Thursday, May 27, 2010

Great Blogging Material

After taking almost two weeks off from blogging, it's time to jump back in the saddle and reignite the passion for commentary. I apologize to all my faithful followers who consistently read Cooperscopy and have no doubt wondered why a new blog post has been slow to appear. Well, I'm back, well rested, and ready to go. But, I must honestly admit there are so many pressing stories out there it's difficult to decide which story to focus on.  I could comment on the rhetoric versus reality debate centered around the new Arizona immigration law that continues to draw attention, not because the law is out of the ordinary but that the administration continues it's demonization of it even in the face of overwhelming support from the American people. Jan Brewer's numbers continue to rise and her campaign supporting the bill seems to be gaining speed. We can fairly conclude that the administrations tactic is a cynical attempt to activate its base by motivating Hispanics and pro amnesty democrats to come out in November.

I could also comment on Felipe Calderon's appearance before a joint session of congress, where he trashed the new law with a resounding standing ovation from the democrats in attendance, and then later admitted to Wolf Blitzer that if illegals try to work in his country without permission,  they in his words, "send back them." I could also comment on the growing number of administration officials that admit openly that they haven't read the law even though they seem eager to condemn it.

I could also write a blog commenting on the new Rasmussen poll that shows the growing percentage of Americans that want Obama care repealed. Sixty three percent now favor repeal, a huge number when you consider the next highest number was fifty eight percent. I could mention that the GOP seems unwilling to take advantage of this overwhelming number and continue the drum beat for repeal and use it to beat up on democrats that voted yea. Why they haven't seized on this is curious to say the least.

I could also write a blog on the BP oil spill, and how this administration continues to point fingers and rhetorically beat up on BP while refusing to mobilize a consistent clean up effort. Bobby Jindal the governor of Louisiana seems to be causing his stock to rise as he energetically gets in front of clean up efforts without any help from the federal government. Obama is planning a visit to the Gulf on Friday before he leaves for a Memorial day vacation to Chicago. Maybe I should write about the double standard in the media that did castigate George W. Bush for far less indifference. Maybe if the media would have done as much with this president the clean up efforts would have ramped up sooner.

Maybe I should comment on the controversy over the administration's offer of a job to Joe Sestak if he were to not run against Arlen Specter in the Pennsylvania primary. This is a bubbling scandal with huge ramifications. The president indicated in his news conference today that a statement will be forthcoming. Why he couldn't just clear the matter during the news conference portends for more trouble and a very carefully crafted legal wording, such as Al Gore's, "No controlling legal authority," to try and nip this in the bud. Sounds a little more complicated than a simple denial.

It's great to be back and well rested, even though the stories available for comment are many. As this president's problems continue to grow, the material for blog posts does also. It's going to be an exciting next six months leading up to the midterms.
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