Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sarah Palin is driving the debate!

When Sarah Palin announced on July 3rd, that she was stepping down as governor, the left wing, media elites, and country club Republicans, smelled blood in the water. She's finally done it, they thought. There's no way she can recover. Maureen Dowd began a string of columns about her incompetence and folly. Even Reagan's ex speech writer Peggy Noonan declared Sarah as stupid, in one column. There was elation on every liberal network, and with some Republican pundits. It was worth noting that if this was the end of her, that every Sunday show and countless hours on cable were devoted to reinforcing that point. Instead of reporting the news of her resignation, there was an almost Faustian, celebratory dance on her grave, which may have been premature. They thought they could now label her a quitter, and then Sarah suddenly showed up on Facebook and twitter.

Rather then going to the mainstream media, which Sarah knew from her vice presidential run would edit and transform every interview and statement, she decided to go directly to the masses through the social networking, digital delivery system. And now this ex governor, that the mass media coroner had declared pulse less on July 3rd, is suddenly driving the debate. After her Facebook posting on August 7th, where she had the gall to coin the phrase "death panels," in a posting critical of Hr 3200's provision about end of life counseling, the left went apoplectic. Funny that they would even respond to a perceived corpse, but even President Obama came out to contradict her assertions. So, Sarah doubled down on august 12, with another Facebook posting, with lots of exhaustive footnotes to support her supposition. So much for Sarah being stupid, Peggy dear. Soon after, the Dems in the Senate decided to expunge that end of life counseling provision from the bill.

The political junkie that I am, demands a lot of internet searching and column reading, and it is amazing to me the inordinate amount of comments Sarah gets on her Facebook postings compared to the lefties. They see the numbers and understand the implication. And, that's the real rub from the mainstream media, and the left wing. There's a jealousy of her connection to, as they would say, "the great unwashed" that resides in fly over country. They know they're deficient of a connection to those bitter clingers, and everyday patriots, that don't want their country transformed into an unrecognizable shell of the greatness it once was. America is repelled by the elitist usurpation of everything sacred to their believes and traditions, that make America, well, America. They know Sarah won't talk down to them, or imply a superiority that demands blind allegiance and submission to a death march to socialism. Label them as you wish, but there are millions out there that believe in individualism, tradition, faith, and personal responsibility, and they're making Sarah Palin their poster child. And all I can say in response is "YOU GO GIRL!"


  1. Sarah Palin is ignorant and irrelevant.

  2. Okay, Seriously, so you say. But if she's so irrelevant and ignorant, why does the MSM have a blatant love affair with her and keep writing about her? Sarah Palin scares the bejeebus outta the MSM and the progressives. If the MSM would have been smarter, they would have forgotten about Sarah Palin months ago. But no....they kept her in the forefront of their news. This is a mistake that will cost the liberals dearly.

    A ditto to your "YOU GO GIRL!" enthusiasm, cooperscopy!

  3. The stupidity is mindblowing on the right!