Friday, January 15, 2010

One Last Roadblock To Obama Care

 I watched the Video of Obama imploring the voters of Massachusetts to work for his gal, Martha Coakley in the special election to fill Ted Kennedy's old seat. I wondered to myself, is it a wise thing for a president losing his footing in ever slipping poll numbers to tell the electorate, "she will be my ally." I'm aware of the blueness of Massachusetts, but I'm also aware of the anger and revulsion that most of the electorate is showing to the Obama agenda, that even effects the blue states. Massachusetts may very well be a progressive paradigm, but, the good people of the state can also see a president ill equipped for the job at hand. They know and understand that there's a difference between ramming legislation through without proper bipartisan support and transparent debate, and building consensus and grass roots support from the people. Ted Kennedy knew that as well. We saw him many times reach across the aisle and join forces with George Bush, for education reform, and his old friend Orrin Hatch, and many others through the years. He knew that consensus was essential for proper legislation, and proved that he could get it, as his extraordinary tenure in the US senate revealed.

This president's game plan of, "we need to get it while we can," approach is offensive to not only conservatives, but to liberals who would much rather see the country engaged and convinced that this is the right direction we should be going. The rush to legislate is unwise in the minds of most, especially when you're talking about 1/6 of the US economy. This very fact is probably the reason why this race is even competitive. Had this process been more deliberative and transparent with republicans invited into the process, Martha Coakley would be in no danger of defeat. But, when bills, that touch us all are rushed through in secret, the public rightfully reacts. It's akin to a police department summoning all squad cars to put up road blocks at every intersection to stop a deliberate crime spree. Right now this administration needs to put their hands behind their backs and listen carefully to their miranda rights. 

The November election  saw  new Republican governors elected in blue state New Jersey, and the new blue state of Virginia. The Virginia race wasn't even close, but this administration plowed through those road blocks and continued to rob the electorate of bipartisanship and thorough debate on the issue of healthcare. They continued their back room deals that put Ben Nelson on wanted posters in the state of Nebraska, because of the bribery charges, that secured his vote for cloture to move the bill along. Their insistence on seizing this historic opportunity while they still have the 60 votes necessary to stop a filibuster and close debate is wrong headed and insane. They understand this will be their only opportunity to make this happen because their losses this November will be substantial. This is where they lose me. Why would any politician knowingly vote for legislation that they know is not wanted by the vast majority of the people? Aren't they elected to represent the people? Do they really think that once it's passed everybody will just except it and all will be well? There is already rumblings by many groups that their endorsements to opposition candidates in November, will be contingent on their pledge to repeal

Scott Brown has seized on this theme and has nationalized his candidacy to reflect the mood of America. Massachusetts already has a health care overhaul that insures 98% of the people, using free market solution, and probably have no stomach for another go round that will effect them again. So his campaign is smartly positioning himself as the last road block on the super highway to a health care overhaul that the American people want defeated. There is no other possible explanation for his extraordinary poll numbers this close to the election.

Democrats on the other hand could do the wise thing, and it would only take one senator, to stop this madness. Listen to your constituents and vote to continue debate. Let the American people have the transparency, and debate that they were denied in the stimulus, cap and trade in the house, and many of the appropriation bills passed in 2009. It wouldn't be the end of health care legislation, it would just be the end of Obama care that is being spuriously reworked in back rooms somewhere in DC. A bipartisan bill is still possible that would address the inefficiencies and cost problems in the current system, as well as guaranteeing coverage for more. In every crime movie I've seen, if law enforcement can get through to one of the perpetrators to stop the madness, the crime spree ends without dead bodies lining the streets. So far not one of the gang has succumbed, so the police, "the American people," may have to rely on that one last roadblock, and elect Scott Brown to the US senate.
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