Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Divider In Chief

It's evident the Obama administration has their strategy for the 2010 midterms. They are desperate to try and stem the tsunami that may be washing the democrats out of the majority in the house and possibly the senate. The Tactic is as old as time itself. The Race Card.... Since Lindsey Graham has split the scene on cap and trade the president is cajoling his party to attack immigration, or should I say amnesty, while whipping up a frenzy of racial animus against supporters of the new Arizona immigration law. This is coming from the administration that has passively tried to label the Tea Party as racists, and has used surrogates to imply opposition to the Obama agenda is latent racism. Obama himself played the race card this last summer during the Cambridge episode in which a Harvard law professor was arrested by a white officer while investigating a possible robbery at the professors house. The president fell back into his default position that race played a part. He was re soundly rebuked by the American people which lead to the infamous Beer summit.

He recently taped a campaign style message for the DNC  by pleading for democrats to stir up young people, African Americans, Latinos and women to stand together once again. His appeal was conspicuously absent an appeal to Americans in general and white males in particular. Why weren't Asian Americans mentioned, or native Americans? He also left out Americans of middle Eastern and Jewish descent, and we could go down the list of every ethnic group that resides in America. He mentioned these groups because he understands the politics of race, and he is attempting to use it to his advantage. He thinks he can capitalize on the new Arizona law by labeling it as a racial profiling law. His rhetoric is inflammatory and irresponsible. He mentioned, "if you don't have your papers and you go out to eat ice cream you're going to be harassed." His obvious attempt to whip the Hispanic community into huge demonstrations and backlash against a reasonable bill, passed because of intolerable condition in that border state due to federal inaction, was learned early on in his community organizing days. He understands you must move the masses to action, and misinformation is the best prod to start the ball rolling. He wants the justice department to investigate any civil liberties violations in the law.

He is pitting one group against another group while ignoring his constitutional responsibility to secure our borders. Law biding citizens have every right to stand up against illegal activity that effects them daily, and states should have the right to enforce the immigration laws especially if the federal government is ignoring them. If the debate is centered around legals rights as opposed to illegal activity, he loses. So, he has tried to degenerate that debate into a racial component, and divide by race. His immigration stand is an attempt to bring amnesty to millions of illegals residing in America  simply to insure their loyalty for future elections. He understands the improbability of an amnesty bill being passed before the midterms, but his incentive is to endear himself to the Latino community as much as possible, and also peel away uninformed Americans that can be persuaded the republicans are sympathetic to the Arizona bill and therefore harbor racial animus. Many republicans are already split on the bill and he sees this as an opportunity to divide them even further.

The problem with this strategy is that it will blow up in his face. Almost 70% of Arizona voters support the new law. Jan Brewers approval numbers have gone up 16 points since she signed the law. The protests are degenerating into vandalism of public property and violence that this administration and the media falsely tried to accuse the tea party movement of fomenting. How hypocritical of them slandering the Tea Party movement while they not so subtly encourage actual violent protests. Some Texas lawmakers are now signaling that a similar law may be taken up there. Harry Reid and other congressional democrats have signaled they will not take up immigration before the midterms because they understand the political price they will pay and are not so disposed to fall on the sword for Obama again after the health care bill has not moved the numbers in their favor, but rather has worked against them. They all remember the rebuke that America gave George Bush and John McCain and many other congressional leaders when an amnesty bill was attempted several years ago.

The central question is, what ever happened to that oh so lofty campaign rhetoric of 2008? "No more blue state and no more red state." What happened to the promise of a post racial and post partisan presidency? When is the healing supposed to begin? Instead this president has been on a steady and determined quest to divide by race and conquer by partisanship. He never really intended to work with republicans. His insistence the stimulus bill should be written by those that won the election proves that. His  little health care summit was nothing more then an attempt to appear bipartisan before ramming a bill through with parliamentary maneuvers. His condescension to those that oppose him, and his obvious war on prosperity and the free markets are all attempts to divide by every conceivable category. Class warfare, racial divides, ethnic and religious, as well as cultural divisions. His administration represents the educational elites that would govern by theory rather than private sector experience and common sense. No other president in our history has come into office with as much good will and hope from the American people, and no other president has been as divisive on every level.

Go ahead Mr. President and continue down this path. I have faith the American people will see it for what it is. They are engaged and not as easily fooled as once before. We understand our laws must be enforced for a society to remain free and safe. The fact that our president has to be lectured by state governments to fulfill the oath he took, speaks volumes about his character and allegiance to the constitution he is supposed to uphold and defend.  I hope you can once again brow beat your democrat cronies in congress to push an amnesty bill before the midterms. Go ahead, make our day! The dems have loved falsely pronouncing that Guantanamo Bay has been a recruiting boom for Al Qaeda. Well Mr. president if you push an amnesty bill while America is still trying to crawl it's way out of a recession and we have a 10% unemployment rate, the recruitment of anti democrat voters this November will make that tsunami incomparable in intensity. I'll repeat an exhortation you gave to republicans not too long ago....Go for it!
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