Sunday, June 6, 2010

President Or Radical?

  It's beginning to look like we elected a radical rather than a president. In almost every issue that has come his way Barack Obama has chosen the ideological and far left position rather than the leadership approach to problem solving. He came into office inheriting a huge recession, and decided it was an occasion to push a radical big government solution to the problem. The stimulus was an attempt to expand government spending at an enormous rate while proclaiming he was doing what was necessary to grow our economy. It paid back the unions and did little to stimulate jobs except of course government jobs. The Take over of auto companies and insurance companies as well as he recent wall street smack down bill that does little to address the root of the problem, and increases government regulation and meddling in financial institutions, while assuring that the too big too fail concept continues. Fannie and Freddie, the two biggest offenders were excluded from any increased scrutiny while they lobby government for more tax payer money. All this again moves more power to an inept government.

The Health care bill was much the same. Instead of attacking out of control costs by doing the simple steps of tort reform and increasing competition he opted for a big government take over of one sixth of our economy. Even when it was clear that the public was against this approach and proved that by victories for conservative candidates in Virginia, New Jersey, and of course Massachusetts, he used parliamentary maneuvers to ram it through anyway. As we have seen by recent CBO numbers that Obama Care will do nothing to reduce the deficit but it's looking more like another big government boondoggle, with the promise of higher taxes, larger deficits and reduced services for all seeking health care. Large companies are signaling they may drop coverage for their employees because of a huge increase in costs and are opting for a more effective bottom line by paying a small fine for doing so. A cynic would say this may have been his intention all along, and the bill was simply a well calculated first step to bankrupt private health insurers on the road to single payer.

The ideological first step approach to closing Gitmo and announcing a kinder and gentler approach to terrorism has backfired significantly. Instead of the anticipated good will they expected from Islamic radicals, terrorism has increased. Of the thirty attempted terrorist attacks on this country since 9/11, ten have taken place in the year since he announced his intended close of Gitmo. They have softened the rhetoric towards terrorist and Islamic radicalism by redefining terms. His teams descriptions of terrorist acts and Jihad is seen by the terrorists as weakness and an opening for attacks. His justice departments announcement of civilian trials for KSM and other 9/11 conspirators was purely ideological, and an attempt to put the previous administration on trial. The luck they have have encountered from the Christmas day, and Times Square bombers will not last forever, and their continued capitulation to the far left on this issue will prove deadly eventually.

The recent signing of the Arizona immigration enforcement law is another example of a president taking the ideological left approach rather than doing what he was elected to do. Solve problems and lead while enforcing existing laws that his oath demands. His rhetorical smack down of the law by using a racial component is obscene and complete demagoguery. It's a failed attempt to garner Hispanic and far left support  leading into the midterms and will do nothing but peel away more independents and continue the divide he is nurturing among the electorate. Instead of understanding the predicament border states find themselves in and enforcing the borders, he is now using the controversy to garner support for a comprehensive immigration reform bill, aka amnesty bill, that he and other democrats believe will increase their voter rolls exponentially.

The oil spill in the Gulf is another example of how this president doesn't know and understand leadership, but simply wants to use this occasion to further his radical agenda. It's obvious the federal government has been slow to react to this crisis, and the finger pointing hasn't ceased since the original explosion. Rather then taking charge, they claim they are in charge and BP is under their authority, but they continue to castigate BP for failing to stop the leak, mitigate the spill and pay out monies. Instead of a working and shared relationship to solving this, he sends his attorney general to the Gulf to initiate law suits and litigation against BP. You would think that the immediate response should be an all out effort to mitigate damage and help those Gulf states stop the slow moving oil that is coating beaches, destroying fishing areas, killing Pelicans and wildlife all along the coast. I need not mention the economic damage to those regions for years to come. He has now instituted a moratorium on all deep water drilling which will impact even more the economy and jobs, as well as our energy needs. He is now hoping this tragedy will garner enough support to pass his ill advised cap and trade bill or a close facsimile. He is drooling at the opportunity to levy a new carbon tax that will hurt every Americans household budget. 

A president is first of all a leader that has the ability to garner support to solve pressing and immediate problems. No one wants a president that simply points the finger of blame at others while trying to claim the moral high ground on every issue. On every one of these issues I've mentioned this president has taken the ideological approach and has used each crisis to push a radical agenda that separates him from every other president. He has divided us in every way possible. Racially, ideologically, economically, as well as politically. A president that can bring the country together to solve problems deserves our support whether he's a democrat or republican. A president that uses problems to divide so he can further his agenda deserves scorn and an immediate repudiation from the electorate. November can come none too soon.
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