Sunday, August 16, 2009

politics won't sell Government health care

President Obama is up to his old campaign tricks to try and revive his health care initiative, which is on life support. I can hear Rahm Emmanuel screaming, "clear, with defibrillator in hand." Trouble is a new and massive health care overhaul can't be sold by political rhetoric and overblown promises. It's one thing to convince an, eager for change public, that this energetic political neophyte is just what the DOCTOR ORDERED. But, it's much harder to convince an increasingly skeptical public that this administration is to be trusted to give ORDERS TO DOCTORS.

Americans are used to hearing unrealistic promises like, I will not raise your taxes, but we'll increase government services. We know that primarily, the top earners, which most of us will never be, will be stuck holding the bag when the promise is inevitably broken. But, when we hear, we'll insure 47 million more, with better care, at a lower cost, we recoil. When the numbers don’t add up on health care, we have a gut feeling, that the infirmed and elderly will be the sacrificial lambs, and we’re all going to be one or the other some day. Our primal instinct of self preservation demands an honest debate, with honest numbers.

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