Saturday, September 5, 2009

Obama is losing the trust factor

Why is there such a commotion over president Obama addressing public school students on Sept. 8th? By all appearances, it seems innocuous enough. Shouldn't our national leader be able to inspire and motivate students to study hard and stay in school. You would think so, except there was more involved than just an address. The lesson plan, devised jointly by the administration, and education department, encouraged students to write letters to themselves on what they could do to help out the president. The White house has since backed off on that. If the lesson plan had stated, write a letter to yourself on what you could do to help out the country, parents would have felt more at ease. There may be ways to help the president other than politically, but right now, I'm at a loss for what they may be.

Remember the controversy when Rush Limbaugh stated he hoped the president would fail. Did he mean personally or politically? Is there a difference? Not really. The president is a political being, advancing a political agenda. I doubt Rush was referring to his golf game, or dare I say bowling. When you're at a football game cheering on your home team, and the opposition fumbles, or throws an interception, you cheer and applaud. You're glad they just failed. It's nothing personal, you just want your team to win. Politics is no different, especially when a new administration comes in to radically change the fundamental structure of our country. The battle lines are drawn much more distinctly.

There seems to be an ick factor to the president wanting to speak to students. Parents in their gut may feel , dare I say, there's something "FISHY," about the whole thing. Well it's obvious they've flagged it, and are on high alert. Parents have sat by and watched their children being exposed to left wing propaganda for years. Students made to watch propaganda films, like Al Gores, "Inconvenient truth," or the new Hollywood produced clip where Demi Moore and a host of stars vow to support the president, and his left wing causes. There's a distrust that's similar to not allowing the neighbor down the street watch your children while you run to the store, simply because they seem a little too eager, to spend time alone with Billy or Janey. This may sound absurd, but it feels almost creepy. Right now the left is going to scream, "see it's all about his race. Racist white America doesn't want Obama to speak to their kids." I say "poppycock." Race has nothing to do with it. It's about ideology and propriety, and parents protective instinct for their children.. No parent wants the values and traditions that they've bestowed, systematically expunged from their child. There is a totalitarian feel to it, which probably wouldn't be there if this administration wasn't pushing the agenda that they are. We are all aware of how those types of regimes use children to further their causes, and maybe too many people are making too much of it, but the president has brought most of this on himself.

When you appoint czars that are either avowed communists, socialists, or environmental radicals, people begin to question you. When you spend twenty years in the church of an America bashing, liberation theology preacher, and then disavow his believes, people tend to start to distrust your sincerity, as well as your honesty. When you accuse a White police officer of systematic racism, because he arrests a black friend of yours, the public starts to rethink your post racial credentials. When you campaign on fiscal responsibility and spend our grand kids future, or vow no lobbyists in your administration and then make special allowances for those you want, distrust is almost assured. When your stimulus bill, that must be passed, or the country will fail, turns out to be primarily a pay back to political cronies, or your GM bankruptcy negotiations favor the unions, while stiffing the preferred debt holders, fairness is not your forte. How about campaigning on no earmarks and then signing a bill with 9 thousand in it? What about a health care bill that promises improved care, more insured, at a lower cost? Even those students, you're so eager to inspire, can see through that one.

Now let me ask you, who could condemn a suspicious public for pushing back at a president whom they perceive, rightly or wrongly, to be meddling in the affairs best dealt with on a state or local level, where parents feel more in control of their child's education? It's so refreshing to see Americans wake up, with a healthy scepticism, to what their politicians are up to. So what's the end result going to be? The president will give a benign innocuous address to students, inspiring them to study hard and stay in school, because everyone is watching. Remember the outrage in the Bush administration, about the warrant less wiretapping. The complaint was our government is listening in on everything we say, which was an absurd contention, on it's face. Now the public has turned the tables, and that's the way it should be.



  1. Great thoughts Coopers MOM!
    That picture is priceless... I have a #90 pit bull... hope you will stay with me... he is the most lovable dog my wife and I have ever owned... afraid of cats... sensitive to any criticism, pouts and hides his head and just like cooper, crawls up in my lap and plops down. It's all about how they are raised... much reading and lady Vet. we use have taught us pit bulls are not inherently mean.
    Anyway thanks for your post... agree completely, dj

  2. You think Rush is rooting for his team when he says he hopes Obama fails. No, that couldn't be more wrong!! :)

    Obama's agenda is wrong for the country! If he succeeds in getting his agenda into federal law, it will be disastrous for America. Hence, Rush hopes Obama fails in getting his damaging agenda through Congress. The presidents fails; the country wins.

  3. That's what the posting says Robby Rock... Rush's team is America, and the onl;y way America wins is for Obama to fail....

  4. Spot-on blog, cooper's Mom! America is indeed looking at this guy differently. Tonight is his, what?, third appeal to the American people about the virtues of his health care reform package. Why? Hasn't it been made perfectly clear that the majority of Americans don't want this thing?

    I tend to think that this guy lives in some different America than the one I reside in. Trust him? Fah. Believe him? Fah. Trust his Congress of sycophants and moochers? Double-fah.

    He is and has been and shall ever be, indeed, bad for America, simply because he wants to create a New America in his idealogical make-believe world of liberal-socialist-touchy-feely image, and America just isn't going to have it.

    This guy is two steps away from fascism. I hope he fails, too.