Saturday, August 22, 2009

Going Postal for Obama Care

How amusing it is when a politician gets into an unscripted situation, and makes a rhetorical comparison that backfires big time. President Obama trying to explain why private insurers would be able to compete with a public option health care plan used this analogy. And I quote,"UPS and FedEx are doing just fine, it's the post office that's always having problems." First of all it's almost incomprehensible that this clean, articulate, black man would fry up such a "whopper deluxe" of a comparison. You can tell with the hesitation after the statement, that maybe he knew he'd just produced a new Quentin Tarintino movie, "kill the bill part 4." We know his intent was to imply that private insurers could compete with a public option plan, but what he did was make a comparison that conjures up imagery that will send the public running and screaming like the stalked prey of the zombie assailants in Grindhouse.

We've all stood in those incessant post office lines when finally we reach the counter, and the disinterested postal clerk, looks at his or her watch, and wryly says, " it's my break time, got to go." What will the public option employee do at break time?

We've all been shocked and wondered why the disgruntled postal employee, suddenly decides his AR 15 is a little dusty and enacts a rampage not even Tarintino can duplicate. "Going Postal" is of course the verb used to describe that kind of Hollywood imagery. Will a new verbiage become vogue when the disgruntled government health care worker decides he or she needs to enact revenge on the unsuspecting public, by shooting up her patience with lethal injections.?We can call this "going druggy." But then again maybe they're just doing their job. Perhaps Sarah was right!

Imagine your male doctor wearing shoulder length hair, an unkempt beard, funny grey shorts with black socks, while he sadistically orders you to bend over while lubricating his latex gloved hand. We can only hope your public nurse doesn't take a 15 minute break when retreating to the back, to look for your transplant organ, while your chest is laid bare.

There is one thing the post office does very well. Every year they have a food drive and encourage all postal customers to leave food near their mail box, which the carrier picks up and then donates to the local food banks. Our local public health provider could encourage their patients to donate kidneys, livers, hearts, or other body parts, that would be transplanted in that key demographic, 15 to 60 year old productive members of society. Talk about a food drive. That scene would make Quentin Tarintino envious, and I'm sure he'd buy the movie rights.

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