Friday, January 7, 2011

Democrats Have Zero Credibility On Debt!

Democrats are making outlandish statements about their attitude to debt and deficits. These are more then head scratchers, they are over the top  fantasy-land fables that bend the limits of credibility into a descending spiral falling down to the caverns of Hades. The idea these pronouncements would be met with anything less then bent from the waist guffaws shows their continued condescension to the sensibilities of all Americans. Lets start with the former speaker and current audition-er for her own late night HBO comedy special, "Nancy Pelosi's Fantasy Fables." She recently stated during a press conference that, "deficit reduction has been a high priority for us. It is our mantra, pay-as-you-go." During her tenure, $5.3 trillion was added to the national debt. That is $3.66 billion per day added to our children and grand childrens' credit card. She was speaker for 1,461 days. Her nearest competitor, Dennis Hastert was speaker for 2,920 days and ran the debt up $3.06 trillion. Pelosi added debt more then three times faster then Hastert. During her inaugural address in 2007 she stated, "After years of historic deficits, this 110th congress will commit itself to a higher standard: pay as you go, no new deficit spending." It's instructive that her inaugural address and her statement just the other day were very comparable, the disconnect is the four years in between. This is akin to an alcoholic standing before his AA group and saying, "I've been sober for one day," and then going on a four year binge drunk that so disorients himself that he returns to his group to declare he's still sober.

Now Ms. Pelosi states, and other democrats are picking up the mantra that repeal of Obama Care would do "serious violence to the national debt and deficit." This appears to be the democrat strategic defense to the GOP house majority's intention of a repeal vote next week. Once again Credulity has been stretched beyond the breaking point. Obama Care was sold as a one trillion dollar bill that would actually decrease the deficit over $124 billion over the first ten years. Does anyone actually believe that? Of course the CBO did originally score it that way, but they can only give a score to numbers the majority gave them. Let's remember that $500 billion would be cut from Medicare to help pay for Obama Care, and as of yet no plan is in place how those cuts are going to materialize, unless of course it was the administrations intention to save by re-inserting  death panels by regulation which once again blew up in their face and was withdrawn again. They also didn't include the $300 billion dollar doctor fix in the bill and passed that separately to deceptively manipulate the numbers. Of course ten years of tax increases were passed for only 6 years of benefits. How would the second ten years not blow an enormous hole in the budget, even though Anthony Weiner says repeal will add 1.2 trillion to the deficit over twenty years. Common sense alone dictates that when you add 32 million to health care, mostly to medicaid, that the numbers are going to become increasingly dire.

Next we see we're running up against the debt ceiling once again and should reach it in a few months.Of course the Obama administration is pleading to republicans that playing chicken with the debt ceiling could have apocalyptic ramifications. But, Obama himself voted against raising the ceiling in 2006, saying raising the ceiling was a,  "sign of leadership failure. It's a sign that the US government can't pay it's own bills. It's a sign that we now depend on ongoing financial assistance from foreign countries to finance our government's reckless fiscal policies." When Robert Gibbs was asked about this during a recent press briefing he said, "senator Obama only voted against raising debt ceiling in 2006 because he knew it would pass anyway." Once again this goes beyond head scratching. Apparently only the messiah has the right to criticize an administration's fiscal policy when he's not in charge of it, and he's readying himself to use it's fiscal malfeasance to make a run for the government's top job. He has added more then $3.2 trillion to the national debt in two years, but obviously that's not a sign of leadership failure. Apparently it was a necessary expenditure to correct the leadership failure of the previous administration. I would think that the correction for over spending would be less spending, not hitting the gas pedal to three times the previous expenditures. Oh wait a minute, it must have been necessary to hit the gas harder to drive the republican driven car out of the ditch. Excuse me, I forgot we can't question the messiah's motives and methods.  I'm once again bent at the waist in a huge guffaw. I think recent comments by leading democrats proves that they have zero credibility when it comes to deficit spending.
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