Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Why The Left Wants The Mosque Built

It's instructive to everyone that the left has suddenly gotten religion. Yup, the far left has had an epiphany. The scales have fallen from their eyes, and Hallelujah, Glory To God, let's build a mosque.. Just like so many issues these days it all comes down to left versus right, the political class versus middle American sensibilities.  But, it's peculiar that the left that has made eradicating any form of religious expression their number one tenet of faith, now believes that freedom of religion should be their new equal rights amendment. That is of course until a high school valedictorian wants to include scriptures in his graduation address, or use school property for an after school prayer group. Maybe their new found faith is only applicable when the faith they're defending not only threatens the traditions and spirit of America, but this particular Imam they support wants to build a victory mosque on the sight of America's worst terrorist attack and jab a stick in the collective eye of all Americans. 

It's curious that the left whom have defended women's rights religiously over the decades, and abhors  paternalism, now defends Islam, that is beyond paternalistic but abusive toward the feminine mystic. Subjugation of women is now permitted, as long as the perpetrators have the same anti-American sentiment that they do. In other words, as long as they are America's enemy they are the left's friends. But you say, not all Muslims hate America. True, but Islam at it's core is antithetical to all things American.  Thus the overwhelming support from the left was inevitable.  Besides that, the left doesn't fault the radicals from within Islam for their murderous 9/11 attack. They fault America, and it's abhorrent foreign policy mistakes that they say have turned the Muslim world against us. Never mind that we've freed millions in Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan from tyrannical dictatorships. The left does not abhor tyranny, in fact they embrace it as evidenced by the current regime in Washington pushing an anti freedom agenda that will fundamentally transform America into a socialistic utopia. They want to crown government as god, and empower the political class to rule with impunity.

It's not all that complicated. The left wants to reward the Islamic radicals that conspired and carried out the worst terrorist attack in American history, because they believe like Imam Rauf, that we were accessories to the crime. We deserved what we got, and now Islam has every right to build their victory mosque on the graves of innocent, or as the left believes, "guilty and greedy capitalist" Americans.  It's not about religious tolerance that motivates the left, because they're defending the most intolerant of all religions. It's always about anti American ideology, and he who sticks it to America will have the left sticking up for them. Now it's up to the rest of us, to answer the call and stand up for America and it's traditions and values. 
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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Appeasement Continues

  President Obama's statement last Friday night to a group of Muslim leaders celebrating the start of Ramadan, about the ground zero Mosque continues the narrative of appeasement. Americans are tired of being lectured by this president on racial and now religious issues. The president failed to mention that the Greek Orthodox church that was destroyed when the towers fell has not been given permission to rebuild near ground zero. This is not about religious tolerance for this president, it is about appeasing the Muslim world in hopes that the radicals within their ranks will drop the sword from their hand. The idea that he would lecture Americans in front of a group of Muslim leaders about religious tolerance is incomprehensible. I feel confident in saying that among all major religions world wide, Islam is the least tolerant of them all. Their subjugation of women as well as their intolerance of religious diversity within the Muslim world should target them to be lectured to by an American president. But, I suppose you first need a president who believes in American values..

Our leaders have continued to espouse that we aren't at war with Islam. That very well may be true, but Islam is at war with American values and traditions. I'm not just talking about Islamic radicals, commonly known as terrorists, except by this president. But, Islam itself is add odds with us. Their belief system is antithetical to the values of our country and our constitution. There are moderate Muslims that don't follow sharia law, but they could be likened to Catholics that practice birth control, or Jews that don't follow strict kosher diets. They are actually the less sincere members of Islam. Many have been westernized and backslid in their Islamic dogma, and that could be why many Islamic radicals are targeting western civilization. They don't like the corrupting effect of western values on their intolerant religious beliefs. We have seen the videos of Taliban leaders caning women in the streets because their vale slipped and their face was revealed. We've heard of the stoning of women for adultery, while the male perpetrator is blameless. The Imam that is pushing for the building of this Mosque believes America should be Sharia compliant. Where is the outrage? Where is the left standing up for the rights of women and minorities? I can understand not wanting to alienate one billion Muslims worldwide, but at what price to the values and sensitivity of the American people. 

Health care reform, the illegal immigration debate, terrorist rials in New York City, bailout mania, and now this ground zero mosque debate. We have elected a president that governs against the will of a large majority of Americans, and doesn't understand American values and sensitivities. Remember he chastised those that cling to their guns and religion during the campaign, but now comes out in support of religious tolerance for an intolerant religion that was at the root of America's worst domestic attack. It's time the American people push back on an administration that appeases enemies and chastises American sensibility. No one I know believes in religious intolerance, but religious tolerance doesn't give a radical Imam the right to built a mosque on hallowed ground against the sensitivity of most Americans. Is it any wonder a recent poll suggests that Americans are unsure and confused about this presidents religious beliefs? November can come none too soon.
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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bush Bashing Will Backfire

President Obama and the democrats in congress in desperation have decided to go back to their default position of "Bush Bashing" for a midterm campaign strategy. They obviously can't run on their record for the last year and a half, so their intention is to interject the memory of George Bush into the discussion. The problem with this strategy is apparent to any thinking individual. Yes, George Bush was president when the recession started and credit markets were frozen, but the democrats had taken control of congress in January 2007. They immediately unleashed a spending spree that would dizzy any shopaholic. The recent video of Barney Frank from 2005, shows how he and other democrats kept pushing for home ownership through sub-prime mortgages in the midst of the housing bubble, while many  republicans were sounding the alarm. President Obama himself voted for every new spending bill that was before the senate. Bush was not without fault as he was hesitant to use his veto pen.

But the real mistake the democrats are making here is to remind all, that the Bush tax cuts, which were popular and helpful to a growing economy until late 2007, are under attack by only democrats. It is a reminder that  maybe George Bush was a president that liked to spend, but the democrat party is the party of Tax and Spend more. It is a reminder that whether they let all the tax cuts expire, or just those effecting individuals making $250,000 a year, they are and will be the impetus for less investment in private sector growth. The republicans should not take the, oh so clever bait, that Obama is dragging behind his sorry fishing vessel, looking for a foil to keep his butt on Air Force One in 2012. His admonishment that he will call their bluff when it comes to deficit reduction is simply code for, Are you going to get serious and come on board with tax increases or are you going to continue to give tax breaks to the rich?

The republicans on the other hand should use this Bush Bashing strategy to their advantage by reminding all that tax cuts over time create greater revenues as growth accelerates. They should continue their assault on the democrats for their intention of siphoning trillions more from the private sector through increased taxes and continued borrowing. As of now, I've only heard republicans say it is a bad idea to raise taxes in a recession. The implication is that it's OK when we aren't in a recession. Oh, how conservatives long for a new Ronald Reagan that won't fall into the progressive's trap of compromising solid economic positions. Tax hikes are never a good idea, and should always be opposed by thinking individuals. Starve the beast {government,} through tax cuts, and he must shrink. The democrats strategy is, Grow the beast, and then he must be fed through higher taxes. The GOP, if they are smart, can turn this into a tax and spend issue that resonates with voters.
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Sunday, August 8, 2010

They Still Don't Get It!

After watching one of the Sunday shows this morning, I've come to the conclusion that the media and leaders in Washington  still don't have a clue as to what the American people are screaming at the top of their lungs. "Stop the taxing and spending." David Gregory continued to push John Boehner and Mike Pence on how they could be for deficit reduction when they supported continuing the Bush tax cuts without having them paid for. I was literally screaming at the TV for one of the two republicans to simple say, "it's not Washington's money." Mike Pence finally got around to saying something to that effect but not in a way that drives the issue home. The narrative has been so corrupted that everyone thinks that Washington DC is the origin of all things. That if tax cuts are discussed, or just the continuation of existing cuts, we must find a way to pay for them. Why don't conservatives re frame the issue? The money belongs to the people, and they've decided they don't want Washington to take as much anymore. If that's a problem for Washington then they know what they can do. Stop the spending! Cut the budget! Stop the bailouts! 

I've come to the conclusion that the republicans don't have a voice to challenge what the democrats in congress are doing. They seem to tepidly agree that spending must be cut, and taxes not raised. But, no one is shouting from the rooftops that the current direction of the country threatens our very economic existence. They talk about freezing spending. Freezing? How about taking a machete to the federal budgets. They talk about stopping excessive federal hiring. Stop federal hiring? How about firing about 25% of federal workers who make on average 30k more than the private sector. Even the republicans in congress don't understand the grass roots anger that Americans are feeling. It may be time to run them all out of town. 

Americans watch as Michelle Obama takes a luxury trip to Spain with her daughter and forty of her closest friends. Staying in the finest hotels and costing the taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars for security, as they close down beaches to take a swim. We watch the president with endless vacations and golf outings, while continuing the White House ritual of party after party, and concert after concert. Tone deaf decisions that don't go unnoticed by an ever increasingly angry electorate. They serve $100 a pound imported beef from Japan as appetizers while they listen to Sir Paul McCartney or Stevey Wonder, all the time chastising the American people for excesses, and sermonizing that there has to be shared sacrifice. And the media continues protecting and massaging the narrative of an ever increasing federal government, to insure their continued access to the Washington power brokers.

This modern uprising and revolution against the political class will continue through the new media, and the blogisphere. We can no longer trust the old media, as their alliances are too well known. We talk about Washington politicians being too insulated in their little fiefdoms, but how about the Washington and New York media? They are even more insulated from the reality of real America. A permanent solution to ridding the country of the excesses of our political class can only be accomplished when the new media has bankrupted the old media. The old media is part of the political class and have surrendered their watchdog status for a seat at the table. Their excessive salaries don't seem to be a problem for the presidential appointed "pay czar."

The anger is at a boiling point, and when November arrives the political class will be shocked, and the media chastised. How will they spin the will of the people? The spin will make us dizzy. Republicans better find their voice soon or they also will become an endangered species. Right now all they have going for them is the lessor of two evils.
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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Lack Of Cojones

  Sarah Palin's appearance on Fox News Sunday has seemed to start a firestorm of conversation about Obama's manhood, or should I say lack thereof. Sarah said that Jan Brewer has the cojones that our president lacks for not enforcing immigration laws. Leave it to Sarah for putting it in blunt and illustrative terms. We could only wish that republican members of congress were as courageous and out spoken as she. When it comes to challenging this president the ones stepping up to the plate and taking their swings all seem to be women. Sarah Palin, Jan Brewer, and Michele Bachmann have, just to name a few. Where are the GOP men that are willing to say what needs to be said? All this comes the weekend after the anointed one decided to show up and laugh and joke with the testosterone vacant women of The View, and their audience. Could anyone imagine Ronald Reagan sitting in a room like that, laughing it up with the likes of Joy Behar. Remember he stood up in a news conference and called the Soviet Union an "Evil Empire." He went to Berlin and told Gorbechev, "tear down this wall." Well, the rest is history.

Come to think of it, Obama's policies are estrogen driven. Don't be mean to terrorists, or call them names you might make them mad. Don't protect the borders or someone might think you're anti Hispanic. Remove our commitment to missile defense in Eastern Europe, you might anger Russia. Sit down and negotiate with Ahmajinedad. How many of you men won't let your wifes take the car in to be serviced for fear of unnecessary repairs and an enormous hit to your wallet. My point exactly. We love our women because they can sometimes be naive, too trusting and are full of empathy. Woops there's another Obama trait. We need supreme court justices with empathy, ala Sonya Sotomayer. Hmm. I think Sarah Palin is on to something. Can we trust the leadership and defense of our country to someone you wouldn't trust to take your car in to be serviced? I doubt Obama will grow a pair, I just wish the GOP men would, and not leave the obvious to Sarah Palin, Jan Brewer, and Michele Bachmann, the Maggie Thatchers of our generation.
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Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Wrong Side Of Good

  I sometimes wonder how it feels to be a progressive democrat and aligned with those that seem to always be on the wrong side of common sense, fiscal responsibility, individual liberty, and moral good. The Declaration of Independence states that, "all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." Most democrats and especially the progressive leaders in congress seem to have turned this most elegant declaration on it's head.  

Life! Is it not the democrat party that increasingly pushes for the most liberal and morally repugnant abortion laws? Most go so far as to support the infanticide type procedure called partial birth abortions. Once Barbara Boxer was asked, "exactly when does a child receive rights?" her answer was, "when they leave the hospital." They continue to support unabated abortion rights even though  an overwhelming majority support some restrictions. 

They have decided to enact a new health care entitlement on the backs of seniors by cutting half a trillion dollars from medicare, which inevitably will reduce services and put many seniors at risk. Yes there will be rationing and Sarah was right that someone must decide who does and who doesn't receive life saving measures. Whether you're a fan of medicare or not, is the huge reduction to fund a new health care entitlement the proper moral choice? Obama himself said, During the health care debate, that at some point "maybe you would be better off not having the surgery, but taking the pain killer," in response to a question from an attendee about her elderly mother. The most vulnerable are at risk from the democrat majorities in congress. Seniors and the unborn or partially born are at the greatest risk.

Liberty!  No one can argue the point that when government grows personal liberty shrinks. Government expansion inevitably leads to higher taxes, greater regulations, and intrusion into the personal lives of individuals. When congress passes two thousand page bills that no one has read, the devil usually comes out in the details, and the devil is always against personal liberty. Even those that benefit from entitlement programs lose freedom to determine their own destiny and become slaves to government largess. As this democrat congress has expanded the federal government, sucking trillions out of the private sector, we have seen government employment and wages skyrocket, while private sector jobs stagnate and wages contract. 

The political class celebrates as their sphere of influence grows while the private sector mourns as their influence shrinks. At the start of the recession only one transportation employee made a salary of $170,000 or more. Eighteen months later 1,690 transportation employees had salaries of $170,000 or more. The growth in federal pay has pushed the average federal workers salary to $71,206 while the average private sector workers earns $41,331.   Almost 40 cents of every dollar the government spends right now is borrowed money. That money will eventually have to be paid on the backs of our children and grand children, limiting their freedom even more severely.

Pursuit of Happiness! As the democrats in congress are continuing to push us further into an entitlement society and away from an opportunity society we see the effect on entrepreneurs and personal incentive. As unemployment benefits hit the two year mark, where is the incentive to find employment or start your own business? Nancy Pelosi believes unemployment benefits are the greatest stimulus to our economy and the fastest way to create jobs. Has anyone ever brought up the point that the money siphoned from the private sector to fund that unemployment check is de-stimulative to the Americans funding the federal government. I suppose it would be more accurate to say 60% is de-stimulative seeing that 40% is borrowed. Of course that 40% plus the interest will be de-stimulative to our children. Recent polls show that more Americans feel their children's standard of living will fall short of theirs, and the American dream is slowly vanishing. Through my travels in the eighties and early nineties, every where I went people saw America as their dream destination, where opportunities abound. Now we are becoming, because of a power hungry democrat majority, the rule rather than the exception. American exceptionalism according to Barack Obama is no different than Greek exceptionalism or British exceptionalism. Most Americans disagree. Their is an obvious tension between this administration and the business community, as this administration continues to demonize wealth creation and impose onerous regulations that centralize power in Washington.

Last and most insidious is this administration and the progressives attempt to divide Americans according to class, culture, and race. Class warfare has always been in vogue with democrats as they have always pummeled the wealthy as greedy and living at the expense of the quote, "working class Americans." The wealth of the country must be returned to the rightful owners, according to them. That is code for redistribution, and big payoffs to their union buddies through Obama care and financial reform.

Culturally they are dividing by academic and social arrogance. They belittle the common sense approach to problem solving as simplistic, while their nuanced and complex answers are touted as brilliant and imaginative, but in reality are based on theory. The administration is built entirely on academics that have no idea how to create a real job, or meet a pay-role, or solve a pressing problem. Obama's denunciation of middle America as clinging to their guns and religion is another such example of their elitism.

Their race baiting is the most insidious of all. They accuse those that want immigration laws enforced, and tea party activists, or anyone that opposes Obama's policies as racists. In reality they are the racists. They have for decades cajoled the African American community into voting for them at the promise of special legislation that quote, "will level the playing field." In reality  they have shown their racism through affirmative action and quota programs, announcing to the world that African Americans can't make it without the help of the federal government. That soft bigotry of low expectations has doomed that community to a plantation mentality of looking to government for handouts or special circumstances. The same with the Hispanic community. They portray them as poor Latinos just looking for opportunities so they must be given a pass on breaking our immigration laws. 

Once again special treatment reveals their racist tendencies. Laws should never discriminate according to race and national origin. The conservatives I know do not consider race as a prerequisite for employment or anything else for that matter. Not so with the democrat party. They have abandoned Martin Luther Kings admonition, "that we should judge a man on the content of their character not on the color of their skin." It's time that we reveal the democrat party and progressives in particular for what they are. They're antithetical to the declaration of independents and divisive on almost every issue trying to divide and conquer to bring power to themselves.
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