Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Obama's Energy Terrorism

Obama spoke today at Georgetown University about energy policy and rising gasoline prices. Once again he showed arrogance and condescension as he dismissed calls for more oil exploration as an unrealistic fix to the problem. He mentioned $4 gasoline prices during the 2008 elections and ridiculed the slogans like, "drill baby drill," dismissing them as election year sloganeering. His new goal is to cut our oil imports by one third over the next decade. Apparently he then intends to drill baby drill. That would mean opening up ANWR, and start approving leases for the Gulf Coast as well as the East and West Coast for off shore drilling. Maybe he should loosen regulation for American companies instead of supporting Brazilian exploration. Obviously that is not his intention. Apparently he thinks the green route and conservation is going to accomplish that. Rising gasoline prices seem to be in his wheel house for lessening dependence and encouraging alternatives. In reality all that will do is put the brakes on an economy that is dependent on affordable energy. Alternatives are no where near any type of sustainable level that would even make a dent in our energy needs. Natural gas is the closest example of a transitional cleaner burning fuel that could power our vehicles, and he's blocking exploration and extraction of it right here in America. He's right about one thing. You can drop our importation of oil by one third over ten years without loosening regulation and drilling, but he'll bankrupt many with oil driven inflation and our economy may shrink to the level of many third world countries.  

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Obama Rests, While The World Burns

  Has there ever been a president so in control, that he can be totally disengaged? Maybe his strategy is, "I'm not worried, Why should you be." Let's consider the peril. The budget battle continues as government nears another shutdown on Friday if congress doesn't pass another short term continuing resolution.  The deficit could reach 1.6 trillion dollars this year. But, remember he told us not too long ago that China is becoming an economic powerhouse. Therefore they'll be able to buy more of our debt. Oil and gas prices are accelerating at break neck speed. Don't worry, it's all part of his plan. Libya is in chaos, and Japan is in crisis. Wisconsin republicans are receiving death threats, and the union thugs continue to attack the capital in Madison. All par for the course for a community organizer. What is our illustrative leader doing? Well, he played golf this weekend for the second week in a row, and I'm wondering if he's hit par for that course yet. His 61st round since becoming president. It takes time and dedication to improve your golf game. He still must be having trouble slicing left.

Saturday he spent the whole of his weekly radio address talking about, "March is Women's History month." The Japanese quake and ensuing tsunami weren't even mentioned. But, in fairness, and isn't that what womens history month is all about...fairness, he probably recorded it ahead of time to make room for golf on the weekend. Last week he addressed a White House conference on the need to stop bullying in schools. He reminded folks that he got bullied because of his big ears, and name. Apparently those big ears help him fly above the chaos and turmoil that the country is facing. And, to top it all off, he's filling out his NCAA basketball bracket today to be released tomorrow on ESPN. Don't forget about the women's bracket. It is Women's History Month. Will he pick Duke this time around? The suspense is killing me.

It gives all Americans such comfort to know that he has everything under control. Engage. Why engage? He knows that if he gets involved it signals there must be a problem and that he's worried. Should he be leading? He is leading by example. If we all just relax and enjoy life, everything will fall into place. Work, why work? He worked leading up to his inauguration, or incarnation, or whatever you want to call it. And, since many consider him the messiah he considers his presidency the seventh day, and we all know what God did on the seventh day. Work is the curse of the proletariat. Intellectual elites don't work. God forbid. Do elitists believe in God? They may believe in elected gods. These are all good questions, but seriously, elites don't work. They are, because they think, and he's thinking right now... "do I pick Duke or do I go with Ohio State." Hmmm, Ohio is a very critical state for next years election. He's probably thinking..."Go Buckeyes."
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Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Irony Of Labors Smackdown

  When Barack Obama was elected in 2008, labor had just secured their most potent ally ever. For years state legislators had been giving Utopian style wage and benefit packages to their unionized state employees through the collective bargaining system. Pay back for huge donations to democrat coffers. Obama loaded more goodies to his union buddies in the stimulus, and then in the Chrysler and GM bankruptcies he gave them an even greater piece of the pie at the expense of the secured bond holders. Labor was running high. The head of SEIU was the most frequent guest at the White House through Obama's first two years in office. Federal workers salaries and benefits were exploding exponentially, as Obama added over 200 thousand new hires his first two years. Budget deficits continued to explode in both the federal and state governments. All of this was a revelation to the American people who began to see the unholy alliance between private and public sector unions and the democrat party. 

The midterm elections of 2010 was more than just a revolt over deficit spending and arrogance exposed through Obama Care, the stimulus, bailouts, cap and trade, and the financial reform bill.  it was a backlash against a democrat party that a vast majority of Americans saw as highly partisan, prone to class warfare, and willing to do anything to protect their most potent sugar daddy....UNIONS. It was a perfect system. The more the democrat party could empower unions, the more unions would empower democrats with ungodly campaign cash and mobilization. They were both getting fat and sassy at the expense of the taxpayer, until voters decided it was time to reign the rascals in. 

Much of the attention of the 2010 elections was focused at the federal level where the GOP took over control of the house with historic gains, and increased their numbers in the senate. But, the real transfer took place in the state houses and legislatures. Twenty two state legislative chambers switched control in 2010, all in favor of the GOP. They picked up 680 state legislative seats. In the huge wave election of 1994 they picked up 472, which pales in comparison. Most post election  talk was focused on the new advantage in redistricting, but not many talked about the effect it would have on public employee unions. Republicans now hold 29 governorships to the democrats twenty with one independent.

The turmoil in Wisconsin shows that this was a pivotal battle that will be repeated in many other states that have elected GOP governors and state legislators. Wisconsin is a swing state and essential for Obama's reelection. Why else would he and his union boss friends like  Richard Trumpka head of the AFL-CIO be so personally involved in what happened there? Trumpka has acknowledged that he visits the White House 2 or 3 times a week and talks to someone in the White House every day. We can all see where this presidents priorities lie. The mobilization of people from all over the country to Wisconsin shows this is a line in the sand state, and Governor Walker has taken his bold foot and rubbed that line out. Now we see where the left comes from, as death threats and intimidation spew forth from the union members and their allies. It's instructive to note that the media's response to these threats and the intimidating demonstrations was muted, while they slandered Tea Party rallies that were unusually civil.  

Governor Walkers resolve to stand firm can do nothing but help his state as this new law should attract business back and increase employment, while giving local governments flexibility in deficit reduction which is essential for long term fiscal health. It will ironically save many of those union jobs that were set for elimination if this law hadn't passed. Now we will began to see the dominoes fall as state after state where republicans now have legislative control began to reign in union benefits and collective bargaining. The democrats fatal mistake was exposing themselves for whom they actually are, by openly rewarding allies and giving their back hand to the majority of tax paying voters. The irony of the democrats overreach in this unholy alliance with unions, has resulted in a mindset to dramatically reduce the influence and power of the very ones they hoped to protect. 
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