Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Divider In Chief

It's evident the Obama administration has their strategy for the 2010 midterms. They are desperate to try and stem the tsunami that may be washing the democrats out of the majority in the house and possibly the senate. The Tactic is as old as time itself. The Race Card.... Since Lindsey Graham has split the scene on cap and trade the president is cajoling his party to attack immigration, or should I say amnesty, while whipping up a frenzy of racial animus against supporters of the new Arizona immigration law. This is coming from the administration that has passively tried to label the Tea Party as racists, and has used surrogates to imply opposition to the Obama agenda is latent racism. Obama himself played the race card this last summer during the Cambridge episode in which a Harvard law professor was arrested by a white officer while investigating a possible robbery at the professors house. The president fell back into his default position that race played a part. He was re soundly rebuked by the American people which lead to the infamous Beer summit.

He recently taped a campaign style message for the DNC  by pleading for democrats to stir up young people, African Americans, Latinos and women to stand together once again. His appeal was conspicuously absent an appeal to Americans in general and white males in particular. Why weren't Asian Americans mentioned, or native Americans? He also left out Americans of middle Eastern and Jewish descent, and we could go down the list of every ethnic group that resides in America. He mentioned these groups because he understands the politics of race, and he is attempting to use it to his advantage. He thinks he can capitalize on the new Arizona law by labeling it as a racial profiling law. His rhetoric is inflammatory and irresponsible. He mentioned, "if you don't have your papers and you go out to eat ice cream you're going to be harassed." His obvious attempt to whip the Hispanic community into huge demonstrations and backlash against a reasonable bill, passed because of intolerable condition in that border state due to federal inaction, was learned early on in his community organizing days. He understands you must move the masses to action, and misinformation is the best prod to start the ball rolling. He wants the justice department to investigate any civil liberties violations in the law.

He is pitting one group against another group while ignoring his constitutional responsibility to secure our borders. Law biding citizens have every right to stand up against illegal activity that effects them daily, and states should have the right to enforce the immigration laws especially if the federal government is ignoring them. If the debate is centered around legals rights as opposed to illegal activity, he loses. So, he has tried to degenerate that debate into a racial component, and divide by race. His immigration stand is an attempt to bring amnesty to millions of illegals residing in America  simply to insure their loyalty for future elections. He understands the improbability of an amnesty bill being passed before the midterms, but his incentive is to endear himself to the Latino community as much as possible, and also peel away uninformed Americans that can be persuaded the republicans are sympathetic to the Arizona bill and therefore harbor racial animus. Many republicans are already split on the bill and he sees this as an opportunity to divide them even further.

The problem with this strategy is that it will blow up in his face. Almost 70% of Arizona voters support the new law. Jan Brewers approval numbers have gone up 16 points since she signed the law. The protests are degenerating into vandalism of public property and violence that this administration and the media falsely tried to accuse the tea party movement of fomenting. How hypocritical of them slandering the Tea Party movement while they not so subtly encourage actual violent protests. Some Texas lawmakers are now signaling that a similar law may be taken up there. Harry Reid and other congressional democrats have signaled they will not take up immigration before the midterms because they understand the political price they will pay and are not so disposed to fall on the sword for Obama again after the health care bill has not moved the numbers in their favor, but rather has worked against them. They all remember the rebuke that America gave George Bush and John McCain and many other congressional leaders when an amnesty bill was attempted several years ago.

The central question is, what ever happened to that oh so lofty campaign rhetoric of 2008? "No more blue state and no more red state." What happened to the promise of a post racial and post partisan presidency? When is the healing supposed to begin? Instead this president has been on a steady and determined quest to divide by race and conquer by partisanship. He never really intended to work with republicans. His insistence the stimulus bill should be written by those that won the election proves that. His  little health care summit was nothing more then an attempt to appear bipartisan before ramming a bill through with parliamentary maneuvers. His condescension to those that oppose him, and his obvious war on prosperity and the free markets are all attempts to divide by every conceivable category. Class warfare, racial divides, ethnic and religious, as well as cultural divisions. His administration represents the educational elites that would govern by theory rather than private sector experience and common sense. No other president in our history has come into office with as much good will and hope from the American people, and no other president has been as divisive on every level.

Go ahead Mr. President and continue down this path. I have faith the American people will see it for what it is. They are engaged and not as easily fooled as once before. We understand our laws must be enforced for a society to remain free and safe. The fact that our president has to be lectured by state governments to fulfill the oath he took, speaks volumes about his character and allegiance to the constitution he is supposed to uphold and defend.  I hope you can once again brow beat your democrat cronies in congress to push an amnesty bill before the midterms. Go ahead, make our day! The dems have loved falsely pronouncing that Guantanamo Bay has been a recruiting boom for Al Qaeda. Well Mr. president if you push an amnesty bill while America is still trying to crawl it's way out of a recession and we have a 10% unemployment rate, the recruitment of anti democrat voters this November will make that tsunami incomparable in intensity. I'll repeat an exhortation you gave to republicans not too long ago....Go for it!
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Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Regrettable Love Affair

We have all had that instance when a new and exciting attraction grabs our attention. That special man or woman that suddenly seems to give new meaning to our life. He, or she, was unknown only days earlier, and immediately the hook is set. We are in love, or we think we are. They seem so together and accomplished. They are truthful, and transparent, or at least we want to believe. There's an excitement that always comes with new attraction, and hopefulness that comes with love at first sight. The promises made becomes the  reality expected. Such was the dynamic that flung Barack Obama onto the scene. He was the dream candidate. Young, attractive, mysterious, exotic, and oh that golden tongue. A tongue that caused women to faint, and sent tingles up tired legs. The old and boring faded in the twinkling of an eye, and the future was here, and all would be well. Hope and change, ahh, hope and change. What romantic doesn't want hope and change.

The problem with these fleeting attractions, is that the downside comes faster than the original crush. Like the whirlwind romance that seems too good to be true, the stark reality eventually comes, and it was too good to be true. In fairness to the new love, is anyone capable of living up to the hype? Their charisma claims the souls of the needy, and none can deliver the anticipated goods. We defend them at first, refusing to believe the bitter ramblings of those wanting to bring them down. You don't know him like I know him we rebuff. But then it happens. We detect a chink in the armor of our gladiator that was willing to enter the arena and fight our battles. Or were they empty promises and his romantic way was meant simple to game us. We catch him in first a small lie, and then a whopper. We begin to wonder to ourselves at first, did I make the right decision. Should I have waited longer and tested this thing, this feeling. Suddenly a sick feeling takes over. The warnings of those close to us to take it slow were completely ignored. Now we feel regret. We know they were right.

We've committed ourselves to someone we really didn't know. The lies come quicker now and we are heartsick. We don't blame him, we blame ourselves for falling for the con. There is still a slight feeling there. It's either the hope that it could all work out, or the denial that we were wrong. We still want to believe, but of course we know deep down inside the real truth.... We were conned. We took the bait. The golden tongue was that of the tempter, the one looking out for himself. The one that needed us to succeed in his master scheme. We began to realize what he was really after. His promises of love and caring were mere attempts to control our lives, make us dependent and turn us into submissives. Just as fast as the original attraction beguiled us, so now we want to hasten the charmers departure. We become sickened at his sight. How can such immediate appeal turn ugly so fast? Simple.....we see our freedom taken and our respect demeaned. We want our life back. We want our prosperity back. We want to feel independent and in control again. Such was the short and regrettable American love affair with Barack Obama.

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Obama vs. America

The Narrative of our political life has changed, and most agree it's not for the better. Many of the reports and statements coming out of the Obama administration are having a chilling effect on those Americans that have always seen America as a city set on a hill, a beacon for the entire world and the one great military superpower. American exceptionalism has always brought the oppressed here for freedom and those looking for unlimited opportunity to our shores. Now that Narrative is being struck down by none other than this president and his administration. He is cutting off NASA's Constellation program in his new budget that would eventually send another American back to the moon.  Those of us who grew up in the sixties remember well the pride we all felt when Neil Armstrong uttered those inspiring words as he took the first human step on the surface of the moon, "one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." Without a manned spacecraft for this country we'll have to rely on a Russian taxi ride to the international space station and relinquish our lead in the space program forever.

Most Americans were offended earlier this week when Obama said, "whether we like it or not, we remain a dominant military superpower." Well Mr. president, most Americans do like it and have pride in our military that has done more good for the world than any other force. We've freed the oppressed, stopped tyrants and dictators, and spread freedom worldwide. He has already scrapped our commitment to put missile defense systems in Poland and the Czech Republic. He has stopped production of the F-22, the most advanced fighter jet we've ever produced, and is ending the modernization of our nuclear arsenal that would continue to be the most powerful deterrent of aggression there is. He has also taken the use of nukes off the table in response to a biological or chemical attack. His administration has from the beginning played word games with the terms terrorists and Islamic extremism, in the hope of not offending Muslim countries. What a contrast to the Ronald Reagan philosophy, when he called the Soviet Union, "the evil empire," and defined conflicts by announcing, "we win."

The president was once asked a question about American exceptionalism. His response was, "I believe in American exceptionalism just as I suspect the Brits would believe in British exceptionalism and the Greeks believe in Greek exceptionalism." To put it in clearer terms he doesn't believe in American exceptionalism. His confusion with national pride and exceptionalism is instructive. America is exceptional because it leads the world in Freedom, opportunity, military might, wealth creation, standard of living, food production, and of course charity to the rest of the world, etc, and etc. Almost every American seems to know this, but our president is a little fuzzy on the subject. His constant apology tour is an indication that national pride also isn't his forte. And if he wants to compare our country to Greece that is instructive considering the fact Greece is on the verge of complete insolvency.

The troubling rhetoric is not confined to the president. Recently the science czar John Holdren, when talking to a group of science students said the following, "We can't expect to be number one in everything indefinitely." It's obvious the science czar was chosen because he holds many of the same sentiments as our illustrious president. Timothy Geitner said recently the unemployment rate will remain unacceptably high for a long time, which is an unintended admission that their voluminous deficit spending and the now infamous stimulus bill are both unmitigated failures. The hint by Paul Volcker that a European style VAT, "values added tax," may be needed to solve our fiscal crisis is also very telling. It's seems our president's comparison to our exceptionalism to the European's was more than just an analogy. The very attributes that make America exceptional seem to be systematically undermined.

A recent NYT/CBS poll says that 52% of Americans say Obama is moving America toward socialism. In the same poll 92% of the Tea Party Movement believe the same. No wonder April 15th was a day of protests around the country that according to Obama, amused him as his condescension for the movement reveals he considers them the proletariat. He believes they should be thanking him for cutting taxes for 95% of taxpayers, a  crumb throwing act from a sovereign to claim providence for the less fortunate underclass. But, was it true? The Republicans in the House Ways and Means committee issued a summary of the 25 tax increases Obama has signed into law. They total 670 billion over ten years and 14 of them break Obama's pledge not to raise taxes on anyone making less than 200 thousand a year. A recent Rasmussen poll shows 66% believe we are taxed too much. It is evident that this president is pushing us to a Western European style socialism that will fundamentally change our country. You won't hear any democrat announce their intention of a Values added tax until after the November elections and Obama's debt commission issues their report. A convenient way to give the administration and democrats cover.

The fundamental question is, Is this president presiding over the decline of American or is he actually bringing it about through deficit spending, government take overs, and high taxation? Most in America believe the latter. That is why the Tea Party movement is growing, and Americans in general believe we are headed in the wrong direction. The fate of Greece will become our fate if the trend is not reversed. The very attributes that have made America the exception, not the rule, are being eroded. Rugged individualism, self reliance, a higher standard of living and an opportunity society are slipping through our fingers faster than a Greeced Pig, if you catch my drift.
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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Who Is The Greatest Danger?

Steny Hoyer is having an epiphany of late because a Minnesota radio talk show host called democrat lawmakers, lying, thieving, communists, at a rally for Michele Bachmann where Sarah Palin was a speaker. Suddenly name calling has become dangerous and not acceptable to the second in command in the house of representatives. This is an obvious short term memory problem for Mr. Hoyer. We all remember even though the congressman doesn't, the non-stop verbal attacks on president Bush, not just by talk show hosts but members of congress. Harry Reid called Bush a liar. An innumerable number of lawmakers said he deceived us to lead us into war, even though many of those same lawmakers gave speeches denouncing Saddam Hussein and his weapons of mass destruction before voting yes on the resolution leading up to the Iraq war.

How convenient it is to now suddenly condemn a fired up radio show host for letting his emotions out on the democrat congress. Where was he during the Bush years. I hope Obama Care that Mr. Hoyer just helped ram through has a provision to treat short term memory loss. But, the central question is, are outbursts that accuse presidents or lawmakers by radio talk show hosts a threat to our democracy, or are they an inevitable by product of a first amendment that allows all speech even if it's offensive or possibly untruthful? We had president Obama excoriate Limbaugh and Beck after Harry Smith offered up a loaded softball about the talk radio circuit and their supposed vitriol toward him. 

What's even more confusing is that in the same article talking about Hoyer's sudden epiphany, he blasts Michele Bachmann as a denier, when she questioned the accusations of racial slurs supposedly thrown out at black congressmen leading up to the Obama Care vote. So let me get this straight. It's OK to accuse Tea Party activists as racists even though there's no recorded evidence of such, and he can now accuse those that question that label as deniers. Then he asserts a radio talk show hosts shouldn't call the democrat congress lying, thieving, communist, even though the overwhelming evidence is they've lied, stole from the American people, and are redistributing wealth at a record pace. The logic of Mr. Hoyer position is somewhat incoherent. Once again I hope there's a mental illness provision in Obama Care that will treat Mr. Hoyers illogical assumptions.

The central question still remains, who is more dangerous to our republic? A radio talk show hosts that spouts off at a political rally, or a congress that is spending us into oblivion, destroying the once greatest economy on the face of the earth, is forcing laws down our throats that we don't want, and systematically eroding our freedoms as well as lowering everyone's standard of living? The answer is somewhat obvious Mr. Hoyer. I've heard Rush say over and over again he has no power to pass a law that will effect any American. He can't raise our taxes, or pass a law that compels me to buy health insurance. He can't enact policies that hurt our economy and cause it to bleed jobs. He can however shine the light of truth on your duplicity and arrogance. He can openly debate your policies and agenda. He can, like huge numbers of Americans, protest what you and this president have done to our economy.  He can point out your insatiable lust for power, that does effect every one of us. As far as I know these are still constitutionally protected rights.

One freedom will still have as Americans is the choice to listen to a Limbaugh or a Beck, at least for now even though you're trying to erode that. We also have the freedom to turn them off, and not listen.  We do not have the freedom to escape the laws you pass...the taxes you enact....the restrictions you place on our freedom....and the debt you create. All Americans are subject to your whims, unless of course you exclude them like you do your favorite contributors, and your fellow congress men and women. Your contention that talk show hosts are a danger to our democracy is laughable at best, but it's a contention that, in itself, is extremely dangerous. When lawmakers begin to demonize and vilify the free expression of opposition to government action, sirens should be sounding all across this country. Americans are waking up to the real dangers that are affecting the lives of real Americans, and Mr. Hoyer, and Mr. president, it is not radio talk show hosts!
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Saturday, April 10, 2010

No Democrat Bump From Obama Care

It's been several weeks since President Obama and the congressional leadership cajoled, bribed, bartered, and intimidated the house democrats into passing the much aligned and retooled senate health care bill. The political calculation was that the midterms would be even worse for the party in power if nothing was passed. So, they rammed it through with Nancy Pelosi's infamous statement, we have to pass the bill so you can know what is in it. They rejected the will of the governed. They over sold it as a long term deficit reduction plan, with the only problem being that nobody was buying it. Trust for this administration and the leadership in congress is teetering on the absurd, with most Americans angry and looking for a midterm massacre to send this profound and lasting message to elitist liberal leaders, "Don't Tread On Me." Their political gamble is turning ugly for the dumbocrat party. Their calculation that once passed, Obama care would increase in popularity as Americans began to see the benefits of the bill. On the contrary the numbers have barely moved in the Fox poll, and gone down in others.

The latest Fox News opinion dynamics poll shows Obama care is opposed  54% to 39%, Obama's job approval ratings have fallen to an all time low in this poll of 43% approve...48% disapprove. In mid March just before Obama Care became law his approval was 46%...disapprove 48%. As Haley Barbour said, "the longest wet kiss any president has ever been given by the media," since Obama Care was passed has only moved the numbers slightly. But, Obama himself has fallen in this poll. Before the passage of the bill the numbers were 55 opposed to 35% in favor of Obama Care.

The bump individual democrats thought they would get from the passage of Obama care is even less evident. If you go to the Real Clear Politics average of individual as well as generic polling for the midterm elections the trend is not good for the Obama Care crusaders. We see one of the first casualties in Bart Stupak, who was a major player in the finals hours of Obama Care. The Tea Party has dumped 1/4 million dollars into his Michigan district castigating him for his duplicity in the Health Care passage, and sell out to pro-life Americans. He can talk until he's blue in the face, and give multiple excuses for his decision to bow out of the midterms, but the truth is he knew he didn't stand a snowballs chance in hell of reelection. More will come to that realization as now the Tea Party and conservatives in general can focus their attention on other vulnerable dems who said yes to the Messiah, Princess Pelosi, and Prince Harry.

Businesses such as AT&T and Caterpillar are announcing huge write downs that Obama Care will cause, which mean job losses and contraction of many businesses. More states are joining the parade to file suit against the federal government over provisions of the law. For all of Obama's non-stop selling before and after passage, the skeptical public remains so. Those uninformed, and happy to now think they immediately have free health care are calling local providers looking for appointments and free medical attention. Another unintended consequence of their over selling a flawed bill. The democrats calculation that they could hook the public on the positives of the law before the negative aspects began rolling out is backfiring on them. Henry Waxman's vilification, of these businesses that are announcing write downs is his way of stemming the tide of more to come. Calling these businesses before his committee is nothing more then an intimidation tactic to stop others from publicizing the negative effect of Obama Care. 

Many people wonder why the democrat party would go ahead and walk off the proverbial cliff for an unpopular and badly flawed bill. Someone put it this way. They are like a gang of thieves that wanted to rob the local bank. They were inside, guns drawn and suddenly they were surrounded by sirens and police cars, symbolic of, "the American people saying stop." After Virginia, New Jersey, and of course Massachusetts, you'd think they'd raise their hands in surrender and come back and start from scratch. But, their calculation was, we're already in trouble for attempted robbery, we might as well go down with guns blazing, and if we can succeed we'll give away enough of the booty before the depositors realize their money is gone, and the bank is broke. Sorry democrat party, but you were caught, and the American electorate is now your judge and jury. Your sentenced will be as follows,  "A new occupation of your choice." Just ask Bart Stupak. One other thing... That same judge, "Once again the American People," Will not allow you an administration job of any kind, also known as payment for your yes voice.
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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Tea Party And Blacks....Part 2

The Mainstream media and the democrat party continues their non-stop vilification of the Tea Party as Racists. {watch video.} It's an obvious campaign to marginalize and demonize a movement that has the answers for the plight of black America as it's core issues. Black America has for decades been the property of the democrat party. The party has fostered a continual entitlement mentality that has captured much of black America in an endless cycle of dependency and family breakdown. One in three food stamp household is headed by an African American even though African Americans make up only 12% of the US population. Another staggering statistic is that 70% of black children are born to single mothers. This entitlement mentality has trapped generation after generation of black families in an endlessly hopeless existence primarily located in an inner city hell.

I've heard bigots through the years justify slavery by saying that many southern blacks actually chose to stay with their plantation masters because they felt unequipped to make it on their own, and were well treated by their owners. The fact that they were considered property didn't seem to matter. The soft bigotry of the democrat party implies that blacks need them and their handouts. The constant help of the federal government is necessary to scratch out a meager existence. Like the plantation owners of long ago the democrat party has by and large convinced Blacks they would be better off with the crumbs that fall from the masters table rather  than individual freedom, and self determination. The voting patterns of blacks over the decades bares this out.  Conservative blacks like conservative women are targets of the left simply because they don't fit the template the democrat party has fashioned for them.

Many blacks in the Tea Party movement are now facing that same wrath. Some blacks have bought into the democrat party and mainstream media's effort to label the Tea Party as racists. Therefore those Black Americans that believe in personal responsibility, limited government, lower taxes, and self determination, that have affiliated themselves with Tea Party groups are being called Oreos, Traitors, Uncle Toms and the like. It's sad to see that in a nation that just elected it's first African American president  many still feel that blacks need that constant hand out rather then the freedom of self determination. The democrat party has taken the African American population for granted and has kept them on the plantation of low expectations for years. Now those democrats see a new civil war brewing that has the potential of freeing blacks from the chains of government dependency. Therefore their counter attack is to label the solution as the problem and completely nullify the credibility of the Tea Party movement by attributing their motivation to racism. It is a heinous act, that should be called out and repudiated by all Americans. The video of racial slurs supposedly hurled at black lawmakers by Tea Party participants during the lead up to the Obama Care vote has yet to be found. The video of a Tea Party protester yelling at Emanuel Cleaver with hands cupped around his mouth was interpreted by some as a spitting incident. I've gotten wetter sitting on the front row of church when the preacher got excited.  No one doubts that one or two idiots may have screamed something untoward, but the evidence is not there, and we all know that the democrats regularly will dispatch plants to discredit a group protesting against them.

Now we must label the democrat party for what it is. Plantation masters, fearful of losing their most priced property, the African American community to a movement that trumpets freedom and individual responsibility without the shackles of government dependency. Those blacks that have found their way to the Tea Party movement are dangerous to the left and the assaults against them rival the assaults against Clarence Thomas, the first conservative black nominated to the supreme court. They stopped at nothing to prevent his confirmation. Their efforts failed because truth prevailed. Let's remember it's the democrats, the mainstream media, and the left in general that underestimates the potential of the black community. That kind of bigotry must be defeated, and the Tea Party is on the side of all Americans that want self determination and FREEDOM. Abraham Lincoln would be proud, and this new civil war to free America from the bondage of government entitlements will have a greater and lasting effect on Black America than any other group. 

Let's reject the politics of smears and the heinous accusations of racism that stigmatizes and disqualifies the target if the label sticks. America has come a long way to turn back the forces of racism and the next step must be to eliminate the race hustlers and race baitors that continue to separate by color and ethnicity. We now have a Black president, and the black community has every right to be proud, but the tactic of labeling everyone who opposes his policies as racist is pure evil. Debate is aborted when this tactic is used. That may be the purpose of this tactic. Change the subject to prevent a debate you know you will lose. That is the democrat strategy. Let's stop the modern day plantation masters from continuing to enslave their prize possession, The African American Community.
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