Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Regrettable Love Affair

We have all had that instance when a new and exciting attraction grabs our attention. That special man or woman that suddenly seems to give new meaning to our life. He, or she, was unknown only days earlier, and immediately the hook is set. We are in love, or we think we are. They seem so together and accomplished. They are truthful, and transparent, or at least we want to believe. There's an excitement that always comes with new attraction, and hopefulness that comes with love at first sight. The promises made becomes the  reality expected. Such was the dynamic that flung Barack Obama onto the scene. He was the dream candidate. Young, attractive, mysterious, exotic, and oh that golden tongue. A tongue that caused women to faint, and sent tingles up tired legs. The old and boring faded in the twinkling of an eye, and the future was here, and all would be well. Hope and change, ahh, hope and change. What romantic doesn't want hope and change.

The problem with these fleeting attractions, is that the downside comes faster than the original crush. Like the whirlwind romance that seems too good to be true, the stark reality eventually comes, and it was too good to be true. In fairness to the new love, is anyone capable of living up to the hype? Their charisma claims the souls of the needy, and none can deliver the anticipated goods. We defend them at first, refusing to believe the bitter ramblings of those wanting to bring them down. You don't know him like I know him we rebuff. But then it happens. We detect a chink in the armor of our gladiator that was willing to enter the arena and fight our battles. Or were they empty promises and his romantic way was meant simple to game us. We catch him in first a small lie, and then a whopper. We begin to wonder to ourselves at first, did I make the right decision. Should I have waited longer and tested this thing, this feeling. Suddenly a sick feeling takes over. The warnings of those close to us to take it slow were completely ignored. Now we feel regret. We know they were right.

We've committed ourselves to someone we really didn't know. The lies come quicker now and we are heartsick. We don't blame him, we blame ourselves for falling for the con. There is still a slight feeling there. It's either the hope that it could all work out, or the denial that we were wrong. We still want to believe, but of course we know deep down inside the real truth.... We were conned. We took the bait. The golden tongue was that of the tempter, the one looking out for himself. The one that needed us to succeed in his master scheme. We began to realize what he was really after. His promises of love and caring were mere attempts to control our lives, make us dependent and turn us into submissives. Just as fast as the original attraction beguiled us, so now we want to hasten the charmers departure. We become sickened at his sight. How can such immediate appeal turn ugly so fast? Simple.....we see our freedom taken and our respect demeaned. We want our life back. We want our prosperity back. We want to feel independent and in control again. Such was the short and regrettable American love affair with Barack Obama.

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