fend for themselves, and hastening grandma and grandpa's death by attempting to save medicare. It's obvious where all this is going. Shouts of racism, scaring the elderly and handicapped, and painting republicans of diabolical intentions with the phrase "draconian cuts." All this is an attempt to distract from a far less then stellar economic plan that has increased government and shrunk the private sector. In his Saturday radio address he tried to walk back a bit his energy policy by giving overtures of more drilling and exploration, while also demonizing the oil companies for record profits. He understands that the American peoples disgust with gas prices is a huge negative for him, so he hopes lip service will help while not alienating his environmental left. This is evidence that his reelection is foremost on his mind, because he has always touted high energy cost as a necessary element to bring about his goal of restricting Americans mobility and increasing their dependence on mass transit and ultimately government.

Will the republicans take the bait and walk back their attempts to cut Washington's power by sticking to their promises of entitlement reform and budget cutting? Nobody knows for sure. They could easily take back the senate and the presidency by simply putting forth the numbers, and show the public where all that leads. The reality is stark, and somebody has to sound the alarm, that the present trajectory is unsustainable. It sadly appears that the 2012 elections will be won by the party that can scare the American people the most. It is also ironic the the republican party will be arguing for the sake of the collective, and the country as a whole. The democrats will try to scare certain voting blocks. There is another alternative out there somewhere. Can a candidate come forth with a pro growth, positive agenda that inspires us in American exceptionalism rather than scaring the living daylights out of us. As of yet, that candidate has not emerged. Is there another Ronald Reagan in the wings?