Friday, January 14, 2011

Is The GOP Getting Outsmarted?

  We all understand that during a time of national tragedy the American people tend to rally around the commander in chief. George W. Bush after 9/11.....George H.W. Bush during the Gulf war.....Bill Clinton after the Oklahoma City bombing....Reagan after the Challenger Accident. The Tucson shooting is no exception. The memorial service on Wednesday night made me a bit uneasy though. The raucous atmosphere and campaign like reception for the president made it feel like the kickoff to the 2012 presidential election. It's a bit unseemly, as Laura  Ingraham said, to have news pundits and reporters grade the presidents performance and what this all means for his poll numbers after a memorial service speech. Was this about politics or the victims? It did appear that the president was a bit uncomfortable with the raucous nature of the service at first, but then in my opinion he seemed to play into it. The Blue tee shirts that awaited  attendees on their chairs was somewhat odd. The University of Arizona said they paid for and had them made and did most of the memorial planning with some input from the White House. It's instructive that the Universities school colors are cardinal red and navy blue, and of course the democrat party is blue, and the tee shirts were also. Is this a coincidence or was this a political calculation. The words "Together We Thrive" appeared on the shirts and that same slogan appears on the Obama website, "Organizing For America."

Now as far as Obama's speech is concerned, it was well delivered. There were however some inconsistencies. He did chide those who were pointing fingers and trying to assign blame for the shooting, insinuating that those who were blaming right wing political discourse were wrong. Then he said we need more civility in our public discourse. My translation of that is, "we must put a stop to criticizing me." It's easy for a president who's just lost huge majorities in the house and much of his majority in the senate to now say "let's just all get along." That wasn't his narrative before the midterms. Of course he wants the GOP to now get along with him, they now have the teeth and the votes to stop what he's doing. This coming from the man who said republicans can come along for the ride but they have to sit in the back, and told an Hispanic audience that we have to punish our enemies. He's the one who during the 2008 campaign said, "if they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun." He also told supporters, "I want you to get in their faces, and stay mad." Now his political fortunes have changed and suddenly he wants civility. 

Also we have Mark Udall democrat of Colorado suggesting that democrats and republicans sit together during the State of The Union Address. Notice once again that this suggestion comes not just after a national tragedy but after the democrats were trounced during the midterms. Suddenly democrats don't want a divided audience. They don't want a distinction between the applause for the president and silence against his proposals. Sounds to me like they're trying to trick the country into believing that more people then not agree with his agenda. If the Republicans refuse they will be labeled as dividers, and have essentially already lost this issue, because after all it was a democrat suggesting it. I personally like divided government. I like a huge distinction between the parties. I don't want there to be any nuance, but bold differences. The American people can better decide who they support when the distinctions aren't blurred. I like strong and aggressive debate. It's fine to all hold hands and sing Kum Ba Ya after a national tragedy, but the idea that the lines and differences between the parties must now be erased will only benefit the president, his agenda, and the democrat party.

Republicans should be weary of the direction this is all headed and continue on their path to repeal and replace Obama care. They should use the debt ceiling vote as a means for enormous concessions from the democrats on spending cuts. They have a huge advantage right now on the generic polling between the two parties, and they shouldn't let this shooting deter then from doing what they were elected to do. The democrat party has always used victimization to try and sell their agenda to the American people. They now may have calculated that this last disaster is just what they need to paint the republicans as obstinate and not willing to join hands with them for what they consider is good for the country. There was no reason for them to engage in civility before the midterms. They had the majorities to jam whatever they wanted through and freeze out the opposition.  Republicans, you must seize the agenda immediately and not allow the democrat party to define you, or 2012 could be a very bad year.
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