Friday, May 28, 2010

Plug The Damn Hole

President Obama famously said "plug the damn hole" to aides in his frustration over the Gulf oil spill that threatens the Gulf Coast area as well as his poll numbers. Forty days into the Gulf oil spill and BP thinks they may have a handle on the continual flow of oil causing havoc among wildlife and now coastal beaches and marsh lands. The top kill approach of pumping drilling mud into the huge broken pipe spewing millions of gallons of oil into pristine waters has a 60 to 70% chance of plugging the damn hole. The administration is taking flak for their lackadaisical approach, mismanagement of the clean up efforts, and red tape responses to Louisiana's  request for permits to dredge and construct barrier islands to protect the coast. If the damn hole has indeed been plugged, the disaster may be mitigated to the existing oil slowly moving to coastal areas with huge ecological and human ramifications.

It's easy to understand Obama's frustration especially when you consider the efforts to stop the slow moving oil would seem futile if the damn hole isn't plugged  and millions more gallons of oil continue spewing from the ocean floor. It's akin to cleaning up from a flood while the waters are still rising. It would be futile, although sandbags and trenches could mitigate loss of valuables. Maybe the president will learn a lesson from this current frustration and extent a hand of understanding to Arizona's frustration and the reason they enacted a new immigration enforcement law. In reality they were screaming out to the federal government, plug the damn hole. In reality Arizona is simply trying to do everything they can to mitigate the damage of illegal immigration because the federal government will not plug the damn hole

Obama keeps speaking of comprehensive immigration reform, which is akin to cleaning the Louisiana coastline line before you plug the damn hole. Most Americans believe and rightfully so that you can't constructively deal with the current illegal immigrant populous until you stem the flow of illegals from the southern border. The idea that you must pass a comprehensive bill that deals with all aspects of our current immigration laws and puts illegals on a path to citizenship without plugging the damn hole first is ludicrous. Here's where Obama and the democrats lose credibility. In reality they don't want the damn hole plugged

When president Bush, with help from John McCain and Ted Kennedy crafted a comprehensive immigration bill, aka.... amnesty bill several years back, the American people pushed backed. The idea that the federal government was going to make a pathway to citizenship to those that broke our immigration laws along with a tepid border security component was not what Americans wanted. John McCain learned a lesson. The lesson was, plug the damn hole first. President Bush who had received fairly good support from the Hispanic community thought that maybe he could co-opt their support long term for the republican party, but in so trying he aroused a sleeping giant. The conservative base of the republican party as well as many conservative independents and some democrats rose up in force and the first seeds of the current Tea Party movement took root.

Now we have the current administration trying the same tactic. Their insistence that you have to deal with the current illegals while trying to stem the flow is absurd. We know and understand that they have no intention of stopping the flow, or it would have already been done. Their insistence on putting current illegals on a path to citizenship is a cynical attempt at a massive new voter drive. Where would the incentive be to stop the flow of illegals when you could significantly increase your democrat voter roles with every coyote's brutal transport of a truck load of starving, suffering  dreamers of a better life. Democrats understanding of the plight of poor Mexicans only extents to the perception that they will become a loyal and trusted voting block insuring their reelection and continuation of power. They would soon be taken for granted just like the African American vote is for the democrat party. Their constant playing of the race card in the debate of the Arizona law signals that lip service and faux understanding of Hispanic issues are politicized for incessant power. 

The Arizona law continues to have broad support among the American people, and the democrats cynical attempt to characterize it as racist and unconstitutional will fail. In reality the Arizona law has far greater racial profiling safe guards than the current federal law, and is a fairly benign and weak law. That doesn't seem to stop the democrat party from trying to activate it's Hispanic and pro amnesty base to come out and vote this November. The problem is, they are once again awakening that sleeping giant. The conservative majority that believes in the rule of law and sane immigration and enforcement. I just have one thing to say to president Obama before he tries to clean up the mess of illegals already in this country, and it is akin to cleaning the Louisiana coast before you....plug the damn hole!
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