Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Tea Party And Blacks....Part 2

The Mainstream media and the democrat party continues their non-stop vilification of the Tea Party as Racists. {watch video.} It's an obvious campaign to marginalize and demonize a movement that has the answers for the plight of black America as it's core issues. Black America has for decades been the property of the democrat party. The party has fostered a continual entitlement mentality that has captured much of black America in an endless cycle of dependency and family breakdown. One in three food stamp household is headed by an African American even though African Americans make up only 12% of the US population. Another staggering statistic is that 70% of black children are born to single mothers. This entitlement mentality has trapped generation after generation of black families in an endlessly hopeless existence primarily located in an inner city hell.

I've heard bigots through the years justify slavery by saying that many southern blacks actually chose to stay with their plantation masters because they felt unequipped to make it on their own, and were well treated by their owners. The fact that they were considered property didn't seem to matter. The soft bigotry of the democrat party implies that blacks need them and their handouts. The constant help of the federal government is necessary to scratch out a meager existence. Like the plantation owners of long ago the democrat party has by and large convinced Blacks they would be better off with the crumbs that fall from the masters table rather  than individual freedom, and self determination. The voting patterns of blacks over the decades bares this out.  Conservative blacks like conservative women are targets of the left simply because they don't fit the template the democrat party has fashioned for them.

Many blacks in the Tea Party movement are now facing that same wrath. Some blacks have bought into the democrat party and mainstream media's effort to label the Tea Party as racists. Therefore those Black Americans that believe in personal responsibility, limited government, lower taxes, and self determination, that have affiliated themselves with Tea Party groups are being called Oreos, Traitors, Uncle Toms and the like. It's sad to see that in a nation that just elected it's first African American president  many still feel that blacks need that constant hand out rather then the freedom of self determination. The democrat party has taken the African American population for granted and has kept them on the plantation of low expectations for years. Now those democrats see a new civil war brewing that has the potential of freeing blacks from the chains of government dependency. Therefore their counter attack is to label the solution as the problem and completely nullify the credibility of the Tea Party movement by attributing their motivation to racism. It is a heinous act, that should be called out and repudiated by all Americans. The video of racial slurs supposedly hurled at black lawmakers by Tea Party participants during the lead up to the Obama Care vote has yet to be found. The video of a Tea Party protester yelling at Emanuel Cleaver with hands cupped around his mouth was interpreted by some as a spitting incident. I've gotten wetter sitting on the front row of church when the preacher got excited.  No one doubts that one or two idiots may have screamed something untoward, but the evidence is not there, and we all know that the democrats regularly will dispatch plants to discredit a group protesting against them.

Now we must label the democrat party for what it is. Plantation masters, fearful of losing their most priced property, the African American community to a movement that trumpets freedom and individual responsibility without the shackles of government dependency. Those blacks that have found their way to the Tea Party movement are dangerous to the left and the assaults against them rival the assaults against Clarence Thomas, the first conservative black nominated to the supreme court. They stopped at nothing to prevent his confirmation. Their efforts failed because truth prevailed. Let's remember it's the democrats, the mainstream media, and the left in general that underestimates the potential of the black community. That kind of bigotry must be defeated, and the Tea Party is on the side of all Americans that want self determination and FREEDOM. Abraham Lincoln would be proud, and this new civil war to free America from the bondage of government entitlements will have a greater and lasting effect on Black America than any other group. 

Let's reject the politics of smears and the heinous accusations of racism that stigmatizes and disqualifies the target if the label sticks. America has come a long way to turn back the forces of racism and the next step must be to eliminate the race hustlers and race baitors that continue to separate by color and ethnicity. We now have a Black president, and the black community has every right to be proud, but the tactic of labeling everyone who opposes his policies as racist is pure evil. Debate is aborted when this tactic is used. That may be the purpose of this tactic. Change the subject to prevent a debate you know you will lose. That is the democrat strategy. Let's stop the modern day plantation masters from continuing to enslave their prize possession, The African American Community.
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