Monday, January 10, 2011

The Left Attacks Right Over Shooting

The democrats and many media types are once again engaging in an attempt to blunt opposition to big government. Even though Rahm Emmanuel has left for the gang lands of Chicago, his favorite admonition to never let a good crisis go to waste is making the left giddy and superfluous in attacking conservatives, the Tea Party, Talk Radio and Sarah Palin in particular for contributing to the Tucson shooting. Sarah should take this latest attack and wear it as a badge of honor, for once again revealing whom the left really fears.  Woops maybe I shouldn't use that reference because of course a badge of honor implies something won from battle which implies shooting a weapon, which of course could incite a lunatic to take action. That is just as insane as the lefts claims that a reference to targeting congressional districts and not retreating but reloading is giving license to mad men. Even though the left wing Daily Kos had targeted Gabby Giffords on their website for a primary challenge and Obama himself had said in a campaign stop in Philly that, "if they bring a knife to the fight we  bring a gun," we are all suppose to believe it's only the right that uses this kind of hyperbole. The left's tactics will not work and there are plenty of new media that will point out their inconsistencies and their hypocrisy. 

We all remember the media admonishing everyone not to jump to conclusion after Major Hasan's Fort Hood shooting incident. Even though Major Hasan was screaming Allahu Akbar during the attack, and had visited many pro terrorist websites we weren't suppose to imply that maybe this was a terrorist attack. Even Obama tried to indicate  that the evidence pointed to the act of a lone individual. Apparently that was part of the White House's new Muslim outreach in action. We must not anger those in the Muslim community that could cause the Muslim street to boil over. Seems they don't care about angering the conservative community. If they feel that impugning leaders of the conservative and Tea Party movement will silence them and all Tea Party activists they are sadly mistaken. We will not retreat, we will simply reload. Oops, I did it again. There's more of that incendiary rhetoric that is bond to cause bloodshed. Could anything be more absurd then their assertions, especially in light of some of the incendiary statements they've made themselves. 

They have falsely accused us of being racists and Nazis, but apparently those aren't fighting words, or incendiary. Is there a more despicable moniker you can put on anyone then racist? We know we're not racists and simply care about the direction of this country. We don't respond in kind, and when we label a self avowed socialist, a socialist, we are excoriated and lectured that that kind of rhetoric is unacceptable. The evidence of the shooters persona  resembles more of a left wing bent, rather than a Tea Party activist like the Lame Stream media would have you believe. Norah O'Donnell on MSNBC said "there is no evidence now" that the shooter was a member of the Tea Party Movement. Rough translation is, we're hoping to find that he is. He was a flag burner, and apparently a reader of the Communist Manifesto, but you don't hear the media emphasizing that. There is far more evidence that he was an insane man, and wanted to attack the celebrity of this particular congress woman. This was a tragedy for Congress woman Giffords, her family, and all the victims including a budding politician, a nine year old girl who was just elected to her student council. It is sinful the left and the media are trying to impugn political foes, and by doing so silence dissent to ever increasing and irresponsible government because of this tragedy. Have they no shame?
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  1. You're right, its highly unlikely that politics played a role in these shootings, the kid was just crazy. Still you implied that Obama treatment of the Fort Hood's shooting was different from this incident. suggesting that Obama held back during fort out of some sort of favoritism towards Muslims but is now accusing the far right movement/tea party as being responsible in these shootings. Just to be clear there have been no accusations from his office against the Tea party, the far right movement, or Sarah Palin. There's no favoritism here, he's not going to jump to conclusions with out evidence no matter who the potential suspect is. I know you hate the guy, but his hands are clean on this one there's no reason to lump him into this. Still feel free to hate him for all the radical left wing stuff he's done, like not taxes.

    Furthermore all the evidence suggests that, despite having radical Muslim beliefs that most likely motivated his actions, Hasan was acting alone. He wasn't protecting Muslims feelings, he was just reporting the facts. Obama didn't have any trouble releasing information that the Time Square Bomber or Underwear bomber were part of terrorist organizations.

    P.S. Calling Obama a Socialist is the same as a liberal calling a tea partier a racist or Nazi. Since Obama has never stated that he is a socialist and thus is not a "self avowed socialist".I know you think he is because he did that whole health care reform package, but its hardly socialist when you compare it to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. And saying something about "spreading the wealth around" does not make one a socialist anymore then gun metaphors makes you an accessory to a congresswoman death.

  2. You're right that Obama hasn't tried to spin this incident to blame the right, and I give him credit for that. But, he also hasn't said "not to jump to conclusions." Neither has he condemned the left for their obvious political spin to damage the right. He was quick to get in front of the media in the Fort Hood incident. I would have respect if he actually called out his left wing base here.

    And by the way, I don't hate Obama, I do hate his policies, and the only reason he agreed to keep the Bush tax rate in effect, and not give us the biggest tax increase in history is because of election day 2010, and his desire for reelection. His desire to raise taxes on the so-called wealthy is wealth redistribution. As far as him being a socialist, I wasn't referring to him, there are many in congress that are self avowed socialist, although I do believe he is, and if you actually go back and examine his statements, mostly before his election, it's hard to come to any other conclusion.

    Calling a Tea Partier racist is absolute libel especially when there is not one scintilla of evidence that we are. I do appreciate your well thought out and articulate comment on my blog. Thank you for that.