Sunday, September 13, 2009

Maureen Dowd: Is she a racist?

I just finished reading a column by Maureen Dowd that has my blood boiling. The name of the column is"Boy oh Boy," and in it, she has succumbed to the mainstream medias' default position , that all of Obama's problems stem from an inherent racism, and that many just can't accept a black president. She starts out the column by saying, and I quote, "Joe Wilson yelled "you lie! at a president who didn't. But, fair or not, what I heard was an unspoken word in the air: you lie, boy!"

Now Maureen, When someone hears something in the air that isn't there, especially that implies blatant bigotry, I would be more concerned about the racism in that individual. When you imply he meant to say boy, isn't it because, maybe deep inside, that's how you see the president? Isn't it because you see him as somehow in need of your defense? You, and all your elitists friends think that he has a pigmentation problem, and therefore requires special treatment, and less criticism than other presidents before him. There is a soft bigotry in your snobby accusations against many in this country. You imply that he's not a big boy, oops there's that word "boy" again, and can't take care of himself.

Actually, maybe it's this. You know his health care plan, which you support, cannot be defended by you, your liberal friends, and the president himself, so you cynically slap down your trump card, that ever explosive race card, hoping you'll take the pot this time. Maybe you can stop the criticism if you threaten the criticizers with a label that would be better placed at your doorstep. Alas, the liberal way, comes down to that famous default position, America is racist, therefore they can't support this president. When liberals constantly assume that blacks in this country, need, not only the federal government's help, but also a liberal columnist's help, that is bigotry, pure and simple. Barack Obama, was smart enough, and tough enough to reach the highest office in this land, and to assume he needs you, castigating his critics, "as racist," so that he may succeed, completely undermines your argument, and points the "racist label," at yourself..

Another point, Maureen. How do you explain that he came into office with almost a 70% approval rating, and unprecedented good will from the American people. How do you explain that his personal approval ratings remained high through the spring, even though the American people were not approving of his policies. Can you not even consider, that it's his policy choices and radical liberalism that is bringing his numbers down. Of course you can't, because you believe in every one of them, and how could you be wrong.

Your constant haranguing of all things southern, while you vacation in Martha's Vineyard, soothing your guilty conscience, sipping chardonnay, with your friends, including those lucky black academics, that made it, according to you, even though the whole system was stacked against them, rings hollow with most Americans. While you sit in your insulated, Eastern elitist, cocoon of judgement, most Americans lead a normal life, of blood sweat and tears, and don't take kindly to the likes of you, impugning their character.

In conclusion, Maureen, If you're willing to have an honest debate, about the policy issues that will effect millions of Americans for decades to come, conservatives are more than willing. But, if on the other hand, you simple want to shoot out invectives, that grab headlines and soothe your liberal friends fevered brows, than retreat back into your cocoon until a full metamorphosis of intelligent debate transpires.

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  1. Ah yes...liberal rule #1:
    "Once your opponent has befuddled and flabbergasted you with their superior intellect and you know you have lost the argument, throw down the tried-and-true Race Card. It is a tool used by thousands of your liberal predecessors and always yields results. Pick up your supply at saulalinsky.communist. If the Race Card doesn't work in throwing off all your opponents from your trail, then claim they are stalking you."

    Spot-on post, cooper's mom. Always a pleasure to visit and read your voice.

  2. Oh, and now add Jimmy Carter to this list of liberals determined to isolate and divide Americans from Americans.

    Wednesday 10:09 am

  3. Liberals routinely brand Conservatives as "racists" in an attempt to shut us up.

    Well sorry, Jimma; it will take more than you and your peanut brain to shut up this Conservative.

    We won't back down and we're not going anywhere except to the polls next year.