Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Scott Brown's Chritmas Gift

Scott Brown is leading as of the writing of this blog, 52% to Martha Coakleys 47% with 96% of precincts reporting. It looks like it's going to be a a very good night for Scott Brown, and in a larger context the American people. The simple question is. what happened? The White House is going to criticize Martha Coakley, and throw her under the bus as the spin machine starts the diesel engines, before the night is done. I went back and looked at the polls that were available on Real Clear Politics, after the primaries and it shows a surprising bit of information. Coakley was leading in the Suffolk poll by 30 points taken from 9/12 to 9/15. Her lead increased to 31% in that same poll taken from 11/4 to 11/8. So in almost a two month period her lead actually expanded. That was the last poll taken before the beginning of the year. I guess a lead of 31 points makes frequent polling unnecessary.

The White Houses spin will be that she was a bad campaigner and took the electorate for granted, while Brown was out campaigning nonstop. The only problem with this analysis is that Brown was campaigning nonstop during those early months of the campaign also, and Coakley still increased her lead, or at least didn't dissipate. You can't blame the holidays and the fact that everybody might have been focused on other things, because that 11/8 poll came almost three weeks before Thanksgiving. The next poll taken was from 1/2 to 1/6, right after the first of the year by the Boston Globe, and her lead had shrunk to 17 points and Rasmussen had a poll on 1/4 that showed a 9 point lead for Coakley. Within another week Brown had caught up and Coakley started to crater and it was never a race after that.

So what took place after the holidays, that led the fine people of Massachusetts to turn on the obvious one, and switch to a little known, and give him a huge victory? It's obvious Brown is a great campaigner, very appealing, and was wise to nationalize the campaign, which brought in over a million dollars a day in the final week. Coakley on the other hand made some verbal gaffes, like, "there's no more terrorists in Afghanistan" after the Christmas day bombing attempt, and seemed to show an elitist attitude. But, remember we are in Massachusetts, the same state that has reelected the haughty John Kerry time and again. Something significant happened during the holidays that was a death knell  to the Coakley campaign.

Christmas eve was the end of the Coakley campaign, and she didn't even know it. She was a dead woman walking from Christmas day to election night. Christmas is a time to celebrate the birth of a savior, but, it was also the birth of a new political hero thanks to Harry Reid and the democrats in the Senate. If you remember, Christmas eve of 2009 was made infamous for the democrats, because they arrogantly rammed through with exactly 60 votes, an ill advised health care bill. A bill already corrupted by the Louisiana purchase, the Cornhusker kickback, and the Florida medicare carve out. We all know why they did it. They figured everyone would be preoccupied with relatives arriving, and last minute gift buying. When the American people re-focused after the week of holiday festivities, Scott Brown began his surge and Coakley never recovered. Obama's Sunday appearance for her, re-enforced the arrogance of power that led to the Christmas Eve senate traverse to lay a gift at Obama's feet. Traditional Americans only give reverence to the true Messiah on that day.

They weren't going to take that kind of arrogance and bribery to have their health care put in the hands of a party that dismisses the people, and imposes their will on the electorate. That sentiment was also reflected in the bluer than blue state of Massachusetts. Then after the Christmas Eve vote there were all the rumors of reconciling the two bills in secret, and the C-SPAN non-transparency dust up. Instead of the appropriate conference committee for reconciling the two bills, the complicity continued. The final straw that put Brown over the top for good was the union carve out just last week, that sickened the public, and reveals a corruption, and cronyism in this administration that's second to none. Brown also promised he would be the 41st vote to stop Obama Care, While Coakley promised she would be the 60th to pass it.

I don't want to take anything away from Scott Brown, because he ran an almost flawless campaign and took advantage of every misstep the democrats in the senate, and Coakley had made. Coakley, instead of questioning an ill conceived game plan, embraced it, and lost her footing in the slippery slime of an Obama agenda. Brown's victory, and Coakley's defeat can be attributed to a Christmas eve debacle that fooled no one.
Now we have in the news today, the administrations defiance, that if Coakley in fact loses this race, which she did, Obama is going to take a combative stance, and essentially double down on every aspect of his agenda. All I can say, is Christmas may come, on the first Tuesday of November this year, for Conservatives, Republicans, and the American people. Will they never learn, the American people will not be made fools of?

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  2. I agree with most of what you've written. People are flat out MAD at this administration and the Democrat Congress and its agenda. We've had enough and they are going to see people in the streets if this pork-laden, foul bill gets passed.

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