Saturday, October 31, 2009

Battle one goes to conservatives over GOP Bigwigs

The ever escalating battle between the GOP hierarchy and the conservative movement energized by Barry's abundant spending spree can chalk up battle one to The tea party/town hall attendees. aka, "new conservative movement." The hand picked Republican candidate Dede Scozzafava has dropped out of the NY 23rd, congressional race in the midst of dropping poll numbers and ever mounting big time endorsements for her conservative opponent, Doug Hoffman. Recent polls showed Scozzafava running third behind a close first and second between Hoffman and the democrat Bill Owens.

This blows up the theory, espoused by Newt Gingrich, Michael Steele, and others that endorsing a third party candidate, would split the conservative vote and elect the democrat. Could it be that Newt is underestimating the strength of this new conservative movement. Scozzafava is anything but a conservative. She's, pro choice, pro gay marriage, supported the stimulus, and has been in favor of tax increases to name some of her bonifide liberal credentials. Hopefully this will send a message to GOP top dogs that conservatives aren't going to support liberal Republicans just because they aren't democrats.

It may also send a message to beltway republican pundits that have been for one year decrying the right wing, and advocating a center shift for the republican party. They have excoriated Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin to name a few, proclaiming they must be marginalized for republicans to win, even though the tipping point in the NY 23rd race was Palin's endorsement of Hoffman. It's clear that conservatives, like Palin and Limbaugh, have decided they're conservatives first, and republicans second. With Rush's ratings exploding, and Sarah Palin's advanced book sales tracking galactic, maybe they should shut up and listen to some of what they have to say. They have missed what the tea party/town halls were all about.

They only need to take a look at how democrats and the mainstream media have tried to demonize both Limbaugh and Palin with false accusations. Why. Because they want to marginalize them because they know their message resonates with a majority of Americans. Maybe the republican party should accept the old adage, " my enemies enemy is my friend," and listen to what they're saying that has got the dems and mainstream media's blood pressure erupting.

Or maybe they should read recent polls that show 40% of Americans identify themselves as conservative, 37% moderate, and only 20% liberal. It's not rocket science. The country, thanks to the Obama administration is not just moving, it's accelerating right at whiplash speed, and if the GOP doesn't stop this moderating trend they will be left out in the cold. With 2010 approaching, and conservatives set to challenge liberal leaning republicans in primaries all across the country, I have one message for the GOP hierarchy. "WATCH YOUR BACKSIDE."

Monday, October 26, 2009

Sarah Palin Takes a Shot Across The Bow Of The U.S.S. GOP

Sarah Palin last week endorsed Doug Hoffman for representative of New York's 23rd congressional district, and snubbed The GOP's selection of liberal Republican Dede Scozzafava on her face book posting. Hoffman is running as a conservative. This all comes with the backdrop that 73% think Republicans in congress have lost touch with GOP voters throughout the nation, according to a Rasmussen reports poll.

Is this a shot across the bow of the good ship U.S.S. GOP? Is Sarah trying to steer the GOP back to it's conservative roots. Is she threatening to take her star power and SarahPAC money to third party and maybe conservative democrats running for congress in 2010? She announced she would donate, from her SarahPAC as much allowed by law to Doug Hoffman's campaign. Is it time for the GOP's heavy hitters to reconsider their endorsements of squishy democrat lite Republicans, whom they say are the only ones who can win in certain districts?

It's becoming increasingly clear, that voters all across the country are disenchanted with the two major parties positioning themselves in what they think are strategic rather than principled ideals. The main stream media missed the whole message given by tea party, and town hall attendees all across the country this year. And that message was, "a pox on both your houses." It was not a Republican movement as they would like you to believe. It was a reduce spending, taxes, and give us back our freedom movement. Republican spending went through the roof over the last 8 years and the budget deficit for 2008 was second only to that of 2009. It's true president Bush reduced taxes, but he also increased spending at an alarming rate, angering many Conservatives in his own party.

So what is Sarah Palin up to. Maybe she's that post partisan politician that Barack Obama said he would be, but we all know turned out not to be. Maybe her Republican loyalty is second to her conservative values. Maybe it's time for the GOP bigwigs to listen to the grassroots tea party / town hallers, and return to the Ronald Reagan type conservatism, that doesn't blur the line between the two parties. Could it be they have misread the reason for the their last two devastating defeats to mean they have to move more to the center? Maybe their out of control spending, and expansion of government was the real reason. Need I remind you Barack Obama positioned himself as a tax cutter for the majority of America, and a fiscal conservative, which we all came to realize was a cruel hoax.

If the Republican party continues down this path, they will watch as a major sea change slips through their ideologically vacant fingers. With most of the country fed up with government largess, and a plurality identifying themselves as conservatives, the beltway GOP continue to push a center tack, even though the number that identify themselves as Republican continues to bleed. It's clear Sarah Palin and a few other Republicans see and understand the mood of the country. The Republican hierarchy and most GOP members of congress do not.

The democrat party's over reaching, deficit spending and overall power grab, has given every reason for a massive power shift in 2010. But does the Republican party really know how to position themselves without bungling the opportunity. Maybe they should take a tip from the fly over country conservatives. The bitter clingers. The unsophisticated anti elitist army of American lovers. Maybe they should listen to Sarah Palin!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Jihad Against Fox News

Well, the inevitable has happened. We know why Obama has hesitated on sending extra troops to Afghanistan. He believes his real enemies are here in the homeland. The Taliban doesn't pose as real a threat to his administration, as Fox News does. Notice I said administration, not America. Does this president really care about America? I hesitate to say that about any US president but it's becoming increasingly clear that his main concern is his agenda. America and the constitution, go to the end of the line.

The chilling Jihad against Fox News should move all Americans to action. A full court censorship play is being enacted on the conservative news organization in broad daylight.
David Axelrod said on This Week, referring to Fox, 'It's not really news, it's pushing a point of view and the bigger thing is other news organizations like yours, ought not to treat them that way." A veiled threat? perhaps. In other words, we don't consider them legitimate, therefore you better not pick up and run with any stories that originate from Fox. Why? Because in the "new America" the only News organization that's challenging this administration is Fox. Look at the Acorn and Van Jones scandals. The mainstream media were found prostrate in messiah worship, and were only forced to cover them when they became unavoidable..

This White house is aware that more will be coming out, because they know Fox is doing the work as democracies watchdog, and this is a preemptive shot across the bow, so the administration's lap dogs, "the Main stream media," don't go with the Fox stories. Rahm Emanuel was on CNN Sunday spouting the same narrative. It's an obvious coordinated effort to marginalize the only network challenging the power structure in Washington.

It's revealing to me that Stephanopoulus didn't even challenge Axelrod about his assessment of Fox. Shouldn't they be a little embarrassed that the White House is only upset with one network? And, that they are admitting Fox is the only one asking the tough questions? Shouldn't they be outraged that the administration is telling them how to treat a competitor. Are they so blinded by the radiant glow around Obama's brow, they're afraid to challenge? Could the White House's strategy already be working? Are those White House cocktail parties so alluring? The chance to touch the hem of his garment and maybe feel his power. They don't want to risk losing access to the closest thing to heaven they may ever know. It looks to me like the Chicago thug machine has already neutered the Main stream media.

The only hope we have of the Main stream media pulling itself out of this Obama worship paralysis, is free market capitalism. How Ironic is that? When they continue to see Fox's ratings soar like balloon boys transport, that grabbed everyone's attention, maybe they'll realize they actually have to work for a living. Ad revenues are through the roof for Fox, while others are struggling. Maybe that will awaken them, or maybe they'll just continue to tow the messiah's line, and hope he grants them redemption, or should I say a bailout.....See: "The Independent Press Is On Life Support" down this page...

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Rush Gets Borked

I've Listened and been a fan of the Rush Limbaugh show since 1990. I find Rush Informative, humorous, and above all in agreement with almost all my conservative views. I listen to Rush because he can take an issue and articulate it and bring greater clarity, and perspective. He is one of the most polite and patient host with callers on air today. His parodies of the left are the most cutting and entertaining. Of course Rush is controversial. His show wouldn't be what it is, if he wasn't. Why was he denied a shot at minority interest in the NFL? Is he a racist?

Rush's number two man on his show, Bo Snerdley is black. One of his most frequent guest hosts, Walter Williams, is black. Ken Hutcherson, Former NFL player, who Rush regularly calls a good friend is black. Would a racist allow a person of color to guest host his show? Would he hire a black man to work along side of him? Would he consider an African American man one of his dearest and closest friends?

What the media, and the left have done, is taken Rush's opposition to racial politics, and labeled that racism. If you don't tow the progressive stereotype, you'll be David Duked. But, of course they can attempt to crucify a man like Clarence Thomas with unfounded charges and innuendo, and that is not racist. Why? Because his politics don't match theirs. And if it ever gets out that blacks can make it on their own, that they really don't have a pigmentation problem, what does that do to their power? They won't be needed. No need for them to incessantly insist, "we will help you, because you're incapable of helping yourself." Talk about Racism! Talk about a soft bigotry, that implies inferiority. Why do progressives constantly disparage minorities by insinuating that if you don't have us you have nothing? We're here to help you. Help you what. Point out that your black or another minority. They know they're black. God made them that way, and God doesn't make mistakes, but the implication from the left is, he did, and now you need us to square the score. It's condescending, and arrogant.

The irony that defines this whole incident, is that the minority players in the NFL, are probably more inclined to agree with Rush's take on prosperity and rugged individualism. The liberals in congress and the media didn't spend years in the weight room and practice sessions to acquire the strength and skill level to be an NFL player. These players made it by following a dream and spilling bucket loads of sweat, and overcoming sprained ankles and bruised and aching bodies. Most all athletes don't want a majority of their income confiscated from them because those same liberals think they are better able to pick and choose where it should go. If those minority players took the time to listen to Rush on a regular basis, instead of buying into the template the mainstream media has perpetrated about Rush, they would find much in common.

Where do we go from here? First the media that broadcasts un-sourced and false quotes and attribute them to an individual that doesn't agree with their racial politics should be shunned. The progressives who divide America, and disparage blacks by insinuating, you can't make it without us, need to be defeated and marginalized. And last, minority players who agree that rugged individualism and hard work, is the way to get ahead, must stand for that principle without fear of being Uncle Tom-ed to death. True racial parity will only be realized when American's stop considering color as a basis for ridicule or entitlement, and allow God's children to dream, and pursue their goals unabated. Let's all dream Dr. King's dream, "that all men should be judged not on the color of their skin, but on the content of their character."


Saturday, October 10, 2009

Nobel Peace Prize? Who's the joke really on?

After waking yesterday morning and hearing the news that Barack Obama was awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace, I immediately chuckled and whispered to myself, "typical that the left leaning, socialist loving Nobel committee would honor one of their own." It's obvious they feel they've found a new soul mate. A kindred spirit. The new 21st century snake charmer who can with a poof of pixie dust, disable dangerous dictators and despots. They see him as the new hope for a world at war, a wannabe peace nick, willing to beer summit holocaust denying race bait-ers. The kind of friend seeking high school principle, we all loved, because you could weasel him out of every detention session and expulsion threat. The One that was apt at saying, "this is your last warning." He's a UN kinda man, that loves sanctions and resolutions, but despises the teeth behind them.

The kind of "Man of Peace," that garners praise from Moammar Gaddafi,
at his UN speech and was called more left wing than Hugo Chavez and Castro, by none other than Hugo Chaves.
No other man in recent decades has so appealed to the world wide appeasers, those beta dog back scratchers, who would never threaten the Alpha dog at any canine gathering.

Who is this insidious joke on? How about allies Poland, and the Czech republic, who put their necks on the line and were unceremoniously undercut by the new, "Man of Peace," when he scuttled the missile defense plan for central Europe. And then there's the Afghan women, who soon will once again be caned and tortured, when their veils slip because the "Man of Peace," has signaled he may give the Taliban a place at the political table in the Afghan government. What about Israel, who will be going it alone to stop the Iranians from engineering another holocaust with their nuclear ambitions. how about the CIA, whose morale is bottoming out because the "Man of Peace" OK'd the investigation and possible prosecution of their work in securing life saving information. And of course last but not least, while American service personnel labor in inclement conditions to prevent a new Al Qaeda staging ground, the new "man of Peace," is hesitating on whether or not to send in reinforcements. These brave men and women are left high and dry, their blood coloring the afghan topography while the "man of Peace," ponders how he'll satisfy his left,while not politically hurting himself, and at the same time live up to the Oslo narrative.

While the "Man of Peace" continues his apology tour around the globe, the American haters befriend and canonize him. They lift him to a deified status, based on nothing more than his insistence to fundamentally remake America. The land that has been the dream destination for oppressed and impoverished people for decades. America, the first to defend and the first to arrive when catastrophe hits. The land of opportunity, and enlightenment. While the world adores and praises the "man of Peace," America's interests, along with it's allies' are marginalized and muffled by the deafening adulation. Yes, the new "man of Peace," has made new friends. But, just like the old adage states, " with friends like these, who needs enemies."

Friday, October 2, 2009

"Going Rogue" hits number one

Sarah Palin's book, "Going Rogue" hit number one on Amazons advanced sales list. It also hit number one on Barnes and Noble. I'm sure the left, along with the mainstream media, and many Republicans, will be apoplectic on the Sunday news shows and every commentary in the coming weeks. They will continue their unabated attack, Steve Schmidt being the newest Republican big shot to attack Sarah. He said, "It's not inconceivable Palin could win the Republican nomination, but, it's inconceivable she could win the presidency." Now this is coming from McCain's chief campaign strategist, that was obviously in the loop when Palin was picked as McCain's running mate in the 2008 election.

Why, suddenly, are the GOP honchos turning on the woman they accepted as their number two standard bearer a short time ago? Are they admitting there is nobody they can can put up against this diminutive national neophyte. Do they blame her for McCains loss? Do they think her Couric and Gibson missteps did the GOP in? It's funny that Joe Biden was a walking foot and mouth disease, but that didn't seem to dim the Messiah's halo. It seems to me that when she was announced as running mate, an anemic and drowning campaign was suddenly energized. They consider her a sure loser for the presidency, but they are uncertain they have a viable candidate to oppose her for the nomination. What does that say about the Republican bench players. This is a profound admission from a party looking advantaged, in the current, and growing anti democrat climate. Or are they just as condescending toward the conservative base as the left, and mainstream media are?

You would think the left would encourage and invite a Palin run in 2012, when they consider her so deficient and beatable. An Obama sacrificial lamb. Easy prey for Barack's Chicago thug machine. Wouldn't wise strategy require them to hold their fire and wait for her to be nominated, and then begin the attack. Yet, they are determined to take her out now. Very perplexing!

I think we all know the answer. The power brokers are all scared to death of her. Book sales mean something, as well as huge internet hits for every Palin article. There is a growing and new populist movement. A fly over country commando troop, ready to storm the Washington power palace with pitch forks in hand. They have gone through basic training in town hall meetings all summer long. They are hidden in nooks and crannies on the East and Left coast, ready to erupt, and Sarah Palin has a connection with them, and their values. They are hardened by condescension and innuendo from the Washington aristocracy. These freedom fighters are tired of a hubris of elitism that considers them incapable of managing their own lives.

Now the remaining question is, will Sarah lead them? Do they even need a leader? Is there a new William Wallace of freedom, somewhere out there ready to accept the mantle? Only time will tell. My advice is, with advanced sales of "Going Rogue," going through the roof, don't bet against the Prince William Sound, Beauty Queen!