Sunday, January 10, 2010

Tea Party Passion!

There is a new dynamic appearing in News reports and Op-Eds all around the country as we enter into a new decade. The major shift in public opinion seems to be giving hope to the Grand Old Party. But, is their optimism a little too optimistic? Of course there's a sense that the democrat party has squandered their moment of incredible opportunity, and have completely over reached and taken their newly found power over the cliff, like an adolescent driver carelessly testing the limits of an high powered Ferrari. They've created, with their overspending and intrusion into free market capitalism, a movement that seems to be growing stronger rather than abating over time.

The new administration, that entered power with an unequaled basket full of good will has also squandered their political capital with broken promises and a whiplash remake of all things America. Their arrogance that announces to everyone, "we know best," has offended those willing to overlook experience or lack thereof. They have governed, with a left leaning mob mentality, that is ready to knee cap the opposition while picking winners from an array of political allies. Their radical agenda is as ambitious as a lottery winner's Christmas list. Usually the lottery winner will announce upon receiving their check, that "this will not change me at all," until they're seen window shopping that same high powered Ferrari. This administration didn't even make a pretense of fiscal sanity, with an over bloated stimulus and the signing of an omnibus bill filled with 9 thousand earmarks, within the first few months.

While all this has created a scenario where you'd think the GOP would be positioned to take advantage, the truth is far from that. Even though the Republicans are beating the democrats in most generic polls for the midterm elections, there is still a sense that the public is not willing to jump on board a party that also squandered their opportunity to lead with fiscal discipline. The Bush years, while given credit for keeping us safe from terrorism, was replete with budget busting bills that most GOP congressmen and women were eager to sign off on. While many voted against them in the last two elections because of frustration from the Iraq war, which I might add has become an overwhelming success, many were frustrated with the spending priorities that left us deficits that have only been surpassed by the new kids on the block.

I believe that the elections of 2006 and 2008 may appear closer than they actually are in the rear view mirror of most  voters. They rightfully gave the GOP the ole heave hoe, and for good reason. What makes Republicans think that all will be forgiven come 2010. Does the GOP feel that "the lesser of two evils," is an apt campaign slogan to rest their hopes on.  I don't think it's going to fly.  There is unfortunately for the GOP, a third choice emerging.  Conservatives are more than willing to sacrifice the lesser of two evils for principle and fiscal sanity. I believe all incumbent's records are going to be scrutinized going into the midterm elections, and we're going to see many Republicans bloodied in primaries. If you're a Republican that voted for excessive spending, during the Bush years, you might as well do what some democrat office holders  are doing, retiring before they're voted out as the worse of two evils. The Public is engaged at an unprecedented level, and doesn't seem to have the patience for any more big spending arrogant elitism from either party.  

Maybe its time for all incumbents to go the way of the buggy whip. Maybe there's a new voice arising that says a pox on both your houses. Maybe the old Thomas Jefferson quote, "When government fears the people there is liberty," as opposed to "when the people fear their government there is tyranny," is apt for this moment. It's time for all incumbents to shake in their boots. There's a new citizen rebellion that transcends party affiliation, and political connection. It's called the Tea Party Movement, and has it's roots in common sense conservatism. It's not well organized as yet, and has little Washington connection, but, it's real, and it's not going away. It was spawned from the disdain of watching the political elite buying favor and votes without regard for the good of the country, and the liberty of the individual. The two party system has always been good for America, until now, when neither can be trusted with our tax dollars. We may be at a very historic point, and it has come none too soon.

The only question is, how will this all come down at the 2010 elections. Will the Tea Party, which is mostly conservative, put up primary challenges to many Republicans, or just the ones that are too moderate, and too willing to compromise principles? Yes, to the later. Will they continue that beyond the primaries, and field candidates as independents, because the two parties have not a candidate that meets their criteria? A very strong maybe. Will they support and endorse a Republican  conservative that echos their values and principles? Absolutely, They have already endorsed Scott Brown in the Mass. special election to fill Ted Kennedy's seat. Who should be scared? Every moderate to liberal Democrat, every moderate to liberal Republican, and without question the Obama administration.

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