Thursday, January 7, 2010

A President's Epiphany

This is the third post I've written since Dec. 29 after the Christmas day attack on the Delta flight to Detroit from Amsterdam. I wrote the first after the presidents initial statement, thinking I'd captured the essence of his policy. A few days later I wrote another, as he starts a walk back from his original statements, which downplayed the attack. Now I'm writing a third because once again the second post is irrelevant as he is again changing his rhetoric and policy positions. My head is spinning, and I'm wondering if I should even attempt another shot at this, or wait another day or two to see if his moistened finger catches another change in the wind.

Don't get me wrong, I understand the difference from campaign style rhetoric and the enormity of the job at hand. Reality can be hell, and it can also deflate the narcissistic swollen head that comes from an over active ego. The theory of immediate transformation as a result of messiah's appearance on sight is crumbling faster than the twin towers on that fateful day.The rhetoric has gone from, this is an isolated extremist, to, an Al-Qaeda launched plan, to, we screwed up and somebody must pay. His latest statement shows that he is understanding the political reality of terrorism, but still has a problem accepting the most productive way to stop it. He excoriated his national security team, in no uncertain words, for their lack of dispersing and acting upon important information. Then he goes back to his default position.This is the fault of George W. Bush and Guantanamo Bay. He said, and I quote. " But make no mistake, we will close Guantanamo prison, which has damaged our national security interests and become a tremendous recruiting tool for Al-Qaeda. In fact, that was an explicit rationale for the formation of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula." 

Excuse me, but I would like to see some sort of data that proves Guantanamo bay has been a recruiting boom for Al-Qeada. In fact, the data shows it's just the opposite. According to an article at NRO, 1/3 of all terrorist activity, since 9/11 has taken place in 2009. Wasn't early 2009 when the newly anointed declared he would close Guantanamo in one years time. So, instead of partying in the streets, or should I say rocky paths of some Pakistani, or Yemeni terrorist camp, we got a tighter fist determination from the Bin Laden Brigade, and a  noticeable uptick in all things murderous from the fascist religious church camp. Who was upset about Guantanamo? Was it Al-Qaeda? Arab nations, or our European allies? There's not much left, except of course the left, who have done everything they can to dismiss and excuse terrorism in any form.  Let's dismiss Europe out of hand, as they have long ago succumbed to the politically correct approach to terror, and their societies are bearing the brunt of their insanity. Are we actually going to form our foreign, and domestic defense policies on the attitude of Arab nations, many of whom we've defended, preserved, and aided over the years. That leaves Al-Qaeda and the terrorist networks worldwide. Any school kid knows that when you succumb to the demands of the playground bully, you not only lose your lunch money but he is emboldened to strike again tomorrow.

Could it be, that Al-Qaeda and terrorists world wide have taken Obama's obvious outreach program, that includes redefining terror terms, i.e. Man caused disasters, granting constitutional rights, and the closing of Gitmo, as a sign the smart nerdy kid is a little weak, and welcoming more bullying? I think I may be on to something, but it isn't rocket science. I actually feel for our president. He obviously thought enough of his persona and attraction, that even the terrorist would pay homage to him as the Europeans and the sycophant left have. It has to come as a stark reality that he was a little too self absorbed to understand the true nature of terrorism. 

He has taken the first step to reverse the trend by canceling all new detainee transfers to Yemen, but his insistence on still closing Gitmo, and treating captured terrorist as constitutionally eligible defendants, shows that the epiphany is not complete. No one is asking for him to do a complete Mea Culpa, just reverse himself to show Americans he's more interested in protecting the country instead of his image world wide, and the rights of terrorists. It's not too late to change  priorities from seeking world wide acceptance and adoration to fulfilling his constitutional oath as president of the United States. It is a stark reality, Mr. President, but, even though you think they should, Al-Qaeda will never love you.
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  1. Well, Obama is starting to sound like Palin, and that’s a good start. Now, if he starts acting like a commander in chief, I’ll feel a lot better.

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