Friday, September 11, 2009

9/11: Eight Years Later

I was struck, watching the replay of the media's account of 9/11 this morning, that the attack , even though the pentagon and our government were targeted, was primarily an assault on free market capitalism. What better way to attack that system than to go after the heart of our financial district. Watching those towers ablaze and then ultimately crumbling to the ground, was a reminder to all of us that our very way of life was being violently assaulted.

Thank God that the terrorist failed in an attempt to cripple our financial institutions and therefore our way of life. The American people, for the most part, remained vigilant and united in an effort to protect the sanctity of American life from a terror influence.

Fast forward eight years, and we now have an even greater, albeit less violent, attempt to structurally change free market capitalism in this country. The threat doesn't come from remote caves, or scorching sands, of middle Eastern topography. This threat comes from the highest levels of our federal government. It comes from a newly elected administration that has piggy backed its way to power on the American people's thirst for change, and a post racial America.

Barack Obama, has stated in so many words, that the wealth of this country should be returned to it's rightful owners. He told Joe the plumber, that it's a good idea to spread the wealth around. Every policy decision, and proposal, has ultimately involved confiscating wealth from the private sector, and bringing it into the public arena, where he and his cohorts will decide how to distribute it. Government is growing at an alarming rate, while the private sector struggles to keep it's head above water. Government is taking control of private sector businesses, passing laws to restrict compensation, while the wage gap between federal workers and private sector employees grow exponentially. The total compensation average for federal employees, in 2008, was $119.982, while the private sector average compensation was $59,909, according to statistics from the Cato institute.

The federal government is hiring at an alarming rate, which shrinks that ever important balance between a productive private sector, and publicly employed America. Wealth creation ultimately suffers when the federal government gobbles up all available money to simply pay the interest on it's debt, which is right now 500 million dollars per day.
It is impossible for trillions of dollars to be systematically shuffled from the private sector, to the Federal government without a massive change in lifestyle, standard of living and freedom for all Americans, except those that work for, or have a stake in government largess. At some point critical mass will be reached, and the voting patterns will change to reflect the best interest of government, rather than free market capitalism.

My question to all of you is, are we still willing to remain vigilant in opposition to the over throw of free market capitalism, that made this country the greatest and freest on the face of the earth? Are we willing to take on the powers that be, to ensure our way of life and an American style standard of living? Are we willing to stand for liberty, rather than tyranny?

Barack Obama wants to proclaim 9/11 a national day of service. I don't just say no, I say hell no. 9/11 is a day of remembrance to those, that were snuffed out by radicals trying to change our lives in profound ways. Those nice sounding words are a trap to bring you into the collectivism mentality, that will stop you from working for the best interest of you and your family, and ultimately your community. This country needs to return to a rugged individualism, where hard work is rewarded, and an entitlement mentality scorned. Volunteer work is fine and admirable, but lets not be snookered into thinking this is anything but a call for more community organizing radicals, funded by big government, under the supervision of Mr. Obama.

We in our minds might believe there's a huge difference between terrorism and big government, but in reality their goals are the same. And every American should be vigilant, and profoundly aware of their goals. They both want to, "CONTROL YOUR LIFE!"


  1. This country needs to return to a rugged individualism, where hard work is rewarded, and an entitlement mentality scorned.

    Absolutely. Just like life was when Americans believed in America and we did have the mindset of our exceptionalism above all other countries.

    Long Live the Republic.

  2. True, 9/11 was an attack against our free market system, but that administration and the bureaucratic minions have turned it into an attack on civil liberties in the name of security. For past, current and future administrations, the bureaucracy abides.

    A Max Weber theory was that ultimately the state must retain the monopoly on violence to exist. Violence to reason and truth is of small consequence to this and recent administrations. This has solidarity with TonySopranoCare.

    Some perpetrators are better lucky than smart. Especially true if we begin to doubt the self realizable ideas of the good that remains to be American.