Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bomber Adds To Obama's Trouble

Trouble has gripped the administration  in the last several weeks that threaten their lazy spring of demagoguery and Wall street smack down along with a hail Mary attempt to achieve a cap and trade bill. It's obvious they will try and use the vilification of Wall street, the spill in the Gulf of Mexico, while they misrepresent the new Arizona immigration law, and label domestic terrorism as a real and present danger, all to their advantage for the midterms. The problem is these scenarios are all blowing up in their face faster than a short fuse fire cracker.. 

The president's continued vilification of Wall street and Goldman Sachs in particular rings a bit hollow when you understand he received almost one million in campaign contributions from them. His said recently, " I do think at a certain point you've made enough money," referring to Wall street and his attempt to gain populist support for the Dodd bill. Without going into the weeds of the current bill under consideration the obvious intent is government control while still accepting a too big too fail narrative to the nations largest financial institutions while making no attempt to reign in government entities like Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac, which were at the heart of the financial meltdown. The outcome would continue huge profits for the largest firms and insure continued large donations to the politicians that control their bottom line. The old adage used to be, "don't look a gift horse in the mouth." This administration has decided to put a bit in the horses mouth so you can control where the gifts go by regulation, control and intimidation.

Next we have this administration facing increased scrutiny for their failure to understand and jump on the immediate danger the oil rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico posed to the coastal areas. The new narrative coming out of administration officials is, "since day one," they were on the scene. They seemed to have borrowed Hillary Clinton's failed campaign slogan from the primaries where she repeatedly said "from day one she'd be ready to assume the responsibility for the country." But, a NYT article verified this administrations slow response to the spill, although much of the media is running cover for Obama on this issue in stark contrast to their excoriation and over blown sense of outrage at the Bush administrations somewhat slow response to Katrina. This all comes with new knowledge that BP gave half a million dollars to federal candidates, and the top recipient of BP related donations in the 2008 cycle was Barack Obama. And here we all thought, or were told that republicans were on the side of big oil. All this besides Obama's recent announcement to explore other offshore drilling possibilities doesn't bode well for him to now try and demagogue the offshore issue. Most know this announcement was simply meant as a cynical ploy to gain support for a cap and trade bill in the senate. Now Obama must dust the powder off his face from that short fused fire cracker. The only question remaining is, will the left try to use this to put an end to offshore drilling or will this reopen the debate for more onshore drilling in areas like ANWR and here in the lower forty eight? I suspect the latter is true. Drill Baby Drill onshore, may be the new mantra. The environmental extremists bare some culpability for the unintended consequences of forcing drilling fifty miles offshore.  The fact that this disaster occurred so far off shore with a well one mile below the surface in very rough waters make this well difficult to cap, and troublesome controlling the direction of the slick.

This administrations misrepresentation of the new Arizona immigration enforcement law aided by the sycophant media doesn't seem to be having an effect on the populous. A new CBS poll shows that 51% think the law is about right while 9% think it doesn't go far enough, while only 36% think it goes too far. Obama's claim that law biding citizens will be harassed while going out for ice cream was way over the top, and apparently most Americans seem to be taking what he says as a grain of salt. The obvious result from a year long attempt at rhetorical flourish reminiscent of Sonia Sotomayor, that wise Latino supreme court justice. The Arizona law has even broader support in Arizona and Jan Brewer has received an enormous bump in the polls since signing the bill into law. This all is an indication that the people most effected by the feds lack of seriousness on the southern border understand what needs to be done, while the limousine driven elites are removed far from the chaos while their well manicured lawns still receive that immigrant touch, at a bargain price.

And finally we have the recent car bombing attempt in Times square. This may be the most damaging of all the to the narrative this administration has been pushing. Janet Napolitano has been lecturing the public on domestic terrorism for a year now, while democrats in general have been demonizing Tea Party rallies as fomenting violent acts, while the pro illegal immigration protests were rife with vandalism and violence. Right wing talk radio is categorized as dangerous to our democracy. Obama himself has been out front attacking personalities by name. This administration's response to the three major terrorists attacks in this country over the past year have been telling. Foot Hood and the Christmas day pantie bomber were both initially described by Obama himself as acts by a single perpetrator without any terrorist connections. Both turned out to have extensive middle Eastern connections. Quite a contrast to when a senator or congressman  receives a threatening call or email because of the health care vote and suddenly the entire Tea Party movement is branded by the democrats and the media as dangerous to our democracy. The Times square car bomber was thought by mayor Bloomberg to be someone angry at the health care bill. The media described the person on the surveillance tape as a white male. The rush to judgment  by the left and sycophant media demonstrates their headstrong narrative that the opposition to this administration is the real threat to our country. By now we all know the bomber was a Pakistani national that recently returned from six months in Pakistan. How now will they get information from him since this administration has tied their own hands on interrogation techniques?

But, the American people understand that the policies of this administration in regards to terrorism are putting us at risk. While the administration considers opposition to their agenda as the real danger, and continue to give constitutional rights to terror suspects, the terrorists sense our weakness and continue unabated. The administration's attempt to play word games with terrorism and Muslim Extremism to not offend Muslim countries is in direct contrast to calling Arizona's immigration law as "Nazi like," and Tea party participants as "racist." Since Obama announced the closing of Gitmo, which liberals call a recruitment tool for Al Qaeda, terrorist attacks on the homeland have increased. Of the thirty failed terror attacks on this country since 9/11 2001, ten have occurred in the last year. 

Muslim extremists see Obama's preoccupation with his political enemies as a perfect opportunity to hit a distracted leader more interested in dismantling his political opponents than terrorist cells. The American people increasingly see a leader willing to give civil and constitutional rights to illegals and terror suspects, while vilifying those that oppose his agenda and have the gall to speak out. For all George W. Bush's faults, he never underestimated terror and continued laser focused on the protection of the American people against violent Muslim extremism, while not responding to political attacks on himself. We should however give Obama some credit here. He has identified whom he considers a risk to the country. Those who create wealth and provide our energy needs..... Those that oppose illegal immigration and border chaos....and of course the most lethal enemy to our democracy that white haired grandma, whom Obama consider a member of the restless proletariat, holding her hand made sign at a Tea Party rally, that has no compunction to thank the sovereign  for that morsel of bread {tax cut}, that really didn't exist.
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