Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Obama, slyly uses the race card

First Maureen Dowd, cries racism, as my last post refers to, and then Jimmy Carter accuses critics of this administration of opposing Obama because he's black. Now Nancy Pelosi is decrying the rhetoric of the opposition as inciting violence. Is this a coordinated effort to bring Obama's poll numbers up? I have a sneaky suspicion that, the white house in concert with the mainstream media, and democrat lawmakers are concocting a grand scheme to make this president look post racial.

Obama is scheduled to be on Letterman. and every Sunday news show this coming weekend, except Fox, and undoubtedly will be asked the question, by those paragons of honesty and virtue, "the mainstream media," if he believes the critics of his policies are motivated by his race. The president will of course answer that question, "absolutely not!" Then the media will begin a week long adoration extravaganza. they will bend over backwards to project Barack Obama as being post racial and attempting to bring the American people together. There is no way this president wants to be perceived as playing the race card, Ala, the Gates affair, where he let his guard down and fell back into a Reverend Wright moment.

Of course he wants his critics silenced. And of course he believes in the accusation of racism as a means to that end. He just doesn't want the American people to believe he's behind it, or believes it. But, if the far left, and the mainstream media, can carry the water on this smear campaign, he's fine with that, as long as he can float high above the fray. He's learned a valuable lesson, or at least he should have, from the Gates affair, that playing the race card will only hurt his standing with the overwhelming majority of the American people. And he also knows that the sycophants in the media, and the far left members in congress, and a bitter ex-president, can and will do what he can't afford to do himself. And, even though he's going to vehemently disagree with them publicly, he'll be cheering them on, from behind his Wizard of OZ curtain.

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  1. Pelosi is worried about seeing violence like she saw in the late 70's regarding Harvey Milk being killed due to his homosexuality. Well, sorry to let you know, Pelosi, but Milk was murdered by Dan White, a Democrat, not some right-wing fringe extremist.

    Just an observation, Nancy. You say the rhetoric of the right is going to possibly cause violence. Perhaps you should keep a closer eye on your leftists.