Wednesday, November 17, 2010

TSA Terrorism

  It seems the Transportation Safety Administration with leadership from Janet Napolitano and Homeland security has decided to terrorize the traveling public to avoid terrorism. The horror stories from those getting groped and humiliated is rising exponentially. One 21 year old student from Amarillo Texas had her breast exposed to everyone in the area when her blouse was pulled down by a TSA employee, and then was humiliated more as TSA workers laughed and joke about the incident. Many define what is happening in airports nation wide as state sponsored sexual harassment, and many feel the loss of dignity and constitutional rights is not making us safer. Some are angry enough that lawsuits are springing up every where, as well they should be. It appears to me, that the governments attempt at airline security is bordering on the absurd. The procedures reflect a liberal mindset to search for the means of terrorism rather than the terrorist. The liberals answer to gun violence has always been to ban guns, rather then aggressively go after and prosecute criminal activity. 

The government seems content fighting the last war. As every Al Qaeda attempt goes down, homeland security institutes new guidelines for airport security. After 9/11 they secured the cockpits and eliminated box cutters from passengers' carry on. Fair enough. But after the shoe bomber incident, now all fliers must remove their shoes. Then after Christmas Day pantie bomber, they stepped up the full body scans and pat downs if  fliers refused the scans. What's next? If a terrorist is discovered transporting explosives in body cavities will fliers be required to strip and receive body cavity searches? Al Qaeda is not dumb, and their methods change constantly. The recent attempt to smuggle explosive into cargo from Yemen was an obvious dry run at a new technique. We seem content engaging the last technique, and are subjecting travelers to exponential humiliation and embarrassment.  When will the government drop the politically correct act and actually go after the real terrorists?

Some say if Homeland Security decides it's not necessary to frisk granny and five year old Billy, that's exactly whom Al Qaeda will use to deliver their next 9/11. Really? Is a gray haired granny who isn't Islamic ready to become a suicide bomber for the sake of Allah? Does a five year old really understand that his reward for blowing up an airliner is 72 virgins in paradise?  Is a twenty One year old white female college student likely to be carrying plastic explosives between her 34 C breasts? Let's get serious with fighting terrorism, and actually go after those presupposed to terrorism, and we all know who they are. The target group is young Muslim men and the exceptional young Muslim woman. But of course Napolitano has announced they may give Muslim women a waiver from full body scans and pat downs because of religious modesty considerations. How absurd is this? Many Muslim women have been used as suicide bombers in Iraq and Afghanistan in recent years, and Big Sis is considering giving them a pass, while they continue to grope granny and little Billy.

Is it going to take another 9/11 type disaster for the United States government to drop the PC method of terror control, and actually began to profile those that are a serious threat to our security? I believe the American people understand that almost every terrorist attack over the past decade has been perpetrated by Islamic extremist. The recent outrage at the firing of Juan Williams at PBS because he stated he has consternation when he sees Muslims boarding his aircraft in Muslim garb proves that. The people get it. White Christian grannies, five year old red headed boys, and smiling college cheerleaders are not a risk to the flying public. Terrorism is born from a perverted religious dogma, and a false sense of heavenly reward, in the hearts of disadvantaged and hopeless Muslim youths that see their actions as a cause greater then themselves. The American people are seeing their freedom eroded and their dignity lost because the United States government doesn't have the courage to call a spade a spade. If we give up all our constitutional rights and dignity to fight terrorism, the terrorists have already won.
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