Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Chicago Chicanery

As everyone's attention shifts back from the terror attack over Detroit and re- focuses on the health care legislation slithering through the halls of congress, or should I say under the doors of  smoke filled, dark backrooms, there's becoming a putrid odor in the air. Transparency has been redefined as an opaque black window pane of a sinister limousine sneaking through back alleys. The Chicago thug machine continues it's chicanery at an unprecedented pace. Have you noticed that Chicago and chicanery can be used interchangeable, and the name Chicago comes from a word meaning striped skunk, or as the native's use of a leek they called skunk plant. I'm not trying to disparage all Chicagoans but the group that slithered into DC from the windy city is giving new meaning to the word Chicanery, with their endless bribes for votes, secret negotiations, and un-ending arm twisting. Their goal is obsessive, and no amount of public dis-approval seems to be slowing down their race to Shanghai the health care of all Americans. 

What's next for the thug machine? Well, apparently they're planning to delay seating of the republican senate candidate from Massachusetts if in fact he pulls off the most improbable of all improbabilities, and wins, not Ted Kennedy's, but the peoples US senate seat. The delay could protect the filibuster prove 60 vote majority and insure passage of Obama Care, over the opposition of most voters. This would take cynicism to new heights and guarantee a revolt that would make Boston's original Tea party look like, well, a little girls afternoon tea party. Isn't it ironic it's all taking place in Massachusetts? Of course the dems are enlisting the heavy hitters, as president Obama has weighed in, and  former president Bill Clinton, who thinks the current inhabitant of 1600 Pennsylvania avenue would've made an excellent personal barista according to excerpts from the new book, " Game Change." The hope is, these heavy hitters will make sure Chicanery isn't needed.

Meanwhile Obama care is hitting new lows in the polls, and the only ones clamoring for quick passage seems to be the soon disposed dems, who have decided to fall on the sword for their ideologically driven take over of 1/6 of the economy. It would be principled and heroic to commit hari kari if in fact the reason for your de-boweling did a nobel thing, and improved the lives of all involved. However in the light of unprecedented opposition to Obama care, and the burden and intrusion it would foster on an unconvinced populous, this exercise in political suicide seems a little psychotic. Have they decided that they've gone well past the point of no return, and a rethinking would be useless, or do they realize that they're going to be held responsible for the attempted theft, so they might as well carry it out to the final shootout, that will ultimately result in a bloody Quentin Tarentino final scene for those dems up for reelection this November.

Do the worried dems feel that a president teetering on an approval rate hovering below 50% is a good bet to rest your reelection hopes on? Will the Massachusetts Senate race be close enough to slap some rosiness  back into the face of blue dogs, from purple states? I'm unconvinced that Obama Care is a done deal. Hari Kari, although honorable in the far East doesn't seem to be a particularly apt act of valor for a congress that has used every diabolical and dishonest act to perpetuate an insane bill of historic proportions. Would we expect honor from a group easily bribed, and easily willing to sell out their constituents for unprecedented favors from a dead man walking...Harry Reid? Polls show his reelection bid will be improbable at best, especially since his liberal elitist description of what makes an African American attractive to the populous, was revealed in that same new book, "Game Change."

We're seeing a troubled economy where only government is hiring, while the private sector is gasping for air. The British health care system is the third largest employer in the world, with only the Chinese army, and the Indian railway being larger. Great Britian  has 61 million people. What would the employment of government workers be if Obama Care passes and health care is suddenly thrust into the category of a public utility for over 300 million people. The transfer of resources and the shift in  political allegiance would remake America forever. Critical mass would be reached with those dependent and working for government invariably causing an electoral shift that would make free market capitalists endangered. Never again would we see the engines of independent capitalistic endeavors exploding like the last 100 years. Standard of living would be forever reduced, as government sucks more and more from the hard working producers and transfers that to government bureaucrats. I guess maybe I just defined why democrats might be willing to fall on their swords for Obama care. Unending power for the federal government, and a cushy non elected job for life. My only hope now, is that the democrat party is not as cynical and selfish as I just described. Hmmm...I think I just got a revelation, to what the phrase hope and change means. We hope for the best, and then when we look and see who's in charge we change from optimistic, to very pessimistic!

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