Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Tea Party And Blacks

As the Tea Part Movement continues to grow, the left's distortion of the movement expands as well. There is a concerted effort to marginalize and demonize the movement as hateful and fringe by the Obama administration, democrats in congress, and the main stream media. We all remember the mainstream media defining the movement last summer as small and insignificant. They tried their best to ignore and dismiss it. They can no longer do that. The Tea Party Express kicked off their march to the Washington DC rally  in Searchlight Nevada, with around ten thousand people. The interstate was actually shut down leading into Searchlight. CNN actually reported the event drew dozens. You can see by their reporting they are still trying to dismiss the movement as inconsequential, and have not yet completely moved into the second stage, of demonizing and vilifying. 

MSNBC on the other hand has ratcheted up the rhetoric to a fever pitch. Chris Matthews commenting on his show, "Hardball," was touting the Frank Rich column that intimated the Tea Party Movement was not about policy, but about racism...He ran into a buzz saw however with a Tea Party activist, Dana Loesch, who dismantled almost every argument Matthews had....What is different about this movement is they are not going to take it when derisive labels are hurled at them. The Dallas Tea Party, shown here actually made a video in response to Keith Olberman's accusations of racism, and put Olberman and the entire network on the defensive.

Let's talk about the minority representation in the Tea Party Movement. First of all 12% of the US population is black. So if there was a representative amount of blacks at Tea Party rallies it would only be 12%. Of that 12%, 95% voted for Barack Obama. Blacks are a monolithic group to a large extent, that support the democrat party, and big government policies. That leaves 5% of blacks that did not support Barack Obama. 5% of the already minority 12%, which is less than three quarters of one percent of the population that may be opponents of the president's agenda. You have a very small minority of the minority that would have any compunction to protest what is happening. Not all opponents of Obama's agenda attend tea party events, so the idea that even three quarter of one percent, the black opponents to Obama, would attend an event is stretching. The contention, "that there aren't many black faces in the Tea party movement, therefore we can label it as racist," is ludicrous on the surface. The numbers speak for themselves. I've attended several Tea Party events and the proportion of blacks is far more than one in a hundred, and there are also many blacks in leadership positions in the movement.

Now lets look at MSNBC...You could safely say they are the most liberal cable network on television. 21% of the countries population identify themselves as liberal. Even though 95% of blacks voted for the most liberal president in our nations history, probably not all that 95% are as liberal as Barack Obama. I think we could safely say that because of their support for Obama and democrat policies in general, 60%  support liberal policies. 60% of the 95% blacks who voted for Obama that could  be described as supporting liberal policies would be 6.8% of the total population. 21% of the total population identify themselves as liberal, and 6.8% of the total that support liberalism would be black...Therefore if MSNBC were to be representative of the black population, one in every three line up hosts on that network should be black. As of right now there is not one black hosting on MSNBC. Who are the racists? 

I know what you're going to say. MSNBC supports policies that help blacks, and the Tea Party doesn't. I would say that the Tea Party movement, and conservatives in general, understand that we are all Americans and  shouldn't be broken up into ethnic, hyphenated groups. What's good for one group is good for another. Spending policies and huge deficits that will be passed onto our children affects blacks as well as whites. Blacks have been victims of liberal policies over the years that promised entitlements based on color and income, that has enslaved them into a plantation like mentality. Vote for us, the democrat hierarchy says,  and we'll make sure you can survive on a meager government entitlement existence. The Tea Party wants all Americans to pursue their dreams in a free society not encumbered by government taxation and regulation, that kills personal initiative, and enslaves all through government largess. The race baiters that would attempt to divide us by ethnic group have done substantial damage to black America. Personal responsibility and free market capitalism is the only thing that will completely free the black community from their plantation masters..."the democrat party."

The democrats and the media are fearful that the message the Tea Party movement is articulating is somehow going catch hold with millions more and open the eyes of those who've been caught in an entitlement mentality, including black America. Their only defense, since their policies are  indefensible, is to demonize the opposition, and the most devastating accusation is that of racism. They know exactly what they're doing. This time it will not stand. Truth shall prevail, because the main stream media now has adversaries to their propaganda campaign.  The Tea Party will continue to grow and fight against big government and out of control spending. All are welcome and encouraged to join the fight for freedom and limited government, especially minorities that have begun to understand the folly of big government. Dennis Prager words couldn't be more true, "The bigger the government the smaller the citizen." Let's rise above those that would enslave, and declare our freedom as endowed by God. Attend a Tea Party near you and experience for yourself what it's all about.
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  1. Unfortunately, the racial tensions will get far worse once the immigration debate starts!

  2. It wouldn't be such a big deal if the tea party attendees were not such a bunch of tobacco spitting dip shit rednecks. But I understand your logic about the blacks.