Saturday, April 10, 2010

No Democrat Bump From Obama Care

It's been several weeks since President Obama and the congressional leadership cajoled, bribed, bartered, and intimidated the house democrats into passing the much aligned and retooled senate health care bill. The political calculation was that the midterms would be even worse for the party in power if nothing was passed. So, they rammed it through with Nancy Pelosi's infamous statement, we have to pass the bill so you can know what is in it. They rejected the will of the governed. They over sold it as a long term deficit reduction plan, with the only problem being that nobody was buying it. Trust for this administration and the leadership in congress is teetering on the absurd, with most Americans angry and looking for a midterm massacre to send this profound and lasting message to elitist liberal leaders, "Don't Tread On Me." Their political gamble is turning ugly for the dumbocrat party. Their calculation that once passed, Obama care would increase in popularity as Americans began to see the benefits of the bill. On the contrary the numbers have barely moved in the Fox poll, and gone down in others.

The latest Fox News opinion dynamics poll shows Obama care is opposed  54% to 39%, Obama's job approval ratings have fallen to an all time low in this poll of 43% approve...48% disapprove. In mid March just before Obama Care became law his approval was 46%...disapprove 48%. As Haley Barbour said, "the longest wet kiss any president has ever been given by the media," since Obama Care was passed has only moved the numbers slightly. But, Obama himself has fallen in this poll. Before the passage of the bill the numbers were 55 opposed to 35% in favor of Obama Care.

The bump individual democrats thought they would get from the passage of Obama care is even less evident. If you go to the Real Clear Politics average of individual as well as generic polling for the midterm elections the trend is not good for the Obama Care crusaders. We see one of the first casualties in Bart Stupak, who was a major player in the finals hours of Obama Care. The Tea Party has dumped 1/4 million dollars into his Michigan district castigating him for his duplicity in the Health Care passage, and sell out to pro-life Americans. He can talk until he's blue in the face, and give multiple excuses for his decision to bow out of the midterms, but the truth is he knew he didn't stand a snowballs chance in hell of reelection. More will come to that realization as now the Tea Party and conservatives in general can focus their attention on other vulnerable dems who said yes to the Messiah, Princess Pelosi, and Prince Harry.

Businesses such as AT&T and Caterpillar are announcing huge write downs that Obama Care will cause, which mean job losses and contraction of many businesses. More states are joining the parade to file suit against the federal government over provisions of the law. For all of Obama's non-stop selling before and after passage, the skeptical public remains so. Those uninformed, and happy to now think they immediately have free health care are calling local providers looking for appointments and free medical attention. Another unintended consequence of their over selling a flawed bill. The democrats calculation that they could hook the public on the positives of the law before the negative aspects began rolling out is backfiring on them. Henry Waxman's vilification, of these businesses that are announcing write downs is his way of stemming the tide of more to come. Calling these businesses before his committee is nothing more then an intimidation tactic to stop others from publicizing the negative effect of Obama Care. 

Many people wonder why the democrat party would go ahead and walk off the proverbial cliff for an unpopular and badly flawed bill. Someone put it this way. They are like a gang of thieves that wanted to rob the local bank. They were inside, guns drawn and suddenly they were surrounded by sirens and police cars, symbolic of, "the American people saying stop." After Virginia, New Jersey, and of course Massachusetts, you'd think they'd raise their hands in surrender and come back and start from scratch. But, their calculation was, we're already in trouble for attempted robbery, we might as well go down with guns blazing, and if we can succeed we'll give away enough of the booty before the depositors realize their money is gone, and the bank is broke. Sorry democrat party, but you were caught, and the American electorate is now your judge and jury. Your sentenced will be as follows,  "A new occupation of your choice." Just ask Bart Stupak. One other thing... That same judge, "Once again the American People," Will not allow you an administration job of any kind, also known as payment for your yes voice.
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