Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Horror of interrogation

I was completely appalled by a story I read today regarding the interrogation of Abd al Rahim al-Nashirir, the master mind of the October 2000 bombing of the Cole. Apparently the interrogators engaged in an unauthorized interrogation technique. They actually smoked cigars in his presence and blew smoke in his face. This is an outrage. Can you imagine the discomfort this avowed terrorist must have experienced. This is almost too horrible to imagine. They actually blew smoke in his face. Imagine the tearing of the eyes he had to endure. We all know the very real danger of second hand smoke and the implications to this poor man's health. Do these interrogators not know that smoking is now banned in almost every public place in this country. Even if they were at Gitmo, they should have known better. That terrorist should be treated by the same rules and regulations that are accepted in our great country. I'm sorry, but I'm still trying to comprehend the immense horror of this injustice. After all, he only blew a 40 by 60 foot hole in the side of that navy destroyer, and murdered 17 of our sailors, and injured 39. Eric Holder must investigate and prosecute these interrogators, and of course Dick Cheney, who obviously secretly authorized this practice. I may have trouble sleeping tonight knowing that our CIA agents are engaged in such horrible practices. They actually blew cigar smoke in this poor mans face. What is our country coming to?......

{NEXT DAY}... After a restless night of little sleep, with the image of this poor man, going through this sadistic torture, reverberating in my brain, I've come to some peace. We now have a president and attorney general, that will put a stop to these abhorrent practices. They are committed to the safety and comfort of these terrorists, and we all know that by their good will, the terrorist are going to stop hating us, and turn their lives around, and become productive members of society. And, as a productive member of society between that 15 to 60 year old key demographic, if they move to this country, they will qualify for Obamacare... Thank God, some sort of reparations are due these terrorists, after having cigar smoke blown in their faces. Remember al-Nashiri only murdered 17 and injured 39.


  1. Hey, maybe Obama/Holder could threaten the terrorists with the Black Panthers. They have been cleared for such duty.

  2. The troubling part for me is that the CIA is under investigation at all. Keeping America safe is dirty business, period. It's not exactly "Mr. Roger's Neighborhood". People get hurt, people die, people kill, and the good guys don't always win.

    Holder and his crew are threatening our very National Security with their holier-than-thou liberal bleeding-heart wussiness in seeking to punish men who make it possible for him to have his wussy opinions. Ah, the irony.

    Protect our Nation, at any cost. If you're in DC, stick to being in DC. If you're not in the field, then politely keep your wussy opinion to yourself and be on your merry way. If I were Leon Panetta I would publicly slap Holder's face and call him a traitor, and demand he answer to the victims' families of 9-11.

    The best torture they could have used would be to have Ellen Degeneres in a thong serving them BLT sandwiches while drinking a beer. (Think it over. That was damn funny.)

  3. Found your blog from a link in the comments of an article in

    I agree with you to some extent, as a former US Marine, I would do anything and perty much everything in my power to obtain information on a potential terrorist threat. I would apply 'vigorously' those field interrigation techniques the USMC taught me 25 years ago. I'd also use my knowledge of build upon blowing smoke in a terrorist face would be the least of their worries...

    But this is a continuing attempt by Mr. Obama to weaken our country so that WE are NOT a THREAT to the rest of the world. He, and those like him have the mindset that America is the problem and that we deserve that which has happened to us. That's what disturbs me the most about all this.

    and PM68, Rosie O'Donnell in a thong/postage stamp top would be even worse as would Whoopie Goldberg.(that's even funnier).

  4. Black Panthers can help in thwarting terrorist plots.

    But if the price is right, they can be friends to the terrorists too. That's the problem.