Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Obama Sides With Unions, And Against Taxpayers

  Once again Barack Obama finds himself on the wrong side of the vast majority of the American people as he supports, and fans the flames of protests in Wisconsin over benefit contributions and collective bargaining. His problem is that since he took office in January 2009 the number of solidly democrat states has shrunk to 14 from 30 in 2008. These are primarily the states where democrat governors  and legislators have used the collective bargaining process to reward those unions with luxurious wage and benefit packages for their support. These benefits are unsustainable, and now that 2010 resulted in such a huge shift in state houses and governorships toward the GOP, those benefits and the whole collective bargaining process is under assault. It's ironic that these same democrats that tried to reward their supporters with giveaways are somewhat responsible for unions ill repute among the majority of the populous. Obama himself is content on continuing to run huge federal deficits because he's not bound by the same budget constraints that states are. Most states require a balanced budget even though that definition varies within the separate states. The federal government has no such requirement. 

2010 brought a huge shift in power as republicans gained 680 seats in state legislatures. These are historic numbers. If you remember the wave in 1994, republicans picked up 472 seats, and the scandal ridden post Watergate 1974 election saw democrats pick up 628. The scandal that punctuated the 2010 election was the  amount of red ink the democrats had accumulated. The pendulum has swung back and republican governors around the country are taking their mandate to heart, which is not good for Obama's reelection chances. The huge shift not only hurts him and democrats due to redistricting, but also lost clout and money from these unions that give almost exclusively to democrats.

Now as Obama, with his community organizing background, seems compelled to throw his weight behind the union revolts, not only in Wisconsin, but Indiana and Ohio also. He is in the unenviable position of supporting, exactly what the majority of Americans voted against in November.  He knows that if Scott Walker in Wisconsin, successfully neuters the union stronghold in Wisconsin, that the dominoes will fall across the country. It's a bit hypocritical for him to continue to speak of fiscal constraint, and then back those public employee unions that have contributed to the fiscal mess in states all across the country. It's clear that he is who he is, a left wing liberal with allegiance to unions and their thuggery that has reaped enormous benefits at the expense of every day tax payers. The November elections have done what no politician could do. The tax payers said, "no more free ride for friends of Barack."
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