Saturday, July 23, 2011

Boehner Just Bullied The School Yard Bully

  Even though the Washington and media elites continue to put forth the narrative that Obama is the adult in the room, we saw Friday why increasingly many in America call him "President Cry Baby." His impromptu press conference was like a whiny child running to his mother to tell her, "mean Johnny Boehner just hit me in the arm again." Of course that whiny child only tells mommy about the bruised and sore shoulder, and never what he did to provoke mean Johnny to take a swing in the first place. Could this cry baby attitude be the result of being raised without a father to encourage him to take a swing back instead of immediately running to mommy for comfort? The mother in this case is of course the sympathetic and protective media, who's continued to coddle and protect poor little Barry from those who've attacked him. Just like an overprotective mother, they may be doing  little Barry a disservice.

Now that little Barry has cried to mommy one too many times, little Johnny is going to take his ball and not play with Barry any more. Instead he's going over to the other D.C playground and play with Mitchy and Harry, and Barry will be left to look out of his window and watch them play.  He'll sob to mommy, i.e. the media, "why won't the other kids play with me any more?" Mommy will just hug her angry son, and tell him, "that's OK, mommy still loves you." The only question left is, when Johnny and the other boys finally find a game they can all agree to play and decide to invite Barry to join in one last time, will petulant little Barry be so angry that he decides to ruin their little game of, "who blinked first," i.e. veto their plan?

Meanwhile, those in real America that must live within their means, watch as the children continue to break each others expensive toys. More are coming to the realization that we elected a man-child as president no matter what his mommy,  excuse me, the media says about him. Maturity comes to an individual when they start to take responsibility for their mistakes and stop pointing fingers at others. Little Barry Obama hasn't grown to that point yet. Instead of crying to mommy, the best way to deal with a bully is to hit him back. As the current school yard bully, I think little Barry just got bullied by the most adult in the room, Johnny Boehner. Now little Johnny must go and  find some other adults that won't resort to finger pointing and crying to mommy, oops excuse me, the press. Good luck Johnny. I for one, am not optimistic.

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