Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Who Is The Greatest Danger?

Steny Hoyer is having an epiphany of late because a Minnesota radio talk show host called democrat lawmakers, lying, thieving, communists, at a rally for Michele Bachmann where Sarah Palin was a speaker. Suddenly name calling has become dangerous and not acceptable to the second in command in the house of representatives. This is an obvious short term memory problem for Mr. Hoyer. We all remember even though the congressman doesn't, the non-stop verbal attacks on president Bush, not just by talk show hosts but members of congress. Harry Reid called Bush a liar. An innumerable number of lawmakers said he deceived us to lead us into war, even though many of those same lawmakers gave speeches denouncing Saddam Hussein and his weapons of mass destruction before voting yes on the resolution leading up to the Iraq war.

How convenient it is to now suddenly condemn a fired up radio show host for letting his emotions out on the democrat congress. Where was he during the Bush years. I hope Obama Care that Mr. Hoyer just helped ram through has a provision to treat short term memory loss. But, the central question is, are outbursts that accuse presidents or lawmakers by radio talk show hosts a threat to our democracy, or are they an inevitable by product of a first amendment that allows all speech even if it's offensive or possibly untruthful? We had president Obama excoriate Limbaugh and Beck after Harry Smith offered up a loaded softball about the talk radio circuit and their supposed vitriol toward him. 

What's even more confusing is that in the same article talking about Hoyer's sudden epiphany, he blasts Michele Bachmann as a denier, when she questioned the accusations of racial slurs supposedly thrown out at black congressmen leading up to the Obama Care vote. So let me get this straight. It's OK to accuse Tea Party activists as racists even though there's no recorded evidence of such, and he can now accuse those that question that label as deniers. Then he asserts a radio talk show hosts shouldn't call the democrat congress lying, thieving, communist, even though the overwhelming evidence is they've lied, stole from the American people, and are redistributing wealth at a record pace. The logic of Mr. Hoyer position is somewhat incoherent. Once again I hope there's a mental illness provision in Obama Care that will treat Mr. Hoyers illogical assumptions.

The central question still remains, who is more dangerous to our republic? A radio talk show hosts that spouts off at a political rally, or a congress that is spending us into oblivion, destroying the once greatest economy on the face of the earth, is forcing laws down our throats that we don't want, and systematically eroding our freedoms as well as lowering everyone's standard of living? The answer is somewhat obvious Mr. Hoyer. I've heard Rush say over and over again he has no power to pass a law that will effect any American. He can't raise our taxes, or pass a law that compels me to buy health insurance. He can't enact policies that hurt our economy and cause it to bleed jobs. He can however shine the light of truth on your duplicity and arrogance. He can openly debate your policies and agenda. He can, like huge numbers of Americans, protest what you and this president have done to our economy.  He can point out your insatiable lust for power, that does effect every one of us. As far as I know these are still constitutionally protected rights.

One freedom will still have as Americans is the choice to listen to a Limbaugh or a Beck, at least for now even though you're trying to erode that. We also have the freedom to turn them off, and not listen.  We do not have the freedom to escape the laws you pass...the taxes you enact....the restrictions you place on our freedom....and the debt you create. All Americans are subject to your whims, unless of course you exclude them like you do your favorite contributors, and your fellow congress men and women. Your contention that talk show hosts are a danger to our democracy is laughable at best, but it's a contention that, in itself, is extremely dangerous. When lawmakers begin to demonize and vilify the free expression of opposition to government action, sirens should be sounding all across this country. Americans are waking up to the real dangers that are affecting the lives of real Americans, and Mr. Hoyer, and Mr. president, it is not radio talk show hosts!
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