Friday, May 7, 2010

Race Card Is This Presidents Trump Card!

President Obama has succeeded in dividing us again with his complete misrepresentation of the Arizona immigration enforcement law. His characterization that the law will allow law biding citizens to be harassed when they go out for ice cream has caused some serious problems now in different areas of the country. The Cinco De Mayo day controversy in a California high school where some Mexican students complained that some students wearing American flags on their tee shirts was offensive has put a wedge between the two student groups that is now cropping up in other high schools around the country. The American flag wearing students were called into the principles office along with the Mexican students who were wearing Mexican flag clothing. The American flag students were admonished to either turn their shirts inside out, or leave the school grounds, which of course they refused to turn their shirts around and did leave school because the Mexican students were given a free pass. The idea that an American wearing an American flag in an American school is somehow offensive just because it is Cinco De Mayo is ludicrous and violates every 1st amendment sensibility. 

The left and especially president Obama continue to attack the Arizona law as a racial profiling law even though it simply enforces existing federal laws that the feds refuse to enforce. The public at large, by a two to one ratio support the law, but the president insists on politicizing this issue, and by so doing is stirring up fear and anger in the Hispanic community. Once again he's falling back into his default position that a large segment of America is racist, when the simple truth is to the contrary. The post racial, post partisan president we thought we were getting has turned out to be neither. The race card seems to be this administration trump card in an attempt to stir up unwarranted controversy to avoid a complete repudiation this November. This approach will backfire and the sensibility and fair play of most Americans will decide the fate of the elections. Americans simply wanting immigrations laws enforced do not take kindly to being labeled racist. Tea party activist have already experienced this false accusation and this administration continues this approach despite no evidence that the law encourages racial profiling, but in fact the law specifically prohibits it.

We have seen some of the pro illegal immigration demonstrations turn violent with some vandalism occurring. Of course the media will not emphasis this aspect, while they lament the Time Square bomber was an Islamic extremist instead of a right wing militia or Tea Party activist. Some times I wake up thinking the world is upside down when you see the media and the administration looking at our citizen as enemies and illegals and Islamic Extremists given sympathetic coverage, and rhetoric that excuses their behavior. It's time for Americans to push back at those that would label law biding citizens as racist and a danger to our democracy while the true violators are patted on the head and given sympathy for their lawlessness.
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