Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sarah's Showing Her Stuff

Sarah Palin is showing during her media blitz she's not what the main stream media has tried to make her out to be. She's not Caribou Barbie. She's not an unintelligent hick Alaskan. She's a confident and outspoken critic of this administration's agenda. I listened to her interview with Rush on Tuesday, and she articulated common sense responses to what the hand ringers would call complex and nuanced problems. And that's where the rub may be. They say she's simplifying complex problems. Joe Biden has said, "addressing environmental issues is more complicated than just drilling." Palin's response was, "It's not complicated, it's political," and "what is complicated about tapping into safe supplies of oil?"

Her contention is, if I can extrapolate from what she said, is that the democrat party is obviously under the thumb of extreme environmentalists, that have veto power over every energy extracting policy, just as they're under the thumb, or should I say fist, of the the unions, especially SEIU when it comes to economic policy. SEIU's president has been the most frequent visitor to the White House since Obama was inaugurated. Sarah certainly has substantial credibility when it comes to energy policy as ex- governor of the major energy producing state in the union, along with her history of taking on the oil lobby there.

Her approach to the economy, again takes on a common sense approach. Let's do what Reagan did when he was confronted with a worse recession in the 80's than we face now. Cut taxes and free up the private sector to create jobs and fuel the economic engine that doubled revenues to the federal budget in less than 8 years. What a novel idea. Do something that has proven to work, rather than something that has failed every time it was tried. That doesn't seem to be too complex to me. Of course we all understand that the anointed one and the democrats are not all about creating wealth, but redistributing it, even if it ultimately results in astronomical deficits, by killing jobs and shrinking the tax base.

We could go on and on, but the bottom line is, the left wants you to perceive her as unintelligent and unsophisticated. She's not ready for prime time. These issues are too complex and nuanced for an average American to dissect, thus leaving the policy decisions to only the Ivy League elites, that will solve problems through engorged brain cell activation, and nuanced articulation, coupled with decision making procrastination.

The next question is, why do they want to destroy her? That's an easy one. She represents what all liberals fear. A popular, attractive, conservative, pro life woman that lives what she believes. She's a serious threat to their power base. Prominent women must be liberal and pro choice, or destroyed. Remember Clarence Thomas struggled under the same dynamic. We can't have a prominent black conservative appointed to the supreme court. Our template for what a black should do and say will not allow it. How about Miguel Estrada? Another minority that must be destroyed because he didn't tow the company line. They will use lies, distortions, disgruntled co-workers, vindictive almost son in laws, (aka Levi Johnston,) and every trick in the book to not just stop, but completely destroy, anyone who existentially threatens their political fiefdoms.

And of course they are never accused of sexism, bigotry or racism for destroying women, or minorities in their efforts to stereotype every conceivable group in America. But, of course they will accuse others of all those indictments if one of their own is criticized on policy issues. Thankfully Sarah Palin doesn't look at Americans as part of a group or faction, but she looks at them as Americans, with the freedom to pursue their happiness and success without the oppressive hand of government bearing down on them. Oops, did I just suggest she has simplified another complex problem? You Betcha!


Friday, November 13, 2009

Sarah Palin's Appeal To The Conservative Man

As the release of Sarah Palin's book "Going Rogue" approaches, the media swirl around the event seems to dwarf Dorothy and Toto's Kansas tornado. As media organizations are drooling, and green with envy at those who've secured interviews and appearances, the ones that have are promoting their coup nonstop. Excerpts from the book are now being dribbled out and the frenzy to take a peek at this precocious politician's pronouncements is palpable. Let's examine for a moment the clear intrigue from one particular group and its perceived attraction to the new Alaskan phenomenon.

CONSERVATIVE MEN: We will abbreviate this group as "Con-men for Palin." This group appears to be one of the most intense in their support. First, lets get the obligatory personal appearance out of the way. Not only is Sarah Palin attractive, those glasses give her that air of intelligence that many men find unnerving in a secretarial fantasy sort of way. She's pretty, personable and petite. What man isn't attracted to that, unless you're an estrogen driven liberal male feminist, of the Alan Alda type, or a Barney Frank who desires muscles coupled with submission.

Her image of picking fish out of nets while wearing waders and smiling, of course appeals to that middle American male who has forever wanted their wives to get down and dirty with them on their weekend testosterone filled fishing and hunting trips. Her correcting of Joe Biden's "drill, drill, drill," phrase in the debate, to No Joe, "It's Drill Baby Drill," sends electricity up the leg of hard working men, the same as Chris Matthews messiah induced leg thrill. Her ability to make a delicious moose stew filled with rib sticking protein laden man food after shooting and dressing it, secures kudos from the Grizzly Adam's type.

And of course her common sense approach to work and family appeals to the con-man's tradition of working and loving your family hard. Sarah's desire to see government work for the people, and not the other way around gets the fiscal conservative and small government man feeling hugged rather than squeezed. Her understanding that energy independence and the will to attack it with the "all the above approach," including domestic drilling, will free us from the dress wearing, terrorist funding, turban types.

Sarah's folksy and down home way, along with her political incorrect way of saying it is a breathe of fresh air from the current Cabal of cautious caretakers, who by trying not to offend anybody offend almost everybody. Her ability to be a career woman while still being a loving and responsible wife and mother, who chose to bring her down syndrome child to term, shows the con-man strength of character.

Her support of our troops, and the idea of victory, as well as her understanding of what terrorism is, contrast greatly from the squishy and incoherent path the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. espouses. Conservative males, many who have served in the military, know she has a son serving and therefore feel a special connection to her in all things war related. Pictures of her eating with the troops are compelling and show a sense of camaraderie and ease with fighting men and women.

Last, the con-man is repelled by the hubris displayed by the current elites in Washington, and look for that common sense approach to difficult problems, rather than Ivy League taught mumble jumble, that simply seems to mesmerize rather than maximize the talent this country has to bring us out of the funk we're in. Sarah's a reformer who'll tackle problems head on as she did in Alaska, rather then holding summits and enacting commissions. Sarah's way is the conservative man's way. She can amazingly blend a tough no nonsense approach to problem solving with the femininity and appeal that doesn't threaten the conservative man. The only question is, will she threaten the con-man's better half?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Are these the Changes America Believes In?

Here are just a few of the changes the country is experiencing since the election of Barack Obama. Read them and the associated articles and determine for yourself if this is the change you can believe in!

Making the phrases spending billions and spending trillions interchangeable!

The zeros behind the national debt are no longer counted!

Monopoly money has replaced the American dollar

Terrorism removed from our lexicon for man-caused disasters!

A terrorist attack described as road rage!

the glide to racial harmony sidetracked by this presidents commentary about the Gates affair!

Critics of the president called racists

Protesters formerly described as the highest form of patriot now being called Tea Baggers, and Nazis!

Partisanship evolving into hyper partisanship!

Bipartisanship more apparent in opposing legislation that congress continues to pass!

Free market capitalism changed into European style socialism!

Wealth creation attacked and turned into wealth redistribution!

Politicians running banks, car and insurance companies,

A news organization attacked for doing it's job

Other news organizations evolving from democracies watchdog, to the administration's lapdog!

Those same news organizations wanting bailouts from the people they're supposed to be antagonistic toward!

Socialist leaders and tyrants praising the leader of the free world

Our longtime allies criticizing the leader of the free world

All our enemies are loving us!

All our Friends are questioning us!

Chicago style politics is now more popular than Chicago style pizza!

Common sense being replaced with arrogant elitism!

Private jet
travel only allowed for legislators and bureaucrats!

Vegas vacations are for political fundraisers only!


Monday, November 9, 2009

Assigning Motive is a Subjective Game

The other day President Obama stated, "We cannot fully Know what led Army Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan to kill 13 people and wound 38 others at Fort Hood Texas Thursday." We can't? Well, it seems pretty clear to most Americans exactly what led this Islamic Major to do exactly what he did. Apparently he considered the U.S. armed forces, enemies of Islam. He posted on the internet that Muslim suicide bombings were justified. Those two facts alone should give every common sense American reason to believe this was without a doubt a terrorist act, with Islamic extremist implications. But maybe I'm wrong.

In July our articulate and oh so smart president seemed perfectly capable of assigning motive in the arrest of his friend Henry Louis Gates by a White Cambridge police officer, even though he admitted he didn't know all the facts. Remember he said, that he didn't know what part race had to play in the arrest, implying that it played some part, and stated the Cambridge police acted stupidly. And, if he'd taken the time to investigate he'd have learned that sergeant Crowley was an exemplary officer, who actual had taught race sensitivity training, and given CPR to a black athlete at a Boston Celtics game. He then went on to muse about the history of black persecution by White America.

I'm confused why he didn't mention the history of Islamic extremism when commenting about the Fort Hood incident, and the cowardly acts of suicide bombing and murder of innocents all around the world. Seems that would be just as relevant if not more so, than the White racism he condemned, without knowing the facts, in the Gates affair. But, what do I know? He's the president, and is obviously more capable of assuming motive, than I. Hmmm.

I'm confused about another thing, which I'm sure can be attributed to my lack of knowledge and understanding, that our president most assuredly has. Why does his administration and cronies want to take terrorism or terrorist acts out of our lexicon, and define an act of terrorism as a man-caused disaster? But, at the same time his friends and allies assigned racism as the motive for critics of his domestic agenda. He must be really intelligent to make such a distinction. This obviously is far above my pay grade. Gee, I heard that phrase somewhere before.

I just had an epiphany. I think it was those twenty years of sitting in front of the most eloquent Rev Wright that taught him how to assign motive and blame about race relations. After all he said he would be the post racial president. I'm sure his relationship with ACORN, and his redistribution policies have a lot to do with correcting those injustices. And, I'm sure it was those years at Harvard and Yale Law that gave him the understanding about Islamic extremist and their plight. How they've been persecuted by Jews and the West for years. That's probably why he's doing everything to not offend or agitate them in any way. That must be why he's dictating to that pesky Israel, to stop their settlements, and watch their step when dealing with these downtrodden, and every right to be angry, makers of man-caused disasters.

I'm so glad we elected a president who has the intellect and wisdom to assign or not assign motives in all the important incidents of the day. I'm sure his efforts won't exacerbate racism, or embolden makers of man-caused disasters to make more man-caused disasters. He's too smart to let that happen, and most Americans have too much COMMON, and that's the problem, it's COMMON sense, not Rev. Wright and elite Ivy League educated sense, to think like his highly evolved and superior mind does. All hail!


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Redistribution of Wealth Goes Global

We all remember when Barack Obama told Joe the Plumber that he wanted to spread the wealth around. Well he is making good on his word. Redistribution policies are in vogue in Washington. The wealth of America is being returned to its rightful owners according to this administration. But did we consider China as one of the rightful owners?

As our debt continues to grow, and this administration projects 1 trillion dollar deficits through 2019, do most Americans understand that 40 cents out of every dollar tax payers send the federal government goes to service that debt? Yes, you heard it right, 40 cents of every dollar simple pays the interest on our collective debt. 40 cents that can't be used to improve our infrastructure, or increase our defenses, or pay entitlements like social security and medicare. Who holds our debt? Well according to statistics from the federal government China is buying approximately half of all new debt. Much of America's treasure is going to the Communist Chinese government, that enslaves it's citizens through political purging, torture and imprisonment.

Many that have gotten into credit card trouble understand the predicament of servicing a debt that eats a larger and larger percentage of their income. With more foreign countries buying our debt, a greater percentage of Americans hard earn tax dollars are being wired to foreign governments world wide.

Another global redistribution policy of this administration and democrats in congress is the cap and trade legislation passed through the house and now under debate in the senate. The huge unilateral taxes and fees on American companies and individuals will not be reciprocated from the two biggest polluters China, and India. So once again Americans will be footing the bill for environmental cleanup, propagated by junk science and ideological nut cases here in America, and around the world. The ever giving taxpayer takes it in the shorts once again.

How about the huge transfer of wealth from this country to terrorist sponsoring states in the Middle East because the messiah and congress refuse to allow off shore drilling and exploration and extraction of the billions and billions of barrels of crude oil and natural gas at our fingertips. And this president has the audacity to transfer ten billion dollars to Brazil for exploration off their coast, at the behest of that generous democrat donor, George Soros.

Was this the change you can believe in? The next time you find it hard to make ends meet, or you can't buy that new pair of shoes or sports equipment for a deserving son or daughter, think about the waste and redistribution of your hard earned tax dollars, and dare to get mad. Call a congressman or senator. Voice your complaints, about this global redistribution. Rise up with people in your own neighborhood and community. Start a grass roots movement to inform Washington you are not the world's provider. America is a generous and giving land, but if was never intended to be the clearing house for governments world wide. Do you want your president to protect the hard earned dollars of it's citizens, or be re distributor of America's treasure? Right now it seems the later is his goal.

Change is Coming!

It's becoming increasingly clear that many Americans that voted for Barack Obama one year ago, completely misunderstood the change he was pushing. Lofty rhetoric like "no more blue state and red state, conservative state and liberal state but only the United States," resonated with the majority of Americans. Post partisan and post racial were attractive magnets to draw in even the suspicious voter, who were somewhat troubled by his liberal leanings. He talked about the process being too divisive with not enough transparency. Eloquent enumerations that suggested an America working together to tackle the tough issues of the day. Putting behind forever the racial divide with the historic election of the first African American president. Essentially, most attracted to his presidency assumed the change was about process and tone, as well as historic.

His policy rhetoric was actually in many ways to the right of John McCain. He promised no tax increases for 95% of Americans, and many would receive tax cuts. He said he'd be a fiscal hawk, scouring the budgets line by line to remove waste and inefficiencies. No more earmarks. He excoriated McCain for suggesting taxing employer health benefits. Lobbyist would be persona non grata at his White House. He would finish the job Bush didn't when he took his eye off the ball in Afghanistan.

In reality what we've gotten from him and the democrats in congress is as close to a 180 degree shift from both policy rhetoric as well as his tone and process. He is anything but post partisan. We saw during the stimulus debate, a president that insisted the legislation should and would be written by, in his words those that won the election. His tone on almost every debate has been a denunciation of republicans, and an incessant Bush blaming. The Democrats have defeated every republican amendment to every bill passed this year in congress. Republicans have been shut out of the health care debate and process completely, and then referred to as the party of NO. Both the White House and democrats have tried to marginalize the town hall/tea party attendees, rather than addressing their concerns.

He is anything but post racial. His reaction to the Gates affair this summer was telling. He immediately fell into a Rev. Wright moment when asked about the arrest of Professor Gates at a health care press conference, which obviously had to be stepped back from by hosting the now famous beer summit. He allowed many to play the race card when his policy initiatives were under attack, while he positioned himself above it.

His deeds have not matched his policy rhetoric either. A bloated stimulus bill that did little to stimulate, and served rather as a payback to contributors was rammed through without being read and posted as promised. The omnibus bill contained 9000 earmarks that he didn't hesitate to sign. He's given exclusive wavers for lobbyists to work in his administration. He's already raised taxes on alcohol and tobacco which is the most regressive of all, and the cap and trade and health care bills rattling around congress both include huge tax increases for all Americans. His administration is announcing trillion dollar deficits for the next ten years, and his fiscal year 2010 budget clocks in at almost 3.6 trillion dollars. His promise to finish the job in Afghanistan is now being reexamined, and transparency is the last word anyone would use to describe this administration and congress.

What the America people were promised they'd get, they haven't. What most didn't expect they'd get, they've gotten. What the foreseeable future holds is more of the same, except now that Virginia and New Jersey have spoken, the foot may have to be eased off the accelerator enough to at least slow the death march to socialism that was always the intent of Barack Obama. Redistribution of wealth, and redistribution of health is now crawling rather than sprinting to the finish line, as blue dogs all across the country study the exit polling from Tuesday's smack down of Washington's arrogant excesses. Many sounded the warning bell before November 2008. It just took a year for many to hear.