Friday, July 29, 2011

Pray For The Hobbits.

  To borrow a slogan from the Obama election of 2008, the 2010 elections finally gave conservatives "hope that there would be change." But, as we can see, the negotiations over the debt crisis seems to be business as usual. The final scorecard from the 2011 budget war, saw promised cuts of 100 billion turn into deceptive cuts of millions. The new Boehner plan that promises future cuts of one trillion over ten years is simply a reduction of the rate of growth, and will still add trillions to the deficit over that period.  Could more have been accomplished? Probably not until the GOP, or some facsimile of the GOP, wins back the White House and senate. The steroid laced demagogues in the democrat party, including the messiah himself, have the ear of the mainstream media. The newly crowned Tea party house members are having those razor sharp crowns flipped and pummeled into their bleeding foreheads not just from the media, but establishment republicans like weaselly John McCain. The courageous Hobbits fight on in the face of insurmountable odds.

It could be they've done all that can be done, "for now." Maybe the narrative that we've moved the discussion to cuts without tax increases will have to suffice, even though those cuts are simply a reduction in the rate of growth, and even though they're promised future cuts from an unnamed panel  of twelve legislators yet to be determined. How depressing is that? But, we can take courage in the fact, that no new stimulus will be enacted. Obama Care is under assault from all sides, especially the American people. The push back has ensued, but final victory can only be accomplished in a two cycle electoral victory. Remember it took the dems victories in 2006 and 2008 to lead foot the accelerator to massive government over reach. It will take the Hobbits two cycles to slow and eventually reverse the trend.  

Obama, even though the elites say he's winning the politics of all this, is watching his poll numbers plummet. Check the "Real Clear Politics" average. The independents whom  he is trying to woo back, have taken a sharp turn away. The Boehner plan also guarantees this will all be brought up once again before the 2012 election. This is all good news even though not great news. The anemic amount of deficit reduction will probably insure the U.S. credit rating will slip for the first time in history. Does the messiah want that distinction on his watch? He'll try to blame republicans and especially the Hobbits,  i.e. Tea Party house members. History will only remember that he was president when The U.S. government lost it's triple A rating. His strategy seems to be, if he can cause Boehner to cave, it will further divide the GOP for 2012. It's all about his reelection, and everybody knows that. The Hobbit's, who are now the only principled members in Washington, should nix Obama's strategy and support Boehner. That would insure they can all live to fight another day. 

The Hobbits now need time to heal their bleeding heads and increase their numbers substantially in 2012. We all understand they were elected because they weren't political, but only cared about the good of the country. Kudos to them. Even though I hate to say it, it may be time for the Hobbits to hold their cute little innocent and principled noses and support the Boehner plan. Hit the ball back into the dems court. Let's see if they have the cojones to push us to default. We all know the Hobbits have the cojones to do what is right, but we're still unsure if they have the cynicism to do what's political. It's a shame Washington strips the soul of all that land there, but the game must be played until victory is secured. Let's all pray for the souls of  Hobbits.

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