Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My "Sarah Palin" Labor Day Weekend

Labor day weekend is usually the official start of a presidential campaign, whether it's the year of, or the year before the general election. The year before is when the American people begin to tune into the primary season with a flurry of debates and the winnowing out process. Saturday night I decided to order "The Undefeated" through my cable company. I was anxious to see how the movie portrayed Sarah Palin's accomplishments as governor of Alaska. Even though she had no part in the production of the movie, sections of her audio book "Going Rogue" were used as a narrative throughout. Many of her former staff and other well known conservatives were shown commenting. The accomplishments she made in only two and a half years before the call from John McCain were immense. Her stare down of big oil, her reform agenda, and her capacity to take on the  " Good Ole Boy Network" was courageous, if not heroic. In stark contrast the hellishness of  attacks that were leveled against  her from the left and the media after her nomination as VP proved she was an existential threat to the progressive movement and the ruling class in Washington. They saw her potential and knew she must be taken out. It's a sad commentary that the media decided to play assassin rather than be journalists and report her actual record of accomplishments.

After watching the movie, I turned on CSPAN, and there she was again giving her Iowa Tea Party speech, seen here, to an enthusiastic crowd of supporters. Again she stressed reform, and the need to rebuff crony capitalism and expose the ruling class for their arrogant transcendence over our lives. She didn't speak in nuance and complexity as the elites do, but in common sense conservatism that enlightens and motivates. It was more than a populist speech, it was a searing indictment of the establishment of both parties. No wonder they fear her. After the speech ended the CSPAN cameras kept rolling and I watched as she shook hands, signed autographs, and talked with the attendees. There wasn't that condescending acknowledgment, but more of a genuine connection to the crowd. One woman said she was a school teacher, and Sarah asked her what grade she taught. Sarah then responded that both her sister and father were long time school teachers. She then announced with a proud and giddy joy, "my father taught fifth grade." I had an immediate epiphany. Because this small, attractive, courageous woman had reached the purist form of ordinary, she'd become EXTRAORDINARY.  That was and is her appeal to middle America, and that is why the ruling class fears her. It isn't something you can imitate or bottle, it is inherent in the character of an individual.

Later in the weekend, I read a L.A. Times article that Sarah had actually run a half marathon in Storm Lake Iowa on Sunday. The surprising thing about this is that she did it incognito. The wife of Doug Adams, the man who created the blog, "Iowans4Palin," had gone to walk the course and noticed Sarah and Todd wearing visors and sunglasses. Sarah apparently signed in using her maiden name Sarah Heath, and nobody was the wiser. The women went and woke her husband and hurried him down to the lake where they met Sarah and Todd after the race and had pictures taken with them.  “She is gracious and friendly as she could be,” said Adams. “The thing that amazes me is that they wandered off by themselves, and then I was talking with someone else and I felt a tap on my shoulder. She said, ‘I just wanted to thank you before leaving.’ It floored me.” Just another example of Sarah's Kindness and connection with everyday Americans. By the way, she ran that 13.1 miles in 1hour 46 minutes and ten seconds...Not Bad.

Monday found Sarah again speaking at a Tea Party Rally, this time in New Hampshire and hearing the cheers from the crowd, "run Sarah run." She continued her assault on the Obama administration and the ruling class. Whether she runs or not, we can count on her to speak her mind without fear or regret. After the weekend she responded to the labor day attacks by Jim Hoffa against the Tea Party through her face book page. Once again she's seen fighting for every day Americans and encouraging hard working union folk to not be taken in by the thuggery and demagoguery of union bosses. If there was ever anybody that was standing up for the, "working people" of America, it is Sarah Palin. After my Sarah Palin Labor day weekend I can only conclude that America needs her, and if she runs, she'll have my full support. Those of you that have only heard or seen the media concocted view of Sarah Palin, I would challenge you to click the links in this blog post. Order the movie, "The Undefeated," and investigate what the media and the left isn't telling you.